Tuesday, October 18, 2011


Bani Walid is still controlled by the Greens.


Zoompad said...

How dare anyone call this wanton unjustified carnage "peace keeping".

Anonymous said...

on the bbc news today from the west bank at the release of the palestinian prisoners,there were loads of green flags being waved,far more than the flag of the palestinians in fact.none of the news readers seemed to notice though.

thankyou for producing your excellent site.

Anonymous said...

First, is there any way to get independent confirmation from other sources, as to the validity of the reports this youtube is asserting?

Second, if these reports are valid, a massive (and I mean massive) coverup is going on in the mainstream corporate media.

Third, if these reports are accurate, a possible analogy which comes to mind is the Spanish Civil War of the 1930's: The NTC is akin to Franco's forces, and NATO is akin to Hitler's NAZI bombing campaign in Madrid and other cities. Mussolini's fascists also gave support to Franco.

If the Spanish Civil War analogy were to gain political traction with the general public of the NATO countries, NATO would be in deep political water.

No military alliance or individual country's military wants their actions to be compared to NAZI Germany's bombing of Madrid during the Spanish Civil War -- but if the shirt fits...

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Cover up? A massive propaganda exercise in the media allowed Nato intervention to start with, all based on lies and fakery. So what's new.

CS said...

Anonymous raises a good question about whether there is evidence to confirm the presence of 10,000 NATO troops in Libya.

Here's a report from the NY Times:

"The State Department is sending dozens of American contractors to Libya to help that country’s fledgling efforts to track down and destroy heat-seeking antiaircraft missiles looted from government stockpiles..."

So there are some dozens of NATO troops/contractors accounted for.

Note the reference to missiles "looted from government stockpiles ..."

Can the government of a sovereign state loot its own stockpiles?

Or did Gaddafi throw in the towel and acknowledge his status as official opposition?

CS said...

Here's another report, dated June 1, of NATO contractors in Libya.

In this case they are "Ex-British special-forces soldiers and other Western private security firm recruits [who] are helping NATO spot Libyan targets, military sources told Britain's The Guardian newspaper."

CS said...

Reuters India report concerning the search for Gaddafi:

NATO countries are expected to provide intelligence help to the manhunt, in the form of electronic eavesdropping. Special forces teams, either working for private contractors or for member states' armies, are probably involved.

A few dozen here, a few dozen there, some teams from this and that member state and soon you're talking real numbers.

PB said...

I'm reminded of the later days of world war 2 when the German people knew how close the Russians were by the locations given for the Reich's latest victories.

Too many great victories for believability, unfortunately.

I really hope I'm wrong because I want to see NATO's collective arse whipped.

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