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German Nazis murdered Greeks at Distomo in Greece

The Greeks were terrorised by the German Nazis.

Hitler said: "Demoralize the enemy from within by surprise, terror, sabotage, assassination. This is the war of the future." (hitler quotes - Stormfront)

Terror was part of the Nazi philosophy.

(Blammo asked for some solid examples of NAZIs using terror as a philosophy.)

Greece under the Nazis.

In June 1944, Hitler's NAZIS attacked the Greek village of Distomo and killed 218 people.

A German Federal Court judge has described it as 'one of the most despicable crimes of World War II'.

Women were raped.

Those who were pregnant were stabbed.

Babies were bayoneted.

The village priest was beheaded. (Distomo massacre a)

Kalavryta Massacre

The Massacre of Kalavryta was the extermination of the male population, and the total destruction of the town of Kalavryta, in Greece, by German occupying forces during World War II on 13 December 1943.

Over 1,200 people died.


The Holocaust of Viannos was the mass extermination campaign launched by Nazi forces against the civilian residents of around 20 Greek villages on Crete. The killings, with a death toll in excess of 500, were carried out on the 14th, 15 and 16 September 1943 by Wehrmacht forces.

The Pentagon and NATO are fans of Hitler and his Nazis.

The German Nazis forced the Greeks to give Germany a 'war loan'

"Economists estimate that if it were repaid today, it could cost the German government £60billion."

(That would be enough to cover Greeces fiscal deficit for the next five years)

Nazi war crimes and the £60bn.

During Nazi rule, "Greek businesses, property and goods, including olive oil, leather, tobacco and cotton, were either seized outright or bought with a new, near-worthless currency called 'Occupation Marks'."

Nazi war crimes and the £60bn.


The Nazi philosophy relied on Charles Darwin.

Darwin believed that evolution means "the preservation of favoured races in the struggle for life".

Sir Arthur Keith wrote: "The leader of Germany is an evolutionist, not only in theory, but, as millions know to their cost, in the rigor of its practice. For him, the 'national front' of Europe is also the 'evolutionary front;' he regards himself, and is regarded, as the incarnation of the will of Germany, the purpose of that will being to guide the evolutionary destiny of its people."

In Mein Kampf, Hitler used the German word for evolution (Entwicklung) many times, and refers to "lower human types."

He criticized the Jews for bringing "Negroes into the Rhineland".

Hitler wrote: "The stronger must dominate...

"Those who want to live, let them fight, and those who do not want to fight in this world of eternal struggle do not deserve to live."

Hitler's Was Inspired by Darwinism


Franklin Ryckaert said...

What a coincidence that Greece now that it urgently needs money suddently "remembers" that Germany owes it 60 billion pounds!

the truth hurts said...

Papandreou's little stunt is not about some sort of altrustic last minute appeal to self determination for the Greek people. The only scenario I see that fits the circumstances is that MErkel and Sarkozy knew all about this, if you think about it this gets them right off the hook now, as they can blame Greece in perpetuity for bringing the whole thing down, might just get them re-elected.

Anonymous said...

Also remember: Hitler was a creation of Western finance and the Eastern Establishment in particular --- especially the Rockefellers.

Read Guido Preparata's "Conjuring Hitler". Summary here.

Antony Sutton's "Wall Street and the Rise of Hitler" is also worth reading. (Not to mention "Wall Street and the Bolshevik Revolution".)

It's highly revealing to research to role of the Bank for International Settlements in geoeconomics from the 1930s to the 1940s. And especially the roles of Montagu Norman and Hjalmar Schacht and their masters.

Hitler's ideology was British eugenicist in origin. The original backers were the British plutocracy and aristocracy, including I might add some of the "Jewish" plutocracy of the time.

The American Eastern Establishment and Zionist billionaires also funded the Bolsheviks and played both sides against each other to neutralize any threat of a united Eurasia. During WWII they were protected by the logistical difficulties of invading US mainland across the Atlantic and the not-yet-existence of nuclear ICBMs. Witness the desperation of the Japanese trying to attack the US mainland with explosive balloons.

It was the Russian people who saved the world and paid terribly in blood, not to mention suffering under Stalin.

