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On 3 November 2011, Saman Mohammadi, at The Excavator, points out that:

The British and U.S. governments put Khomeini into power in Iran in 1979

From this we learn:

1. The CIA and its friends toppled both Gaddafi and the Shah.

In each case the West trained the Islamic extremists and then put them into power.

Historian F William Engdahl says that the Arab Spring is a creation of the U.S. State Department.

U.S. policy consists of provoking revolutions, stirring up troubles, and overthrowing governments.

(The Greeks might agree with that.)

Three Iranian village girls

Three Iranian village girls by Damon Lynch

2. The Shah said: "If you lift up Khomeini's beard, you will find Made In England written under his chin."

The Shah told David Frost:

"Do you think that Mr. Khomeini, an uneducated person ... could have planned all this, masterminded all this, set up all the organizations...

"I know that a tremendous amount of money was spent...

"I know that top experts in propaganda were used to show us like tyrants and monsters, and the other side as democratic, liberal revolutionaries who wanted to save the country.

"I know how mean the BBC, British Broadcasting Corporation, had been towards us... So it seemed that it was really a very well orchestrated conspiracy."

cute boys from Isfahan

Boys from Isfahan by Detengase

3. The BBC promoted Khomeini, according to Dr. Ronen Bergman, an Israeli investigative journalist and author of the 2008 book, 'The Secret War with Iran'.

A "propaganda tool for Khomeini was none other than the Persian-language broadcasts of the British Broadcasting Corporation," wrote Bergman.

"The BBC gave free hours of free broadcast to Khomeini from Paris," said Bergman.

4. Historian F. William Engdahl, in his 2004 book A Century Of War : Anglo-American Oil Politics and the New World Order, wrote:

"In November 1978, President Carter named the Bilderberg group's George Ball, another member of the Trilateral Commission, to head a special White House Iran task force under the National Security Council's Brzezinski.

"Ball recommended that Washington drop support for the Shah of Iran and support the fundamentalistic Islamic opposition of Ayatollah Khomeini.

Friends for Ever

Iranian kids by Hamed Saber

"Robert Bowie from the CIA was one of the lead 'case officers' in the new CIA-led coup against the man their covert actions had placed into power 25 years earlier.

"Their scheme was based on a detailed study of the phenomenon of Islamic fundamentalism, as presented by British Islamic expert, Dr. Bernard Lewis, then on assignment at Princeton University in the United States.

"Lewis's scheme, which was unveiled at the May 1979 Bilderberg meeting in Austria, endorsed the radical Muslim Brotherhood movement behind Khomeini, in order to promote balkanization of the entire Muslim Near East along tribal and religious lines.

"Lewis argued that the West should encourage autonomous groups such as the Kurds, Armenians, Lebanese Maronites, Ethiopian Copts, Azerbaijani Turks, and so forth.

"The chaos would spread in what he termed an 'Arc of Crisis,' which would spill over into Muslim regions of the Soviet Union.

Takht e Soloman, Iran

Iran by Jeremy Curl Photography

"The coup against the Shah was run by British and American intelligence...

"During 1978, negotiations were under way between the Shah's government and British Petroleum for renewal of the 25-year old extraction agreement.

"By October 1978, the talks had collapsed over a British 'offer' which demanded exclusive rights to Iran's future oil output, while refusing to guarantee purchase of the oil.

"With their dependence on British-controlled export apparently at an end, Iran appeared on the verge of independence in its oil sales policy for the first time since 1953, with eager prospective buyers in Germany, France, Japan and elsewhere."

Afghani children in Iran

Children in Iran by Ivan Mlinaric

5. In his 1981 book, Hostage to Khomeini, journalist Robert Dreyfuss wrote:

"The mullahs did not come to rule in Iran on the basis of their own power; they were placed in power by men more evil than they - who would use the depravity of backwardness for their own ends.

"In September 1975, the Aspen Institute held a symposium in Persepolis, Iran...

"In the behind-the-scenes discussion, the plans for reversing the Shah's industrialization program and for turning Iran into a model dark ages regime were mapped out..."

Two girls and a bicycle

Two girls and a bicycle by Damon Lynch

6. There is a theory that Khomeini was a British agent.

An MI6 journalist was on the plane with Khomeini when he landed in Iran after the Shah went into exile.

According to The Guardian, British Intelligence recruited Benito Mussolini.

