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US government agents helped Hitler to escape from Germany.

The evidence has been collected in the book 'Grey Wolf: The Escape Of Adolf' by historians Gerrard Williams and Simon Dunstan

Hitler escaped: Leading historian says.

According to Williams and Dunston:

There is 'overwhelming evidence' that Hitler escaped to Fascist Argentina.

Hitler died in 1962 at the age of 73.

There is no forensic evidence for Hitler's death inGermany.

The stories from eyewitnesses to Hitler's continued survival in Argentina are compelling.

American intelligence officials were complicit in the escape.

The USA took over war technology developed by the Nazis.

Skull fragments thought to be those of Hitler currently held by the Russians are actually that of a young woman under the age of 40.

Josef Mengele (above), Klaus Barbie and Adolf Eichmann were among the many Nazis who were allowed to escape. Mengele reportedly went to work for the CIA.

Hitler had a 'double' who remained in the Berlin bunker.

Hitler travelled to a Spanish military base at Reus, south of Barcelona.

General Franco supplied a plane to take Hitler to Fuerteventura in the Canary Islands.

Hitler then boarded a U-boat.

Declassified FBI documents refer to Hitler having escaped from Berlin to South America.

There is testimony from the pilot who helped Hitler escape.

A number of sources, such as cooks and doctors, say that they knew Hitler in Argentina.

Hitler died aged 73 on 13 February 1962.

Hitler's bloodline survived through two daughters he had with Eva Braun in Argentina.

It would appear that since at least the 1930s, the USA has been the centre of a vast secret fascist network. Top Americans financed Hitler and carried on his work after World War II.

Author Abel Basti, in his 2003 book Hitler In Argentina, said Hitler and Braun escaped to Argentina and lived in the area of San Carlos de Bariloche, a tourist site 1,000 miles southwest of Buenos Aires.

In his book Bariloche Nazi-Guía Turística, Basti included documents, affidavits, photographs and blueprints to show the sites where Hitler and his fellow Nazis lived in Bariloche.

Basti refers to the Incalco Ranch, in Villa la Angostura, where Hitler lived.

The ranch belonged to Argentine businessman Jorge Antonio, friend president Perón.

Basti also claimed Hitler lived at Hacienda San Ramon.

Some of the top Nazis brought over to the USA

There would appear to be a secret fascist network that runs a number of governments.

After World War II, the U.S. military brought a large number of the top German Nazi scientists to the United States.

The code name for this operation was Project Paperclip. (aangirfan: MENGELE, MOSSAD AND THE CIA )

Emilio Massero (October 19, 1925 – November 8, 2010)

Emilio Massera would appear to be part of the secret fascist network.

He was trained by the Pentagon, at the School of the Americas.

Emilio Massera trafficked in babies and young children. (Admiral Emilio Massera.)

He was involved with P2, the international masonic lodge which, as part of Operation Gladio, helped carry out terrorism in Italy.

He set up a CIA-funded torture centre. (Cruyff - ZANI :: Articles)

This was designed to kill an estimated 30,000 "enemies of the state". (Admiral Emilio Massera.)

Argentina has a Nazi past.

Massera was the leading figure in the three man fascist military junta which came to power in Argentina in 1976.

He was part of the Pentagon's Plan Cóndor, which carried out acts of terrorism in South America.

He was a close friend of the papal nuncio Archbishop, now Cardinal, Pio Laghi. (Admiral Emilio Massera.)

Laghi and the Vatican supported the junta's atrocities, including the murder of at least one bishop.

Emilio Massera helped organise the torture and murder and child trafficking in Argentina.

In basements, "ordinary Argentines were kept for years blindfolded, chained and shackled." (Emilio Massera The Economist)

A suspect's head would be held "under water fouled with faeces and urine until they thought they were drowning."

Innocent citizens were loaded on to military aircraft "from which they would be tossed, living, into the sea.