Anyone who defends the Nazis has obviously never seen their blatantly evil propaganda posters nor read up on the human experimentation they pursued. Whose results, incidentally, the Americans availed themselves of through Operation Paperclip.

It's true the Nazis were not as brutal in their treatment of POWs as the Angloamericans were post-war. However the Nazis were satanically evil in their wholesale industrial liquidation of so-called Untermenschen. Pitiless, robotic technocracy in the service of evil.

The twentieth century really was a bloodbath presided over by a menagerie of monsters.

And the worst monsters were unscathed, and even vastly extended their empire and wealth.

But it is slowly dawning on the current incarnation that they too can be scathed.

These monsters run tax-exempt trusts and geostrategic thinktanks and are mostly concentrated on the Upper East Side. At their core are the officers of the CFR and their associates, particularly those on the board of the Peterson Institute for International Economics.

I suspect the Insiders are now highly ambivalent and splitting silently into two camps: those who believe their survival depends on them serving humanity, and those who are suicidally stupid.

Now, have we got those Hitlerphiles crawling out of the woodwork yet?

"You know what date is on this coin?"

Anonymous said...

Trick or Treat....Germany 'finds' $78 BILLION bank accounting error and can easily pay $60B fine.

Anonymous said...

"The Nazi philosophy relied on Charles Darwin."

Hitler and friends are probably right: Mother Nature rules out those of LOW VALUE!
But what the Nazis didn't realise, was that they themselves were of low value resp. "sick".
So mother nature had to root them out as too weak for life.

Yes, she didn't kill them all … and until today there are even neonazis. That's why mothers natures "rooting out" is simply not the same as the Nazis "rooting out" - is not at all fanatic and more practical.

1.) Why were the Nazis of low value?
a) They couldn't think properly. And with humans it is the most important 'weapon of survival' to be able to think properly. As it is most important for wild horses or praying animals to be able to run or sprint fast, for humans it is important to be able to think logical.

And the Nazis and neonazis can’t think logical. That makes them of low value. They should fear Mother Nature. But they are too stupid even for that!

b) They were too weak (see "3." below)

2.) Why do we know, the Nazis couldn't think logical?
a) Let's take the "Fuehrer"/leader ideology. The Nazis or neonazis are never able to logically prove, that …
aa) there is an almighty and omnipotent leader among us at all,
bb) that it would be the best to have him/her on top of the state with unlimited powers
cc) that Adolph wound be this 'best and real' Fuehrer.

IF(!) the Nazis follow the idea of a 'genius-leader' they had at least find out, who this splendid person was and make up a little competition or comparison at least. Why shouldn't Stalin or Mao or Roosevelt have been the perfect "Fuehrer"? Or another person in Germany (possibly better available to run Germany than Stalin, Mao, Roosevelt)?
Why ADOLPH? Except for a little painting without success there was no quality of Adolph to be seen.

b) Why would the RACE define the "kind" and not the MIND? The Nazis can't tell or argue because they are unable to think logically.
And if RACE or BODY - why that of Germanics? Why no the Ethiopians (Marathon winner with no end!) or the Ketchua from the Andes with their mighty and big lungs. Or these giant and powerful Bantus?
Unable to think, the Nazis keep quite - or remark something of typical low value .

3.) Why were the Nazis WEAK - and not strong?
a) Vanity
Like Adolph simply liked the idea that HE was the splendid genius-leader for Germany, and never questioned it or compared himself to other living or historical persons, the Nazis considered that race the best, that they counted THEMSELVES (rightfully or wrongfully) to.

In respect to humans VANITY is mother natures dearest reason for her "Endloesung"! Vanity is a real WMD! In the film " The Devil's Advocate" the devil says: "Vanity is my dearest sin!". And I do believe him.

When Buddha argued with a follower of Jainism (then a competing religious group; the name "Jaina" means "the victorious one") he answered: "A victorious one is somebody, who gained victory OVER HIMSELF!".
And this victory includes victory over ones vanity, of course.

b) Inability of the Nazis to be self critical and to solve contradictions within the own ideological system.
As an elderly man I still remember those old Nazis (i. e. in the 1960s): They never(!) ever(!) came up with: 'As we were rooted out, in fact WE must be the "inferior race" or the ones of "low value".
They never(!) ever(!) cam up with 'Why did (i. e) the war went wrong and what did WE do that was wrong?'. There was always this arguing: "Yes we lost, but what a pity that is!".
No thinking!