Fritz Springmeier wrote in an article called, To Love Or Hate - Know Your Enemy:

"The Christian Patriot movement and the Islamic fundamentalists are infiltrated with agent provocateurs who will encourage both groups to run to their own destruction...

"The Ayatollah Khomeini was British MI6.

"And tying together Saudi intelligence, Saddam Hussein’s intelligence and Egyptian intelligence (and previously the Shah’s CIA-led SAVAK) is a group called the Safari Club set up by French espionage."

Old man and the boys

Old man and the boys, Iran, by Kamshots

7. The Shah's nationalist policies were making him more popular in Iran and making his country more independent and more powerful.

This worried the CIA and MI6.

Keeping nations poor is the best way to control them.

1. The Shah bought land from the upper classes and, along with the crown's own land, sold it back cheaply to tenant farmers.

Over one a half million people to became land owners, thus ending the old feudal system.

2. The Shah allowed women the right to vote. He brought an end to the wearing of the veil.

3. He developed plans for a $90 billion nuclear power program.

Boys Army

Boys Army by Sharto

4. The Shah signed petroleum agreements with ENI, the Italian oil company.

The Shah's decision to increase Iranian oil production angered U.S. oil companies and others who wanted to maintain artificial scarcity in the international oil market in order to keep prices high and make more profits.

The Shah said that a couple of years before the Revolution he "heard from two different sources connected with the oil companies that the regime within Iran will change."

5. The Shah began to close down the opium industry. This had been created during the days of British influence.

6. The CIA and its friends want to create a clash of civilizations, in order to bring about a new world order and a global authoritarian government.

Gonbad Kavous

Iranian kids by Shapour

8. Israel provided financial and political support for Hamas in its early days to create an anti-Zionist resistance movement that spoke the language of violence and extremism instead of love and tolerance.

The CIA and MI6 have deep connections with the Muslim Brotherhood and use this alliance to silence democratic voices in Muslim countries and scare the people of the West about Islam's agenda.

The fundamentalist Mullahs in Iran were used by the CIA and MI6 throughout the post-World War II years as attack dogs against the central government.

The Taliban in Afghanistan were funded and trained by the CIA and Pakistani ISI. Osama Bin Laden was created by the CIA-MI6 network.

What is the basis of this intriguing relationship? Both the Islamic radicals and the anti-growth Western elite share the same goals: demodernization and war. Khomeini was told to turn back the clock, transform Iran into a medieval country, and brainwash a generation of youth into sacrificing themselves for Islam...

Al Qaeda flag over government building in Libya

9. Why did the U.S. and other Western powers delivered arms to Iran in the 1980s if they considered the regime to be its enemy.

Why did Khomeini decide to release the American hostages on the day that Reagan was declared the new president of America. Why give a victory to your enemy?

But, Khomeini was not an enemy, but a willful pawn of the U.S. and British elite...

And he wasn't even a legitimate Ayatollah.

A superior Ayatollah granted him Ayatollah status in 1963 to prevent his execution. He returned the favor in 1979 by putting him under house arrest and erasing the evidence of his gracious deed...

Modern wars are fought as a means to build a global totalitarian state, make obscene profits for the military-industrial complex, put governments into debt to international banksters, and reduce the population.



subrosa said...

Back in the 70s and 80s I was close friends with a couple. She was Persian and he was English. He'd been very senior in the Shah's military and fled back to the UK bringing his Persian wife and child with him.

I recall many stories they told of the Shah and of Persia. Some of them are accurately recorded here by you.

Her father (a most dignified and intelligent man) owned one of the largest engineering companies in Persia. The new regime destroyed him and his business in two years.
It killed him within five because he never recovered from the trauma.

Sadly I lost touch with the wife when her husband died some years ago.

nobody said...

Thanks Aang, that was nicely laid out. But given the template I think that there's a case to be made that Ahmadinejad will now have to be offed because he's dragged Iran away from stark fundamentalism towards modernity etc. No? It certainly looks like they've been trying particularly with those Soros colour revolution stuff they copped.

Allain Jules said...

What a great port !

Thank you !

Anonymous said...

"Iran is run by the CIA"

This post and its ideas are very important because the case of the toppling Shah is the template for all of the Middle East.

The Shah's toppling by the CIA also exposes how cynical the so-called "Arab Spring" really is.

I also saw & read that excavator article and read through the links.

Some of it, the redmoon rising part, I had already read.