"Perhaps 10,000 Argentines died this way in the seven years the junta was in power." (Emilio Massera The Economist)

Admiral Massera's forces were involved in "random terror ... abductions, murder, rape and the routine use of ...the utmost violence". (Emilio Massera The Economist)

"Bodies were burned at 'barbecues' on the sports field. The admiral himself took part at first to encourage his men." (Emilio Massera The Economist)

Massera liked young actresses.

"He enjoyed his official yacht, even when Fernando Branca, a millionaire whose wife was one of his lovers, curiously vanished from it without trace while they were out sailing together." (Emilio Massera The Economist)

What was the secret of Massera's success?

Like the fascist leader Juan Peron, he was involved with the P-2 Masonic lodge.

His Masonic friends "included global arms-dealers and drug-traffickers, as well as the Vatican bank." (Emilio Massera The Economist)

In 1985, he was sentenced to life imprisonment.

But, of course, he did not go to jail.

President Carlos Menem pardoned him.

Argentina is the country to which Adolf Hitler retired.

In Argentina, the "CIA funded Navy Mechanics School (ESMA) was where opponents (active or perceived) to the dictatorship were raped, tortured, murdered and scientifically experimented on... Klaus Barbie, famous for his torture techniques during Hitler’s reign of terror, was undoubtedly called upon in an 'advisory capacity' at ESMA. Barbie was a CIA asset." (Cruyff - ZANI :: Articles)

On 28 september 2009, in the Daily Mail, we read of fresh doubts over Hitler's death.

A skull fragment originally thought to be from Hitler has had its DNA tested, by American researchers.

The skull fragment has turned out to be that of a woman under 40.

The skull fragment was originally found outside Hitler's bunker, and it has been kept by Soviet intelligence.

Hitler did not die in 1945?

Hitler was allowed to escape to South America?

Photos from : http://www.gentiuno.com/articulo.asp?articulo=867

"Soviet soldiers dug deep into the rubble of the Reich Chancellery for Hitler's corpse.

"They did not find it," states the May 14, 1945 issue of TIME magazine.

Stalin announced to Truman during lunch in Potsdam on July 17, 1945, 78 days after his 'death', that Hitler had escaped.

The American FBI kept a file on Hitler, long after 1945.

The FBI investigated reports from newspaper articles and individuals claiming that Hitler was in Argentina.

Back in 1944, Hoover had been told by an informant that Hitler would receive refuge in Argentina.

A memo stated that Argentine's leaders planned to conduct secret meetings with Hitler "for the arranging of importing arms and technicians into Argentina."

The memo stated that a "large wealthy German colony in Argentina affords tremendous possibilities... as a refuge for Hitler.... Count Luxburg, has been mentioned as operating a ranch which would serve in providing a haven."

Just after the war ended, Otto Abetz, Germany's wartime ambassador to France, claimed that Hitler "is certainly not dead."

On 20th June 1948, El Tiempo, a newspaper published in Colombia, claimed that Hitler had escaped by submarine to South America.

Sources include: Adolf Hitler's Secret FBI Files .

Photo taken from: http://barilochenazi.com.ar/contacto.htm

Under Operation Paperclip the US and British governments helped many Nazis to escape from Germany.

The following sources tell us more: http://www.rense.com/general54/1960.htm /http://www.coverups.com/hitler/visitors.htm

Abel Basti, an Argentinian journalist, is the author of 'Bariloche Nazi'.

Basti claims Hitler escaped to San Carlos de Bariloche, in Patagonia, in Argentina, and died in 1960.

According to Basti, Hitler reached South America by submarine on July 28, 1945.

The official story is that Hitler committed suicide in his bunker on April 30, 1945.

In 1978, Basti went to work as a forest ranger in Bariloche.

Basti was interested in the extradition to Italy of Nazi captain Erich Priebke in 1995.

Priebke was detained in Bariloche.