And that’s why I am not afraid of neonazis. If necessary Mother Nature will wipe them out again, because Nazis are of low value - and too weak to survive.

Anonymous said...

What is said in campaign literature and what is actually carried out are (often) two different things.

How a nation-state acts toward other nation-states and its people is a good measuring stick of what makes the leadership of that nation-state tick.

Europeans have a track record of being brutal toward other nation-states and peoples.

Heck, Nazi Germany was pretty brutal toward other European nation=states.

And if Libya is any measure of present day European leadership, it is still brutal to other nation-states and peoples... if the leadership thinks they can get away with it with the help of the corporate (fascist?) media.

In the old days, a nation-state's people often didn't know what its leadership was doing in foreign lands...

It would seem that still is the case, today.

Anonymous said...

Some enlightening comment regarding the Nazi(?) crimes from Greece.

"The quote: Oh yes, I think this is entirely possible. The Soviets were so incredibly sly and evil. Wouldn't surprise me at all! One thing that is documented fact but receives too little attention is that the Jews and socialists fought without uniform in central Europe. Maybe Russia too. They were what we today call insurgents (partisans, an older word) or terrorists. The few pictures you see online of Nazis shooting "ordinary people" are most probably about this. They were shooting terrorists. Could also be ... that in some cases the Russians in fact dressed up as Nazis (took the uniforms of killed Nazis) and staged a photo-shoot. Nothing surprises me anymore.

Greece/Nazis: I'm not sure. I've just started reading a very good book called "Hitler: Bungling amateur or military genius?" which deals with everything that went on in Europe from 1933-1945. I haven't come that far yet, but I know there's stuff about Greece there too. The newspaper article may in fact be completely wrong: that the Nazis came to greece's resque more than they "invaded" them. I think the Nazis also had to be in Greece in order to fight the Allies. Just like it was in northern Africa. And Norway, my country. But today everyone can blame the Germans for anything. Germany has no voice today and can say nothing in its defence.

The situation in Europe 1930-1945, especially 1930-1939/1940 was very complicated. Leaders of countries changed allegiance all the time. Did you know that at one point Germany and France almost made an alliance? Or that Germany and Poland almost made one? Britain (/Jews/bankers/NWO guys) had agents everywhere and exercised pressure + did a lot of trickery to get countries on its side. Unfortunately they succeeded. But Germany/Hitler's biggest problem was that the German general stab was 70-80% filled with officers from the old Germany who were not National Socialists and cared only about their own (upper) class. They sabotaged Hitler's efforts to the extent that Germany lost the war. This is the real reason why Germany lost. + The British shot Reinhard Heydrich who was about to find the biggest traitor in Hitler's regime. + It seems one German traitor sold the British the secrets of the German enigma code machine in 1931."


CS said...

Darwin was correct.

But it is an error to derive moral principles from scientific facts.

And it is a mistake to assume that the best way to advance the cause of a nation is by the violent destruction of your neighbours.

Much better to cause your competitors to destroy themselves: which can be easily done if you control Hollywood, the mainstream media and other channels of propaganda. First you demoralize the enemy by instilling feelings guilt about one's environmental "footprint", the evil past actions of one's own nation, the fact of being materially being better off than other people. This, alone, will drive the birthrate below the replacement rate.

Then promote mass immigration, privilege the immigrants, and boost their self-esteem. Soon you have an immigrant baby boom to swamp out the aging native population, as is occurring across Europe today.

The liberal class in Europe is genociding their own people, either because they are insane, or because their brains have been taken over by some parasitic organism that drives them to their own self-destruction, in the way that Toxoplasma gondii invades the brain of rats and makes them friendly toward cats.

