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Guy Fawkes masks are the symbol of the so called anti-greed protests.

Time Warner owns the rights to the masks.

Time Warner makes money from the masks.

(How the Guy Fawkes masks have become the symbol of anti-greed protests.)

November 5 is Guy Fawkes Day in Britain.

It marks the day the London government staged its famous false flag operation.

The 1605 Gunpowder Plot was an inside-job.

The Guy Fawkes plotters Catesby, Percy and Tresham were working for the government.

King James I's spymaster, Robert Cecil, blackmailed Robert Catesby into organising a plot to discredit Catholics.

In 1604, Robert Catesby, an agent of the British government, was involved in the planning of the Gunpowder plot, a scheme to pretend to blow up the British parliament on the 5th November 1605 and kill King James.

On his death-bed, there were statements by Robert Catesby's servant that Robert Cecil and Catesby met on three separate occasions in the period leading up to the events of the night of 5 November 1605.

At a meeting at the Duck and Drake Inn, Catesby explained his plan to Guy Fawkes, Thomas Percy, an agent of the British government, John Wright and Thomas Wintour. All of them agreed to join the plot.

In the following months Francis Tresham, an agent of the British government, Everard Digby, Robert Wintour, Thomas Bates, and Christopher Wright also agreed to join the conspiracy.

Prior to the plot, Thomas Percy was seen coming out of the house of Robert Cecil.

Confession made under torture?

After the plot was 'discovered', Catesby, Percy, Christopher Wright and John Wright headed to a house outside London, Holbeche House in Staffordshire.

On the 8th November 1605, government troops arrived at the house and shot dead the conspirators: Robert Catesby, Thomas Percy, Christopher Wright and John Wright.

Digby, Robert Wintour, Thomas Wintour, Bates and Fawkes were executed in January 1606

It was widely rumoured that Francis Tresham was poisoned while being held captive in the Tower of london.

In his book The Gunpowder Plot: The Narrative of Oswald Tessimond, Francis Edwards claims that Francis Tesham escaped from the Tower of London, probably with the help of the Government, went abroad, and changed his name to Matthew Bruninge.

Robert Cecil - the king's spy master

R. Crampton, in the book The Gunpowder Plot (1990) explained:

"If Guy Fawkes case came up before the Court of Appeal today, the... judges would surely... acquit him...

"First no one has ever seen the attempted tunnel. Builders excavating the area in 1823 found neither a tunnel nor any rubble.

"Second, the gunpowder. In 1605, the Government had a monopoly on its manufacture... The Government did not display the gunpowder and nobody saw it in the cellars.

"Third, these cellars were rented by the government to a known Catholic agitator...

"Fourth, the Tresham letter. Graphologists (handwriting experts) agree that it was not written by Francis Tresham."

"Guy Fawkes was at a wedding of Cecil's niece, along with Cecil AND King James.

"Why didn't Fawkes kill the King there, and isn't it mysterious that all figures in the plot went to a wedding together?"

Was 5/11 an inside job? - Digital Spy Forums


Anonymous said...

This is just another American spy/CIA asset. Since when Americans (ordinary citizens) go to foreign/Muslim countries to fight against their rulers/dictators, all for the good of the people? What do u think?

aferrismoon said...

There is something of a 'self-righteousness' to that permanent grin.

'We are all Guy Fawkes!" :)

I get the idea james wavered over Catholicism and Protestantism and perhasp this plot attempted to seal Protestantism. With Catholicism the Jews would not have been allowed back in Britain, which they managed thanks to Oliver Cromwell, their ally.


Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

The revolution will not be merchandised.

"The revolution will not be televised."

Anonymous said...

But wasn't Catesby's servant one Thomas Bates, who was himself executed for his part in the "Plot"?

False Flags History said...

Thanks again, aangirfan.

John Dee returned to London in 1605, although his failed life was in steep descent then already.
Francis Bacon, corrupt traitor and servile "Imperator of the Rosicrucian Order in England", was made Solicitor General in 1607, the year of the first English settlement, Jamestown in Virginia/America.

The next big false flag may have been started on 911: 9/1/1666 midnight, with a fire in the King's bakery in Pudding Lane, the Great Fire of London, also blamed on the Catholics/Pope. An insurance fraud and racket like in 2001.

Fungus the Photo! said...

Love the comments! Got some good readers Aangirfan!

CIA background yourself?

Anon said...

We are convent school girls.

- Aangirfan

Anonymous said...

You have to wonder... When they "win" and only Anonymous is left...

Then what?

Anonymous said...

Fungus 1.14
that's a v funny comment
thanks for the laugh

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