According to Basti, traces of Hitler's presence in southern Argentina gradually emerge.

Basti claims to have eyewitness accounts from qualified people who were with Hitler in Argentina.

Basti reports FBI, British Intelligence, and Argentinean Navy documents discussing the presence of Nazi subs in the South Atlantic in July and August 1945.

The first official reports, in 1945, talk of an escape.

When the Red Army entered the bunker, Stalin asked for confirmation of Hitler's death and the general in charge reportedly said that he could not give confirmation as there was no body.

According to Basti: "In 1950, two sailors from the Graf Spee, a German vessel sunk by its own crew on the River Plate, said that they received at least two submarines in Patagonia on July 28, 1945."

Fascists in the USA in 1939.

From this source, http://www.crystalinks.com/aldebaran.html, we learn more:

In his book, Basti reproduces documents, affidavits, photographs and blueprints concerning the sites that sheltered Hitler, Martin Bormann, Joseph Mengele and Adolf Eichmann.

Basti states that 'The only 'official' story is the report made by General Zhukov, commander of the Soviet armies that occupied Berlin. Zhukov reportedly stated that Hitler and several Nazi leaders had escaped, presumably to Spain or the Americas. "This is what Stalin advised the U.S. government," says Basti.

Basti's book has a photo of the Incalco Ranch, located in Villa la Angostura on the shores of Lago Nahuel Huapi, 80 kilometers (50 miles) north of Bariloche. This was where Hitler allegedly lived.
The ranch is hidden by a pine forest and can only be reached by boat or hydroplane.

The ranch belonged to one of the most trusted aides of Peron, who was president of Argentina from 1946 to 1955.

Basti refers to Peron's secretary Rudolph Fraude, son of a German millionaire. Fraude allegedly looked after former Nazis in Argentina, among them Eichmann, who was captured in 1960 outside Buenos Aires by Israeli commandos.

Basti claims that Hitler also lived at Hacienda San Ramon, 10 kilometers east of Bariloche, which belonged at the time to the German principality of Schaumberg-Lippe.

Basti emphasises the 'vital assistance' offered by Peron's government at the time 'to admit the Fuhrer's henchmen into that country.'

The real Hitler?

Sir Alan Lascelles was King George VI's private secretary from 1943-52.

Lascelles, in his diaries, entitled King's Counsellor, wrote that, in June 1944, General Georges Catroux, of the Free French forces, had asked the British government's Alfred Duff Cooper "to see a certain French officer, urgently."

The diary entry for 21 June 1944 continues: "This man, who is a very big noise in the French intelligence service, told Duff that he had very reliable information that Hitler had fled from Berlin to a villa near Perpignan, where he is now hiding and waiting a favourable opportunity to slip across the Spanish frontier."

By 1944, Hitler no longer appeared in public. (20 July plot - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia)

Why might Hitler have wanted to leave Germany in 1944?

According to Lascelles, Germany talked of peace terms as early as 1943.

In his diary entry for 27 december 1943, Lascelles wrote: "Hughe Knatchbull-Hugessen telegraphed yesterday from Ankara that Numan (Turkish Foreign Minister) had told him ... that the German Minister in Bucharest had called (in uniform) on the Romanian Foreign Minister, and told him Germany would accept peace on the following terms: they would surrender fleet, submarines, merchant fleet, air force, disarm completely, evacuate all occupied territory, undertake never to ask for colonies, and leave Europe to be organised according to the wishes of the Allies.

"The only condition they asked for is economic freedom for Germany, but this is to be arranged as found suitable by the Allies."

Note how many countries became part of the Soviet Empire after 1945.

Roosevelt and Churchill insisted on unconditional surrender.

And this worked to the advantage of Russia, which ened up controlling Eastern Europe (The Price We Paid for Roosevelt's "Unconditional Surrender").

In 1943, sections of the German military showed signs of wanting rid of Hitler.

