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Ruth Davidson
Several decades ago the UK's Conservative Party won around half of all the Scottish seats in the UK parliament.

Today the UK's Conservative Party has only one Scottish seat in the UK parliament and it is quite likely to lose that seat at the next election.

There is still a Conservative Party in Scotland but the average age of its members is around 70.

Remember Thomas Hamilton?

The Conservative Party in Scotland has just elected a new leader, Ruth Davidson.

Ruth Davidson supports all the policies which have made her party the most hated in Scotland.

The spooky Ruth Davidson is a former journalist with the spooky BBC.

She is a former member of the spooky Territorial Army.

Reportedly, she has been helped into power by top MI6 spook Andrew Fulton.

(Top Scots Tories fire broadside at MI6 Spy and Glasgow University)

Ruth Davidson

Lesbian Ruth Davidson has also been helped by Michael Forsyth, who reportedly was a friend of Thomas Hamilton.

"Forsyth congratulated and encouraged Hamilton for running a boy's club."

On 13 March 1996, Hamilton, armed with four hand-guns, opened fire on a junior school class, killing 16 children.

(Propaganda - Exposing the New World Order and ...)


On 5 November 2011, Paul McBride QC, one of the Scottish Conservative party’s leading supporters, resigned with a denunciation of the party as "a bunch of unreconstructed morons".

Thi is "an early blow to Ruth Davidson’s leadership."

McBride is a former justice adviser to the Conservatives. (Lawyer Paul McBride quits Tories and brands them 'dysfunctional ...)


Conservative song 'salutes Nazi killings'.


Zoompad said...

Zoompad said...

Anonymous said...

Praise be! ISGP has just recently been updated.

It's now hosted on Wikispooks.

As you'd expect more on the vomit-inducingly disgusting demons behind the global drug economy.

"What is seen is not always what is real." ... "were it not that I have bad dreams."

Anonymous said...

Wikispooks link above gets diverted to WikiLeaks - wtf?

Wikispooks: note the https:

Anonymous said...


Possibly it was just an autocompletion slip.

However it's just a matter of time before the Powers That Be start seriously messing with name resolution to restrict the free flow of information and drown out any discomforting truth.

They already want the legal right to knock an arbitrary domain off the air.

And I suspect some recent proposed changes for browsers are partially intended to allow easy revocation of HTTPS certificates to achieve the same result. (Basically, a master realtime CRL controllable by

Laughable, really.

They're no doubt looking with extreme envy at China's Golden Shield (金盾工程).

I expect there will be open-source projects that implement p2p overlay networks with decentralized trust --- something like PGP's Web of Trust. No, not Tor, which was originally a product of the US Naval Research Laboratory.

And the wonderful thing is it will achieve excellent market penetration because of "piracy" of music and movies. The dissidents and truth seekers will in fact be a felicitous afterthought.

I also expect an open p2p search engine that will compete with Google. Probably a user-friendly version of YaCy for use by Joe Blo rather than Jane Techie.

Such overlay services will be adaptive and protean to prevent ISPs from blocking them -- not to mention flexible to cope with clever tricks Cisco, Narus, etc might invent against them.

I see this as a trend. As governments become more and more criminal, despotic and repressive, the "black" overlay Internet will eventually become the real Internet. Just as the black economy will become the real economy.

Necessity is the mother of invention: people will of necessity route around tyranny, whether in the real world or the ideosphere.

And there's increasingly no shortage of technically proficient people who bear the Insiders and their slaves no love.

And some of them are very close indeed to the Insiders.

Oh, and Wikileaks, as you no doubt already know, is a limited hangout generously and intensively advertised by the mainstream media. Nice as a circus show.

"Dick Tracy. Are you sure about this ideogram?"

Anonymous said...

Read of the behaviour of her previous campaign manager Ross McFarlane who, as president of the Glasgow University Conservative Association, burnt the EU flag amid sectarian abuse......

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