Friday, November 25, 2011


Amalfi Coast

Anonymous wrote:

These sites bear a very thorough and careful read:

One of the most telling phrases: "India, Russia, China, Brazil. How do you break up the friendship?"

The Mumbai attacks were intended to shift Indian political opinion and further alienate India from Pakistan and bring India into closer cooperation with the US-Israel-UK axis of evil against China-Pakistan.

The axis of evil would be happy just to instigate a war to weaken both India and Pakistan. If China takes the bait too, that's a bonus.

The axis of evil is never terribly original.

It's all the same tired and bloody stratagems they pulled in Western Europe as part of the Strategy of Tension to ensure ongoing hostility towards Russia and European subjugation to the interests of the Angloamerican cryptoplutocracy of banksters.

This dirty work is always done in cooperation with extremists from the intel, criminal and deep political worlds...


Ian Evans writes:

Hi Aang,Wonder if you could help us out with our E-PETITION to help Stuart Syvret?

Naples area

Anonymous left this comment on the post "GOOGLE AND FACEBOOK":

Diaspora co-founder, x, aged 22 years old, found dead.

Diaspora was competitor to Facebook and Google+.

(quote)"...In remembrance of Ilya Zhitomirskiy, the Diaspora website posted a picture of a dandelion and the words: 'Ilya Zhitomirskiy 1989-2011'."

In addition, a memorial site has been set up at

One visitor there wrote, "I'll never forget the way you would wander into my dormroom with that lazy grin on your face, rambling on about robots and things too complicated for me to understand. RIP Ilya."

Zhitomirskiy said previously: "There’s something deeper than making money off stuff.

"Being a part of creating stuff for the universe is awesome."

Naples Area


Zoompad said...

Everyone who John Hemming "helps" seems to end up in jail or nobbled.

I think Stuart Syvret is a wonderful man, but I won't be signing that Hemming petition.

I had my fill of John Hemming when he used to post on the Mothers for Justice forum and refused to help any of us PAS accused women. PAS (Parental Alienation Syndrome) was invented by Richard Gardner, a paedophile and friend of Ralph Underwager, the paedophike who set up the False Memory Syndrome Foundation in Pennysylvania. I had two years of bullying from Hemmings friends on the MFJ forum, they had all sbook into the Admin on that site, pretending to help the lovely lady who set the site up.

So I certainly wont sign that petition, even though I am one of Stuart Syvret's friends. Hope people understand me on this point.

Anonymous said...

Another comment of note...on LIVE TV, Russian news anchor flips the bird when she reports on Obama.

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