Between 1943 and March 1944 there were seven plots against Hitler. (Axis History Factbook: Assassination Plots & Attempts)

The 20th July 1944 plot failed to kill Hitler, or his 'double'.

Journalist Abel Basti says Hitler escaped from Spain by submarine into exile in South America.

He claims to have a document showing the FBI searched for the Hitler in Spain in 1947. (Adolf Hitler 'fled into exile' - The Sunday Mail )

If Hitler fled from Berlin in June 1944, then who was acting as his 'double' back in Germany, up until April 1945, when Hitler supposedly died.

Is this Hitler's 'double'?

According to Time magazine, in 1935: "Adolf Hitler last week became the first Dictator frankly to employ a double.

"Impersonating the Realmleader, a pudgy-fingered, smudge-mustached person officially opened the new motor highway from Holzkirchen to Munich.

"Suddenly the crowd recognized Dictator Hitler standing unobtrusively a few yards from his double and good-natured German cheers were given first for one, then for the other." (GERMANY: Double Hitler - TIME)

Reportedly, the Russians found the corpse of Adolf Hitler's double near Hitler's bunker.

In November 1944, the Daily Express published photos of Hitler 'past' and 'present', suggesting that the 'present' Hitler was not the real Hitler.

The Express pointed out that the ears on the 'present' Hitler were different from the ears on the 'past' Hitler.

The Daily Express, according to Sir Alan Lascelles in his diary entry of 23 November 1944, "proves fairly conclusively" that the man in the recent photos "cannot be the real Hitler."

This is Hitler as a young man. Notice his thin nose.

This could be Hitler's double. Notice the fat nose.

Hitler's double? The real Hitler?

The 'body of Heinrich Himmler', after committing suicide, 1945. Some people allege that this is Himler's double.


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Well, nothing new and its been discussed before on this blog. Hitler was a smart boy, regardless of what retards say! He wasnt so stupid to let himself fall into the bloody hands of the "Allies/Jews", so he used one of his doubles and left Germany. No big deal at all.


Franz said...

Go to Australia! --


Scroll down a bit. The excellent three-part article by Giordan Smith raises even more issues about the "official story." Quite likely the books use Smith's article as a source. If not, the worse for them.

NOTE: All three parts are there. Right-click on DOWNLOAD to save in PDF format.

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Why did those Keystone Cops the Mossad not send a Kidon death squad to Argentina?

More useful than shooting innocent waiters in Lillehammer and starring on Dubai CCTV.

Anonymous said...

Interesting that Argentina has a very large Jewish population and Hitler would choose this country to live in. Nazism and Zionism is one and the same. If the Jews controlled Germany in every aspect prior to the WWII, they did not just vanished and their influence in the German society ceased to exist over night. Hitler would almost never mention the word "Jew" when he was speaking to the industrialists, bankers or people that controlled the country. Without Hitler Israel would never have been created. Hard to find back them, one Nazi that did not have Jewish blood. These days would probably be impossible to find one. And the same applies to the USA.

dognamedblue said...

read the fbi document at the "fbi vault" on the report of hitler landing in argentina, if I recall correctly it was released when obama was having difficulty with his birth certificate

Anonymous said...

Can't think of a single dictator who committed suicide, all had plans to run and hide, huge bank accounts abroad, houses and friends, even.

I've actually had to suggested to me, by Germans, that all the top Nazis excepting Goring and Goebbels had doubles (those 2 had trouble finding someone believable, and knew if it went belly-up they were expendable). The doubles could have been used most of the time, the real people only in situations where the double might not have been up to it (the big speeches Hitler gave, for ex). Churchill and Monty used doubles all the time, no one but a few people around them knew which one it was, how could anyone tell, most only knew them via photos in the papers which aren't very flattering. Anyone vaguely resembling the person appearing in public would be accepted by the masses. Medical records etc., could be of the double, the real person's never recorded, or taken by the Gestapo in this case. Only a DNA match is of any good. Hitler does have relatives, we know this, but how close a match would they give?
Also had it suggested the Nazi's PLANNED for an escape already in the early 20's, and, as such, already owned and ran Argentina, had 'friends' in the USA, GB etc.