The New American also had a excellent report on the Shah being deposed via CIA action, with more information about what the CIA and the Carter administration did to undermine the Shah.

The conclusion that the U. S. A. was complicit in toppling the Shah is solid.

But Iran, at this point, now, is not run by the CIA.

It is the most common of things in politics, both domestic and international for parties to use each other to achieve disparate agendas. Even conflicting agendas.

Agendas also can diverge over time and even end up in opposition.

There is the law of unintended consequences.

There are also intended consequences that only benefit a few Globalist elites when in comparison to the mass of innocent humanity.

I think the reasons listed in the post for the U. S. to want to topple the Shah are accurate.

And, to some extent, Khomeini and the other Ayatollahs did what the CIA and British expected.

But not completely and it has veered off course more and more, recently.

See, these Globalists can make things happen, but they often can not control the future course of events (of course their egos and the group-think of their peers tell them that events will go to plan, but. many times it does not).

And, it goes out of control (or at least not in the direction desired).

Perhaps, if we are lucky one of these days these Globalists will get what they deserve: Hanging by a rope around their neck until they are dead via judicial process and the rule of law (yes, they are responsible for many deaths, nay, I say murders of innocent people).

The Shah's toppling by U. S. and British design can be proved by presentation of facts & evidence to a general audience.

The Shah's toppling is the model for Libya and now Syria and it's apparent the Muslim Brotherhood has their own agenda, but, apparently, the Globalists like that agenda:

Backwardness & economic stagnation.

The Globalists want this agenda to befall the entire Middle East.

But this strategy is fundamentally flawed: It likely leads to war and destruction; quite possibly WWIII.

But if you are a Globalist this sets up a synthesis for world government and makes for big profits in the military industrial complex which you own and control.

The sickness and group-think of the Globalists needs to be stopped for the sake of humanity.

That can only happen by preservation of the independence & sovereignty of the nation-state with solid support from the people in a democracy or the determination of leaders in non-democracies.

This idea of Global Governance and the destruction of the nation-state must be stopped.

Islamism History said...

Precious introduction, aangirfan, thank you.

The efforts can be traced back at least to the 1700s:
Why did the West create Islamic Extremism? Confessions of a British Spy Wahhabi
Muslim Brotherhood founded in Egypt, in 1929, by the British agent Hasan al-Banna, a Sufi mystic

A History of Islam
Mohammed adopted a Jewish religion (the Old Testament), prayed towards the Jewish capital (Jerusalem) and worshipped a Jewish shrine (Mecca). Before the fanatics of the Arabian peninsula made it illegal to portray Mohammed, there were portraits of Mohammed, and they consistently depicted him as a Jew, not an Arab (e.g., he rides a donkey not a horse or a camel). Therefore he either was a Jew himself or he was very close to the Jewish community. (In fact, a speculation within the speculation could be that Mohammed was a young ambitious Arab used by the Jews of Medina and by their wealthy Arab allies, such as Khadija and Abu Bakr, to seize power in Mecca). Therefore it makes sense that he decided to adopt a monotheistic religion.

Two generations after Mohammed's death, the Umayyad annihilated Mohammed's family and seized power. The first Umayyad caliph, Muawiya, was the son of Abu Sufyan, whom Islamic historians themselves considered the fiercest enemy of Mohammed because he both strongly opposed the new religion and tried to exterminate its early followers in a series of famous battles. Sunni Islam as we know it today was largely defined by the Umayyads. (Shiite Islam is, theoretically, closer to what Mohammed really wanted). Back in Mecca, before Mohammed invented Islam, the Quraysh/Umayyads were worshipping, first and foremost, Allah. One cannot help wondering whether it is possible that Mohammed was a Jew or at least believed in the Jewish god Yahweh and (whether prompted by the Jews of Medina or by his wife or by both) simply founded a movement of Jewish religious revival that was later hijacked by the Umayyads and turned into a worship of their god (not Mohammed's god) Allah.

As the caliphs fought for secular power, a new class emerged that was devoted solely to the religious aspect of the new empire: the "ulama". As very few people were familiar with Mohammed's teachings, the ulama were in charge of collecting them and interpreting them and passing them on to future generations. The ulama are the ones who defined Islam, by collecting the "hadith" that complement the Quran and by providing the "correct" interpretations of the Quran. They used the Quran and the hadith to work out a set of rules that defined how a good Muslim was supposed to behave, and even a set of laws for creating an Islamic society, the shariha. Thus Islam was hijacked a second time, or, better, a religion was invented that was only loosely based on what Mohammed had truly meant.

