Thursday, October 20, 2011


The New Tunisia.

In Tunisia, the CIA's Islamists are set for big election gains

After the 23 October 2011 elections in Tunisia, the Islamist Ennahda Party is expected to be the biggest party in the assembly.

Already, Islamist Salafists have attacked cinemas and TV stations for showing material that is not sufficiently Islamist.

Under Ben Ali, who was recently toppled by the CIA, tourists were welcomed, polygamy was outlawed, there were no forced marriages and men and women were equal in terms of rights.

Ennahda is said to be behind the attacks by the Salafists.

Ennahda's leader, Ghannouchi, describes the Salafists as "brothers."

Ennahda is reported to have links to the CIA's Muslim Brotherhood.

The New Tunisia

The CIA's revolution in Tunisia has caused a massive downturn in Tunisia's economy.

There are few tourists.

There is massive unemployment.

Tunisia and the other Arab Spring countries have all been hit hard economically.

(The Arab Spring upheaval cost $55bn -

"Their costs to GDP amount to $20.56bn while costs to public finance total $35.28bn.

"These figures do not take into account losses to human life, infrastructure damage and business and foreign direct investment losses."

The USA-Israel-NATO wants control of Africa. Website for this image

According to the UK government's Tunisia travel advice:

"Political demonstrations and industrial protests still occur regularly...

"Incidents of pick pocketing and bag snatching and petty theft are on the increase and you are advised to ensure that bags are kept close to your person at all times...

"A number of fringe groups have sought to impose their interpretation of Islamic dress/ behaviour upon others through violence against individuals."

Tunisia's military boss, General Ammar, with his CIA-Pentagon-NATO buddies.

No matter who wins the elections, the CIA-generals will remain in power.

General Rachid Ammar is Chief of General Staff of the Tunisian military.

Reportedly Ammar was part of the CIA plot to topple Ben Ali.

Reportedly Ammar is part of the CIA plot to wreck Libya.

According to "The political elite of the new Libya", by AA Bystrov (ImesOriginal Russian):

"The anti-Gaddafi TNC rebels met in the Hotel Tibesti in Tunisia...

"The Chief of General Staff of the Tunisian armed forces, Rachid Ammar, was in charge of supplying arms and ammunition to the Libyan rebels...

"Paris dictated to the Tunisian leadership through figures such as ... Dominique De Villepin."



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Horrific child abuse case:


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Take it with a grain of salt. Where are the pics to prove that anyway? Another American-Jewish/Zio deception... Expect more brainwashing, as usual...


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