I tried posting something along these lines earlier by it seems to have disappeared, probably because I hit the wrong button. But if this is a duplicate, please discard one version or the other.

gallier2 said...

here an article from Robert Faurisson showing that the German/ Greek conflict of WWII was not as one sided as presented here. I invite you to use google translate and see for yourself, and as always with the original depositions of the interested at the Nuremberg trial as source.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not trying to justify the acts of the Germans of that time, but by only concentrating on the acts of war from one side, one skews the vision of the whole.

THe interesting question to follow up on, is why does this story come out now? and who pushed it? That would be the interesting venue.

gallier2 said...

Just found the English translation of that Faurrison article with the translation of the Nuremberg trial witness record.

Junis said...

Aangrifan: You are a very, very intelligent person. I wonder who you are as you don't leave any details about yourself on your blog. Are you a woman? If so, great.

IF Hitler was a social-Darwinist then atheists have no right in saying that most 'war are started by religion'. Everywhere we look today we see wars started by people who have no affection for religion. For instance, the wars against Iraq and Afghanistan were instigated by atheist neo-conservatives Zionists. Both NATO and the CIA are based on the total absence of religious principles. Btw, it is telling that no religion ever emanated from Europe. Most wars are started by nations who have no affinity with religious principles.

Anonymous said...

Re: secret 'moles' in place in Nazi Germany.

As a kid I knew people who knew things. Never talk, even lowly, when kids are around, they see and hear more than you know! Heard talk of a Brit Lord who, after WWI, collected stray kids, girls as boys, taught them German, other languages too, the traits they needed to pass as such, trained them as deep-throat agents, and, under the cover of the fog of post-war, inserted them in Germany to join the myriad of unknowns wandering about Germany and Europe. "Mum an' dad ...wassat? I fink me name's Gert ...somefink", picking-up identities along the way. There were thousands of them, most didn't survive to adulthood, starved, raped, killed, eaten, so who would notice a few more? When the Nazis came to power they created many children's homes for them, and all the kids became German.

Every year they kept in touch via a postcard or something, to an address in Europe, the Lord placed-out minders who would try to be of use if a kid needed it. It was said one sent a postcard and asked for help to kill his new mate, a teen, also a 'Wanderfogal', who had a past of interest, taking his ID as he couldn't prove who he was by any living witnesses, but there was paperwork to back it up. It was said not a few joined the Nazi Party, army, and rose in rank, and sent intel all the war as the situation allowed (letter to mum/friend, carefully couched, etc.)

It was said 2 survived the war, now a man and woman, and were re-united with the Lord back in GB.

The Lord saw the situation after WWI and realised the German's might arise again and decided, all on his own, using his own money, to create a team of down-and-out kids as paladin's to infiltrate Germany.

It was said the German's knew there was at least one mole in their midst, in a staff capacity etc., as so intercepted intel told them this, and had a specialist-team searching for them. Several people were executed, but the mole still seemed to be there.

Tony Ryals said...

Doesn't Sarkozy have some Jewish roots or tentascles in Greece as well ? But it would bankrupt France
just to repay his war crimes in Libya over the last few months...
As to Darwin it is amazing actually for all the bad stereotypes about his world view that turn out mostly in light of modern biology and chemistry to be amazinly correct,that few ever give credit to actually just how altruistic the man really was.The very ethical or as some ould call it 'Un-Darwinian' way in which he
dealt with Alfred Russel Wallace and his almost simultaneous concept of evolution shows that Darwin was a true altruist in life and that evolution and Darwin are both far from rejecting altruism as another pathway that evolution or coevoltion can take and at times with astounding benefits for and to the survival of both sides.

Anonymous said...

"...present Germany is not guilty of the crimes commited in the past..." 3rd and 4th generations of hard-working german ppl should, and will NOT be held in debt.
The allies (America/Eisenhower/Kennedy primarily) actually had the foresight, and intelligemce to SEE THIS after WW2.
As far as WW1 -it's all paid, so get over it, already

... and Of course, some debt-ridden Greeks would actually try to squeeze that in there.

it's like that old saying "... will do anything, for a buck,..."

Should and can Germany help Greece ? yes of course, will they ?, yes, in time.
End of the B.S.

song to those greek-Jews that wanna bring up the ancient past ?
Well, 1st -look at your own ancient lipsticked-past, and then sit down and listen to
The Eagles - "Get Over It"

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