Islamism History said...

The following motives parallel those for the war against Gaddafi's Libya:
The Shah's nationalist policies were making him more popular in Iran and making his country more independent and more powerful. This worried the CIA and MI6.
1. The Shah bought land from the upper classes and, along with the crown's own land, sold it back cheaply to tenant farmers. Over one a half million people to became land owners, thus ending the old feudal system.
2.The Shah allowed women the right to vote. He brought an end to the wearing of the veil.
3. He developed plans for a $90 billion nuclear power program.
4. The Shah signed petroleum agreements with ENI, the Italian oil company.
5. He began to close down the opium industry. This had been created during the days of British influence.

Conspiracy Theories Iran
Particularly since the beginning of the 20th century Persians from all walks of life and all ideological orientations have relied on conspiracy theories as a basic mode of understanding politics and history. The fact that the great powers have in fact intervened covertly in Persian affairs has led ordinary people, political leaders, even the rulers themselves to interpret their history in terms of elaborate and devious conspiracies.

CS said...

"The Shah's nationalist policies were making him more popular ..."

By definition, nationalism is the enemy of globalism, so in an age of globalization, the thesis presented here is entirely plausible.

We should, therefore, look for evidence of programs to stifle the democratic assertion of national interest elsewhere including the nations of the West.

In Britain, the British National Party as I have outlined here appears to be an instrument designed to ensure that control of the British Government remains firmly in the hands of the lackeys of the corporate oligarchs, the Anglo-US empire and the Con/Lib/Lab Friends of Israel.

Noor al Haqiqa said...

This story must be got out. People just do not recall the history of America and Britain with Iran. It is long and dirty.

Many moons ago I worked in the accounting section of the Royal Ontario Museum. One of our greatest outstanding debts which was never taken care of by the "patron" was a huge art collection that had been "borrowed" by the Shah and his wife. They, in the manner of thoughtless elite of all times, just pretended the debt did not exist yet we had proof the items had been shipped to their home in Iran.

A weak popinjay propped up by the CIA. Of course they did there what they are doing today in the rest of the Middle East.

By the way, those photos of the children are just charming.

You know, every time I read something like this that is not unsurprising but full of evil intentions and manipulations, I wonder... "who put this in action? American interests or Israeli interests?" and then I think in great disgust of all the hard working Americans who have been being fleeced for absolute decades to support this evil....

And I get disgusted although my target is unsure...

Junis said...

To Aangirfan: I don't know who you are - however- you are very intelligent. Keep up the good work. You are not the first person who thinks that Iran is controlled by the CIA and is a false enemy of Israel. There is a YouTube user who claims that Iran helped U.S. troops in Iraq. His username is Zakah1.

Anonymous said...

Khomeini's real father, William Richard Williamson, was born in Bristol, England, in 1872 of British parents and lineage. This detail is based on first-hand evidence from a former Iranian employee of the Anglo-Iranian Oil Company (later British Petroleum: BP), who worked with and met the key players of this saga. This fact was supported by the lack of a denial in 1979 by Col. Archie Chisholm, a BP political officer and former editor at The Financial Times, when interviewed on the subject at his home in County Cork, Ireland, by a British newspaper.

The then-78-year old Chisholm stated: “I knew Haji [as Williamson was later known] well; he worked for me. He certainly went native – but whether he is Khomeini's father I could not say.”

The following article is very long... I snipped it about halfway down. The article lays out a lot of history of the British involvement in the ME... so it's well worth the read.

To sum it up... the article says that Khomeini is the son of a British cabin boy who ended up in the Middle East and India and married seven wives and had 13 kids.

Khomeini's father was named Richard Williamson.

Also Ahmadinejad has a jewish family.

Anonymous said...

Hi "Islamism History",

You've cut-and-pasted an article from Piero Scaruffi, whose website is really quite a worthwhile cornucopia.

Now there's just one little problem with Scaruffi: he's an exponent of the Western liberal worldview.

That means, he claims to believe Osama bin Laden and "Al Qaeda" planned and executed the September 11 attacks on the US.

While Scaruffi's website contains many diamonds, it also contains many rhinestones. And some cheap plastic gems for easily-duped children. The September 11 information is in the latter category.

