Sunday, November 13, 2011


Darha area

According to Associated press, on 14 November 2011, fighting continues in Libya.

Rival Libyan forces clash near military base

Rival forces have clashed on the outskirts of Tripoli for four days in a row.

The fighting has killed at least 13 people.

Libya's government has brought together elders from the feuding areas, the coastal city of Zawiya and the nearby tribal lands of Warshefana, but the fighting continues.

"Heavy gunfire and explosions of rocket-propelled grenades were heard over hours Sunday in the area between the Warshefana lands, about 18 miles (30 kilometers) west of Tripoli, and Zawiya, another 10 miles (15 kilometers) to the west. White smoke rose into the air."

The two sides have been battling for control of a major military camp on a main road between Tripoli and Zawiya.

The Warshefana have links to Gaddafi.

Since the 20 October 2011 death of Gadhafi, there have been a number of violent clashes between fighters, including a deadly shootout at a Tripoli hospital.

According to the Algerian newspaper Nahar (

In the city of Zawiyah, there have been violent clashes between the NTC forces and fighters loyal to Gaddafi over control of the city and the ammunition store in a military area known as Camp 27.

Green supporters have freed 300 prisoners loyal to Gaddafi, including a colonel in Libyan intelligence. (LATEST ON UPRISING BY GREEN RESISTANCE.)

In Tripoli, green patriots have struck in many areas.

Clashes occured in the following areas: Abu Salim, Bab Al Zyzia, Tajoura, Touristic area, Zenata, Ain Zara, Wadi Spring, Ghoti Chael, near the University of Law, Nasser, Djerba, Souk Jomo, Next to Khadra Hospital, Salah etc.

There was a heavy fire in Salah Al Din area, Sabaa ...

Explosions were heard in some parts of the Tripoli, such as Darha area, Friday market area...

There were reports of NATO helicopters attacking green resistance, which means that NATO lied when they said they finished the operations in Libya.

Some reports say that 3 Qatari helicopters were shot down by green resistance.

It is estimated by Russian sources that there are around 7,000 Qatari fighters in Libya.

At Sirte, the Green resistance was able to kill the battalion commander of the rebels and kill members of a French Task Force.

A witness from Zawiya reported that the residents were cruising around the town, singing patriotic songs and waving green flags.

There are pro-Gaddafi demonstrations in Bani Walid, and people waving green flags.

Heavy fighting in Zawya city and 30 new tanks with green flags are advancing.



This is what supporting NATO Looks Like

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