Thursday, December 01, 2011

THE FAMOUS DANE AND DEAD CHILDREN; du har blod på dine hænder

Anders Fogh Rasmussen - Du har blod på dine hænder

Fogh Rasmussen is Secretary-General of NATO.

In Denmark's national university hospital, a very sick patient, Susanne Larsen, 44, was hauled out of a hospital ward.

She was dumped into a small windowless office.

This was to make room for Anders Fogh Rasmussen.

Larsen was left alone for four hours.

Staff told her that if she wanted help she would have to 'bang a teacup with a spoon'.

Larsen then suffered a seizure.

She was left in pools of her own vomit.

None of the staff heard her.

Rasmussen, meanwhile, was recovering from a light operation on an arm he damaged on a bicycle ride.

He had the ward to himself.

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Majer in Libya

In August 2011, NATO carried out a major massacre in the Libyan town of Majer.

NATO murdered 85 People, including 33 Children and 32 Women.

German broadcaster Deutsche Welle has investigated:

1. 500-pound bombs were dropped on people's homes.

2. NATO's bombing of Majer was meant "to clear the way for rebels to advance on the embattled Gadhafi-controlled city of Zlitan, 10 kilometers to the north."

Qana massacre in Lebanon

According to San Francisco Bay View:

"NATO used the same tactic that Israel used during the two Qana massacres.

"After the first three bombs dropped at around 11 pm, many residents of the area ran to the bombed houses to try to save their loved ones.

"NATO then instantly struck with more bombs slaughtering 85 Libyans."

The QANA massacres were carried out with American weapons in 1996 and 2006.

51 children were murdered.



Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

who is ever going to hold these psychopaths to account?

Zoompad said...

The Lord will hold them all to account. Keep the faith xx

Anonymous said...

Zoompad I am a newcomer to this site and I find your comments affirming and somehow assuring in the context of the evils perpetrated against humanity, in a millenium where we should all be living in peace and at least with enough food and shelter and love.
When I was feeling sick and dizzy with these revelations, I found your words, saying the same thing.
Thank you Aang for all your hard work. I am working my way through your site.

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