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UK Prime Minister David Cameron, who supports the idea of the Big Society. Website for this image

On 1 October 2011, various top UK Conservatives provide their ideas for the UK's Conservative prime minister David Cameron (the Financial

Which of these ideas do YOU like?

Andrew Roberts (spooky pr0-Zionist historian)

● Veto Palestinian statehood at the UN regardless of what the rest of Europe and Nato do, until such time as Hamas renounces its determination to destroy the state of Israel, which is the vanguard of the west’s struggle against radical Islam.

Edwina Currie (Jewish former 'mistress' of former prime minister John Major)

● Insist that in schools all desks face the front. Teachers should have the authority – and skills – to get education into their charges. Retrain those that don’t; if still no good, sack them.

● No child to move into the class year above till he/she has mastered all the skills for that year. This is the system in Germany; both pupils and teachers hate the humiliation of being held down a year.

● Police forces: get rid of the flak jackets and military paraphernalia; make them look less like SAS and more like police. Recruit more with ordinary backgrounds, not management-speak graduates... Get them to smile more, and to talk to us.

Archie Norman (Businessman)

● National Health Service. Recognise that the problem in the NHS is not legislation or regulation.

It is management.

Hospitals are unbelievably complex, very human places that need top managers who are free to run them. Liberating hospitals without putting the right leadership in place is asking for trouble. It is like putting a donkey into the Derby. Research shows the best hospitals have great management teams that include clinicians. The biggest enterprise in Europe needs the best talent flow in Europe. Why not create the world’s greatest School of Healthcare Management?

Tracey Emin

● The prime minister to make surprise visits to NHS hospitals and eat the food that the patients have to eat.

● School pupils should be told how much plumbers, electricians, carpenters and seamstresses earn, so they know that by doing an apprenticeship subject they can be in a high-earning category, lead a good lifestyle and be their own boss.

● School teachers should be held in higher esteem within society and should be paid considerably more.

Cameron - the destroyer of Libya. Website for this image

Lord Tebbit

● Read the Beveridge Report. Beveridge foresaw and warned against precisely the welfare abuses now common.

Do not attack welfare as such. Support Beveridge as you move against those abuses of the system. Remember that human beings behave logically in their self-interest as they perceive it. Whether that behaviour is socially and economically benign or malign is largely governed by whether the environment of incentives and disincentives is well or badly designed.

John Redwood

● Create three new UK retail banks out of the UK assets of RBS and sell them into the private sector, raising substantial new capital for them at the same time.

● Freeze recruitment across the public sector, save for frontline posts such as teachers and nurses. We need to get spending under control.

● Seek authority and power back for the UK when the EU wishes to centralise more to save the euro.

● Press ahead with a bold programme of repeal and amendment to cut the cost, ineffectiveness and intrusiveness of regulation.

● Cut selective taxes on enterprise at all levels of income to foster growth and to make working more worthwhile.

Former Conservative prime Minister Edward Heath was famous for 'cottaging' - encounters with young males in public toilets.

Aangirfan (not in the FT)

Copy Switzerland, and remove most powers from the central government, while giving most powers to the counties.

Make all state schools independent of local and national government control; reduce the school leaving age.

Nationalise the banks and break them up into small non-profit making institutions.

Replace the BBC with a series of truly independent broadcasting organisations.

Increase taxes on big corporations and remove or reduces taxes on smaller businesses.

Apologise for false flag operations and acts of terrorism carried out by the spooks.



Zoompad said...

I like your ideas the most Ang, you ought to send them in a letter to Cameron!

Anonymous said...

Localisation would by far and away the greatest contribution to our overall'happiness' and by happiness you can take your pick from that meaning democracy, economic improvement, peace and security, education for all or whatever you like.

Aside from arguably a national army for defence there is no public service that can't be best done at a much smaller local level.

It's insane that as we move to the so-called EU superstate that every European country I can think of actually has a break away movement seeking independence, and why, because people identify with a locality ultimately based on specific shared history and culture. For example, Belgium with the Dutch and French sides, Italy -the North and South more or less see each other as a different species let alone race, UK, look at Wales, Scotland and even Cornwall see themselves separately.
My point is that with localisation people can start to control their own lives again, set their own taxes and expenditure, it's the only way you can actually have mass scale participation in political structure through non violent methods if you actually feel you have a say in anything.

