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David Gerbi in Libya

1. David Gerbi is Jewish and originally from Libya.

In the summer of 2011, Gerbi returned to Libya to join the rebellion against Gadhafi.

He rode into the Tripoli with the al Qaeda and other fighters backed by NATO.

Gerbi "has not yet been allowed to join the National Transitional Council as a full representative."

Members of the panel that is now governing Libya said he must wait until fighting has completely ended and liberation is declared.

(Source: Libyan 'revolutionary Jew' to restore synagogue)

Peaceful Moslems.

2. Who fired at the crowds in Egypt and in Tunisia?

Egypt's ruler denies army told to shoot protesters

According to Egypt's top man, Field Marshal Hussein Tantawi, Mubarak did not order the army to fire on demonstrators.

Tantawi gave this testimony behind closed doors on 24 September 2011 in Mubarak's trial.

Moslem girls in the world's largest Moslem country.

So, who has been killing demonstrators in the Arab world?

Who were the mysterious snipers on rooftops who shot civilians and helped stir up discontent?

On 16 January 2011, Tunisia TV said that four people had been arrested with German passports

"Tunisian police arrested four people carrying German passports over a shooting incident near the headquarters of an opposition party in the capital on Sunday, state television said, quoting a security source.

Peaceful Moslems.

And, Gunmen held in Tunis had Swedish passports: police

"Two gunmen who fired shots outside the headquarters of Tunisia's PDP opposition party in the center of the capital on Sunday had Swedish passports, Tunisian police said...

"Earlier an opposition party statement said police and military stopped a carload of armed men, who it described as foreigners, after which shots were fired...

"The gunmen were driving two taxis with their weapons hidden inside camera bags, he said."

Friendly Moslems

On 17 January 2011, it was reported that a party of Swedish 'tourists' was attacked after being caught up in the ongoing violence in Tunisia.

They were in the country 'on a hunting holiday' - with weapons in the back of their vehicle.

(Swedish tourists attacked in Tunisia unrest)

NATO special forces?

Israelis with stolen passports?

Peaceful Moslem

According to press reports A group of 20 Israelis were evacuated from Tunisia."

A group of 20 Israelis was evacuated Saturday evening from Tunisia...

"This complicated mission was orchestrated by a number of Israeli authorities, including the foreign ministry.

"The tourists were first transferred ... to Germany and from there to Tel Aviv..."

Moslem kid.

3. The CIA and its friends would appear to be using Facebook and Twitter to destabilise Indonesia.

On 11 September 2011, a deadly riot broke out in eastern Indonesia.

Seven people died and scores of homes and vehicles were damaged after a rumour was spread by Twitter and Facebook that a Muslim had been captured and tortured to death by Christians.

The rumour was untrue.

Indonesia tweets fuel acts of violence


felix said...

Who were those without passports in the two French helicopters which evacuated Libya for Malta on February 21? Where did they go from Malta?
one of the seven passengers -- who say they are French citizens -- had a passport. A French Foreign Ministry spokesman could not immediately confirm the information as it was still being verified. Reuters

Rage of Reason said...

... Al Qaeda and other fighters supported by NATO... there appears to be a thin line between friend and foe...

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