Saturday, November 05, 2011


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Eyes for Lies Blog has a post entitled:

Mariah Yeater Accuses Justin Bieber of Fathering Child

At Eyes for Lies Blog

"Here is a good video of Mariah Yeater who is accusing Justin Bieber of having sexual intercourse with her that resulted in the birth of her 4-month old son, Trystan.

"I do not believe Mariah."



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Anonymous said...

Beiber's new album, 'Under the Mistletoe', released November 1 2011....just in time for Christmas!!! The 'BABY' story appears to be a MARKETING ploy.

Anonymous said...

On November 1/11, Justin Beiber released a new album titled 'Under the Mistletoe'. Some believe that the the 'BABY' story was a marketing ploy.

Anonymous said...

Off topic -please post to expose the parental cruelty against this child as a means to get her help...7 minute video of Judge beating his daughter with a belt for using the internet

Anonymous said...

Interesting...current video on Monaco royalty commenting about their wedding scandals. Charlene appears 'programmed' to me. Note Prince's 'GREEN' comment which supports and matches Prince Charles' 'ROYAL' agenda.

Anonymous said...

@Anon 3:20...As per contact info on the forum link, I called the Arkansas (Bill Clinton territory) Police to report child abuse. The police officer who answered said that many people called and informed that the 'matter was under investigation'...and then hung up on me. Given the rudeness, I DO BELIEVE that the matter is being investigated. Hoepfully, child services removes the children. This video was a realtime insightful example of MK Ultra programming.

I am SOOO proud of that child who videotaped her parents abusing her. Smart kid. Awesome kid. Courageous kid.

Fungus the Photo! said...

Given what happened to Boris Becker, it might behove Beiber to have a vasectomy?

He surely does not need his swimmers now!

nobody said...

Back to the topic - you know what I think Aang? Given the huge budget of US black ops and how they're in bed with big pharma and Monsanto and all that I wouldn't write this story off as bullshit. It could well be possible that Justin Bieber was actually pregnant and actually gave birth.

And he just took a couple of months off for his voice to change? I rest my case.

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