I don't think Scaruffi is stupid. That is, I don't think he believes the "received worldview" best typified by the New York Times, Washington Post and Economist.

Instead, he is a calculated and deliberate liar and hypocrite.

Which makes him despicable. Just another of the damned.

Let's just repeat some simple truths:

- OBL, Al Qaeda and the Flintstones did not hijack US STRATCOM, nor the National Reconnaissance Office, nor the National Security Agency, nor the National Security Council, nor the Project for a New American Century, nor the Committe for the Liberation of Iraq.

- OBL was not in the Manhattan Institute, nor the Center for Strategic and International Studies, nor the Business Executives for National Security, nor RAND, nor the Committee on the Present Danger.

- OBL was not even in the Ditchley Foundation or the International Institute for Strategic Studies.

- OBL is not laundering drug money from Afghan opium through Rockefeller banks like Citi and other shareholder banks of the New York Fed.

- OBL is not collecting dividends from Northrop Grumman, General Atomics, Computer Sciences Corporation or other beneficiaries of the "War on Terror" via financial intermediaries like the Blackstone Group or Veritas Capital.

- OBL is not a major shareholder in any Western supermajors like Exxon Mobil. Unlike, say, our good family of Kykuit.

If Osama bin Laden was behind September 11, then he evaded death and is now disguised as Hank Greenberg, Pete Peterson or the archdemon Rockie himself.

By the way, the New York Times evidently loves Signor Scaruffi also.

I'm not going to use the words "credulous parrot" or even "desperate pathetic disinformation agent". I won't even stoop to subtle allusion using the literary device of occupatio.

In short, Scaruffi is possibly not the most reliable source of information on the history of Islam. End understatement.

"And for that I am both grateful and happy. What do you have, my friend?"

Anonymous said...

Hi again Islamism History,

There is at least some truth in Scaruffi's article...

Islam has been and is being hijacked.

Historically, Islam has been hijacked by the British, the Americans, the Zionists, the Saudis and the Ayatollahs. And most poisonous of all is the current Al Qaeda creed, which is a tool for destabilization, discrediting and cloaking. If you can call it a creed, as they seem to be violent, thieving, lawless butchers. Exemplified by the savages who killed Qaddafi.

Also, Islam is very similar to Judaism, and particularly to pure Torah Judaism. Both are purely monotheistic, with the essentially the same moral code and with largely the same line of prophets.

Otherwise, Scaruffi is a master of vague conjecture and disinformation masked as truth. Particularly on the topic of the Qur'an, which is agreed on by both Sunni and Shiite in all but iota.

"You're very beautiful. Are you in pictures?"

Zoompad said...

Ang, great post.

Fungus the Photo! said...

It would be bizarre if these regimes with oil or opium were not controlled by Anglo spies/bankers. That is the great game. GG. Kipling.

Another layer has been added however, by those who have now destroyed the finance economies of many western countries. Those who have real commodities for sale may gain a march upon the manipulators, unless the manipulators start another WW!

I suspect the use against USA, of the tsunami weapon, will be a turning point?

Iran is supposedly a target of sanctions yet allows many manipulators to act in Iran.

Anonymous said...

are you insinuating, that the present Iranian government, with an allegedly jewish Ahmadinejad, is basically playing games, acting as a sort of agent provocateur? This all for getting sufficient "motives" for starting a major war in the area.. Why is Ahmadinejad using the Holohoax for provoking the usual suspects? after all press-tv is tolerating very little comments relating to a zionist conspiracy to install NWO..

Anon said...

Many thanks for all the comments. I certainly do not trust press-tv. And I noted that Iran took the side of the CIA in the case of Libya.

- Aangirfan

Anonymous said...

Back during the intel-staged "Hostage Crisis," the brilliant conspiracy savant of Chicago, Sherman Skolnick, made these same claims about the Ayotallah Khomeni's "revolution" being a "puppet show" of Western creation. Thanks, Aang, for updating this mysterious charade that still bedevils our thinking, three decades later.

Andy Tyme

Anonymous said...

Re Anonymous @ 10:44 :

"Also, Islam is very similar to Judaism, and particularly to pure Torah Judaism. .."