I'd like to see each area of say 100,000 people with it's own council able to set and administer laws as directed by their locality, to the point where every 100 people or so then have an elected unpaid representative of their views. Each head of a local parliament/council can send a representative to a national parliament.

I suspect so many of the great evils of modern society can be eliminated by having power returned to the people.

In fact, if anyone disagrees with me here you are probably corrupt.

Anonymous said...


Corrupt and/or dumbed down.

aferrismoon said...

Also stop using dumb-down, game-show titles such as Big Society which means precisely nothing and/or anything

Replace the present media and political language with unspun words that mean something that everybody agrees on [ as in that's what it means in the dictionary].

People on the dole will use the system to their own advantage in exactly the same way corporate accountants 'save' their company millions

television channels must provide at least one 24 hour education channel on the lines of Open University, made by people from the education system and like-minded media people.
[ On youtube there are a great deal of science and history programmes that people enjoy watching]

Game-shows and other gamble/luck/chance/opportunity shows - banned.

Media to stop publishing whats happening in Soap operas

Curb spending millions on 'sports events' until the population all have decent housing/plumbing/transport.

Alex ferguson to take over Director-Generalship of BBC :)


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Aang, did u know that? No word about it in the official media...


dognamedblue said...

good idea with ferguson! if we can get him out of football then city can win the championship [although I don't think that's what you had in mind ;]

going to open myself up to some attacks but... I think that we should continue with council tax, I think that all local authorities should keep & spend the council tax they raise [then give what's left over to the national "pot"], that council tax should be the only tax paid period [tax was invented for the import & export of commodities not to tax the people] if you read tom paine then "if you wish to live in a society then you must burden the responsibility of that society" - it is common sense, it is social responsibility, people would pay on a scale of what was right for them, the rich more, the poor less, I don't mind paying my share for good roads, doctors, hospitals, rubbish collection, schools etc, I like benefiting from the system, on a local level

Anonymous said...

I do love Pigs, they are beautiful and intelligent (whatever that is) animals and should by no means be compared with "human" filthy Zionist stooges.

But it does amuse me that western politicians (whores) grovel in the dirt ,the same way pigs take´s a dirt-bath not to get too much sun, before the "√úbermenschen"...

CS said...

Apart from the Zionist twat Andrew Roberts, they gave remarkably sensible advice. Edwina Curry, was a conscientious minister. She was fired as Min of Ag. by Margaret Thatcher for revealing that eggs were contaminated with Salmonella. Maggie evidently thought the plebs should be eat a daily dose of food poison without complaint.

Devolution from the state to the counties might be a bit extreme. How about the creation of a Confederation of a dozen provinces, 7 in England, one for London and then three up each side, plus two for Wales, two for Scotland and one for Northern Ireland. Even the Republic of Ireland might consider joining such a Confederation of the British Isles.

Anonymous said...

Proof it was all a circus?


nobody said...

Very good. And hats off to the comments.

I say, first anon, would you not like to pick a handle for yourself? Clearly you can write and you have something interesting to say. But what with you choosing to identify yourself by way of 'anon' you're effectively declaring yourself to be one of a horde of worthless illterate trolls. But you're not are you?

What say you to this - whenever you with to comment just use your chosen handle (not as an account, just typed in each time you send) and you'll still be precisely as anonymous as you ever were but we'll at least know not to have our eyes glaze over as we skid past your entry. Hmmm? If you would be so kind etc. etc.

Otherwise I'd like to ask the panel what they would do if they were Hitler?

"Well first I'd take control of the money supply by removing it from the hands of private concerns. Monetary policy is the single most powerful mechanism for control and to have it in the hands of, well who knows quite frankly, is madness. That we should borrow this money, and from people who never had it to begin with and simply declare that it exists is beyond mad, it's perverse. Begone with them. They bring nothing to the equation apart from toil without reward.

"Thus we will have a 'New Pound', a fiat currency backed by the government, with one pound equalling one basic hour of labour.

"Speaking of Tom Paine, we shall look to the wisdom of the elders and ban usury. Money is merely a means of exchange and the idea that one can make money from money is little more than a pyramid scam that has no sensible future. To that end we shall look long and hard at those aspects of Muslim Sharia laws connected to money. Given that the current financial crises had almost no effect on countries practising Sharia-based monetary policies this would indeed be unarguable common sense."

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