Fleming knew it all, I'm sure. His 'Spectre' is likely based on the Odessa, the clandestine organisation formed to protect the Nazis in exile.

Blammo said...

If America is run by NAZI fascists, then why do we have such a malignant Jewish problem?

Anonymous said...

With all this information available, the Mossad would have known it too. It would appear that the Jewish powers themselves enabled Hitler to escape and to continue to live so well along with other well-known German escapees. The Nazi hunters from Israel find whom they want to find. That Hitler was not exposed could not be due to an incompetent Mossad, but to Jewish collaboration. In fact, it is said that Hitler was actually Jewish. If so, he was the Jews' man and a possible Talmudic puppet following orders. So he was saved and rewarded?

Blammo said...

Anon@9:06 PM

Despite being a know-it-all, socially inept, hostile blowhard, James Laffrey has written intelligently on the subject.

Critical Thinking: The Mullins Contradictions About Hitler

Shout out El Presidente!

orson cart said...

Why did Argentina declare war on the Axis powers on March 27 1945? It wasn't as if they had to, the country had been neutral and even sympathetic to the Axis up until then, but it was a very good way to ensure that they would be left alone by the Allies to monitor their own coastline and other entry points into the country, and even to accept the 'surrender' of enemy vessels.

Anonymous said...

You'll work it out Blammo, when you get rid of your Hollywood-based Tweety and Sylvester version of Nazis and Jews.

Tony Ryals said...

I will actually have to come back to this Hitler story when I get a bit more time.But I thought I'd mention that I met Pio Laghi decades ago in Montery,California and even went up to him and shook hands with him and asked him if he would give my criticism of the pope's birth control policy or lack thereof to Pope John Paul II himself.He said he would but I think he lied.
It was however printed as an editorial on Sepember 22,1987 shortly after the pope's visit to San Francisco coincidentally on the bicentennial of the U.S. Constitution that mandates separation of church and state,OR AT LEAST DID BEFORE IT WAS REPLACED BY THE ISRAELI PATRIOT ACT.
My editorial which is western and science history that no one ever wrote before but me can be found on a google search of 'pope's misconceptions phosphates' but I provide a link below.Also an article I wrote re Sarah Palin and her unwed preganant daughter that mentions my meeting with Pio Laghi.At the time of meeting Mr.Laghi I was unaware of his past Argentine ties to the mass murderers and child traffickers of the far right military there and knew him only to be the Pope's Pro Nunciate to the U.S.government.

Phosphates and the Pope's Misconceptions about conception and science history
Tony Ryals
24 Jun 2010 – Pope's Misconceptions about conception and science history ...

Nazi Pope Benedict XVI,Sarah Palin's UnWed Pregnant Teenager ...
9 Aug 2008 – ... the church was promoting the idea of making mission founder Junipero Serra a 'saint'. ... Pio Laghi assured me he would deliver it to the Pope John Paul II but .... Pope Benedict XVI was elected in April 2005, after the death of his ... that the Pope's envoy to Argentina from 1974-80, Cardinal Pio Laghi, had ...

Blammo said...


Oh gosh, how clever and insightful. Tell me, oh wise one, whence do you gather your superior version of historical revisionism?

Blammo said...

Anonymous! Don't leave me in suspense! For the record, what is cartoonish is the notion that the NSDAP party was hell bent on world domination. What is cartoonish is the notion that the 'NAZI's' are the ones pulling the strings. I'm guessing that "the Bush's financed the NAZI's" is the extent of your insight.

Anonymous said...

Hitler and Eva stayed in fuerteventura in a remote Villa that's why there is a strong German presence around jandia and coffeti

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