Understanding the above, is it just me or does anyone else out there when seeing the Kaaba, immediately think of philactories(or vice versa)??

hubris said...

hey Anng

Could you check your spam folder - I posted a fairly longish (for me anyway) comment relating to Us/BP/Mossadegh a few days ago but it has yet to appear.
Don't feel like posting all that again bot I will if it's not to be found in your spam folder - Blogger has a nasty habit of relegating all my posts on Blogger hosted blogs to the spam bin - obvio0usly I'm being flagged on using too many of their 'a definite no-no' keywords


Anon said...

Dear Hubris,

I'm searching for the Us/BP/Mossadegh comment.

- Aangirfan

Anon said...

Hu Bris said...

Read The Seven Sisters: The Great Oil Companies and The World They Shaped

Throughout, the book the author emphasizes, sometimes overtly and sometimes one has to read-between-the-lines, that the Oil Companies main concern is to keep a cap on Oil Production.

Most people think that "The more Oil you extract = more sales = more profits" but that is not how the oil Co's look at it - they want to keep production at or slightly lagging demand so as to maximise demand and extract the most profit from every drop of oil.

So taking Iran, or ANY other oil supplier not fully controlled by one on the major Oil co's off-line for a while fits very neatly into that scenario.

Small independent Oil Co's spring up from time to time and upset that lucrative little applecart (such as happened in Libya after Ghaddaffi took over) but they are usually dealt with (as we have recently seen) by way of a coup where the new Gov't reneges on deals signed by the previous Gov't

This is why I think 'Peak Oil' is a con designed for two reasons
1) to help justify massive hikes in the oil price - as witnessed over the last 10 years

2) to help provide a justification for all these wars we've been having - one may not agree with the wars but when convinced of 'Peak Oil' the wars make some sort of sense to these people and they ain't about to give up oil, so they accept the murders in far away places as long as the oil keep flowing - the Western Population will slowly be brought to see the 'necessity' of mass genocide, using this rationale.

3) to disguise the fact that Oil appears to be abiotic in origin, and that rather than being a 'made one time only' resource it is in fact constantly being produced in the Earth

Back to Iran: Reading that book it became obvious to me that the US backed Mossadegh in order to remove Iranian Oil from British control (BP was/is half owned by the British gov't)

Once Mossadegh had kicked out BP, in a way that the US could not be openly blamed for, the US then set about kicking out Mossadegh, since his only use to the US was as a method of wresting control of Iranian oil from BP.

Then after the Shah was installed, US Oil Co's gained a large share of the Iranian oil market, previously denied to them due BP's dominance in Iran and control over the Gov't there.

(Originally appeared with the ROYAL SCANDAL post)

hubris said...

whoops - silly me :)

thanks for your time and effort in tracking it down

Anonymous said...

That's an excellent piece of information though it has been out for a long time. Jarred Israel a member of the peace movement from 60's and 70's has been pointing out to the connection that exists between Iranian government and USA and UK intelligence network. Iran has a long history of involvement with the extreme right movements and governments like Nazi Germany in the WWII. In 2003 Iranian government was accused by USA for providing sanctuary to Dr Ayman al-Zawahiri Osama bin Laden’s top lieutenant The source of the information is apparently Debka File. If I'm not mistaken Mr Zawahiri's name has been mentioned many times during the Libyan-NATO conflict as a commander of the Al-Qaida brigades. Now the Iranian pro TNC and anti Gaddafi stance can be better understood as well as their latest silent drop of their support to the embattled Syrian president Bashar Assad. Could it be that the apparently imminent nuclear war between Israel, USA and Iran is just a fear mongering that is suppose to prepare the final stage for the NWO? It also seems that the whole Arab Spring has been planed with the
cooperation of all the major global political powers where every one of them had to play its different role like Russia and China abstaining from the vote on NATO military intervention in Libya at the UN. It would be a an extremely canning strategy by CIA and MI6 to use Iran to organize current unrest in the Middle East because it is absolutely beyond belief that USA would have ever done anything like this. If that is true My next question would be what is the final goal of the USA in the escalation of the conflict between Israel and Iran? Dismantling of the Jewish state and take over of the Middle East by NATO where the USA would have been seen as the liberator of the oppressed Arab World? Not such a remote possibility to me. Muslim Brotherhood has been working in partnership with USA and NATO in Egypt and elsewhere on bringing about Arab Springtime. Hosni Mubarak was an American ally just like Israel but never the less he was expendable. Neither Israel nor Iran can be seen as a winner in the conflict. So there you go.

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