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The YouTube video of Gaddafi being captured on 20 October.

The Gaddafi video seems to have been made BEFORE Gaddafi was allegedly captured.

Source: Green Resistance Libyan Free Press

How photoshopping works.

In the Gaddafi video, note the jerky camera and the bad focus.

The CIA was criticised for having no video footage of the fake shooting of Bin Laden.

So now they have video of the fake death of Gaddafi - jerky to make it seem authentic (too jerky) and bad focus to stop us seeing any Hollywood effects (very bad focus).

The BBC told us this was Libyans celebrating; in fact it was Indians in India.

One theory is that Gaddafi, as an alleged 33 degree freemason and former asset of the CIA, has been allowed to retire to obscurity in some country such as Italy, France, Morocco or Algeria.

'Gaddafi' (left) and the 'Gaddafi' in the video showing the alleged capture of Gaddafi (right)

' Gaddafi'
Gaddafi's Double, appearing in the video of 'Gaddafi's capture.


Reportedly, Gaddafi is still alive and the Green Resistance continues.

It would seem that the CIA and its friends have produced yet another piece of fake news when they tell us that Gaddafi has been killed.

Green Resistance sites deny that Gaddafi has been captured or killed.


Original Picture of unknown man at the so called Bin Laden compound

FAKE photoshopped picture of 'dead Gaddafi'. Note the green patch.

There has been a disinformation campaign from the media to spread the lie that Gaddafi is dead.

Libye – Seul le porte parole Moussa Ibrahim est au courant de l'état de Kadhafi (20 octobre 2011)

The media outlets which have told the truth have been subjected to attack.

"Connection problems"

Libye – Notre site ALGERIA ISP a été victime d'attaques (20 octobre 2011)

The CIA's news outlets are responsible for the lies.

Libye – CNT/OTAN/ELJAZZERA/ELARABIYA annonce 3 mensonges : La mort de Kadhafi, son fils Moatassem et son ministre de la défense

Gaddafi is in excellent health.

Libye – Le guide Kadhafi est toujours vivant et il dit TOZ FI CNT/OTAN (20 octobre 2011)

The following is from:



1. On the videos which were allegedly recorded in Sirte, the sun is shining, there is dust everywhere..

However, in reality, just a day before - Sirte was FLOODED.

2. In two different parts of the same video, we can see that the ‘Colonel’ has two different hair colors..

In one part he has light-brown hair, in the other he has black hair.

3. In one of the videos the ‘dead Colonel’ has a bumpy nose, which looks broken in a strange way; in other videos where this man is dead, his nose is straight

4. In the early videos (from Sirte) his face looks very young, and we all know how wrinkled he was.

Mohammad Atta and his Double

5. They said that he was shot in the legs, and that he bled to death..

But this captured ‘Colonel’ is standing while they are pushing him around.

In addition, the lower part of the body is not covered with blood.

6. The naked upper part of body of the ‘Colonel’ is young, with no signs of aging in the videos, but the real Colonel is a 70 years old man.

Do you know how the body of a 70 years old man looks like, especialy of a man who has spent all his life in a desert.

7. Some of the released videos were recorded a day before, on 19th of october (!)

8. According to one of their propaganda stories, they found ‘him’ in a sewer.

And yet ‘he’ appears freshly shaven, his beard trimmed on the videos etc.

General Montgomery's Double

9. There is another strange detail in the video in Sirte also, one black woman- a civilian- stands and watches the show , seeming very relaxed.

A black civilian woman in Sirte on the side of the rats (!?).

This is impossible. Everyone knows what NATO Al Qaeda rats are doing to black men, women and children in Libya.

They hang, lynch and behead them. Especialy Sirte black women, IF there are ANY left in Sirte (which I highly doubt) would never be on the side of the racist rats. This is realy strange.

10. On one video Gaddafi is covered with blood when they are placing him on a pick-up, on another with the same ‘action’ his face is clean like he is headed to a wedding.

Saddam and his Doubles.

11. Fact: Massive demonstrations against NATO and NTC were being prepared, unified counter-attack, uprising has already started on 14th of october.

12. Just days after Hilary came and said she wants Gaddafi dead, ‘he’ got killed.

13. Not just him, his sons and every high-official person they could remember of ‘got killed on the same day IN SIRTE’, although it is known that Gaddafi and his sons were leading different brigades at different fronts around Libya. (note: Libya is the size of 1/3 of Europe, and Sirte is just one small town which was for months under siege)

14. Gaddafi’s daughter Aisha says he is alive.

15. Gaddafi has 12 doubles.



Gaddafi on 9 11

Photo of the capture of an actor.

Where is the real Saddam?


Many thanks to C for various links.


Genie said...

I could not tell anything from the video here. I watched another where the injured then dead Gaddafi is suppose to be a dummy. That's not what I see. I see a live and confused Gaddafi. It was horrible to see the video of what is mainstream, anyway and it looked reaL. So real I was really disturbed. I did not think I was going to see all that.
Videos aside, for sure the "rats" are liars and they lie and lie and lie. But it is usually obvious. bin-Laden hoax was obvious. 9/11 was obvious. Saddam's execution looked real. I think they hung Saddam for real. Muammar Gaddafi thought they hung Saddam for real. The foiled Iranian plot is obvious. The death of Gaddafi looks real. We don't usually have to bend over backward to demonstrate a fake thing when the Jew/CIA hand is all over it. I will be happy it I'm wrong just because of the brutality of it all. God I hate those rebel Libyan people.

Noor al Haqiqa said...


I have been working on this matter almost all day so I hope you don't mind, I am going to end the day with most of this post.

VERY rarely I watch mainstream media to see how they are treating a topic I am following.

Today it was impossible to watch anything about Qaddafi. The lies were unpalatable. Even the local news which is usually only concerned with lost kittens and the occasional local b & e, was led into as "breaking international news" and the woman looked as if she was cumming the light in her eyes was so bright, her smile so lascivious.

So I have no idea what international news is. I could not stomach it at all. Just keep on with the truth as I find it....

Anonymous said...


Noor al Haqiqa said...

LOL due to the confusion about who or what you are, Aangir, I refer to you fondly as an "entity".

Zoompad said...

Well done.

When are these loonies going to realise how futile it is to keep telling these lies?

Hollywood should go back to making romantic musicals and comedies, thats all they were ever any good at. Thats what this latest fiasco is, a joke.

aferrismoon said...

Noor - you're not the only one to notice the news woman 'enjoying' the deaths of alleged-Gaddafi.

These summary executions [ whether real or not] are certainly not along the lines of any kind of burgeoning democracy , they seem to have the gleeful, vengeful joy of 'Inglourious Bastards' , the release of which seems to just precede these ritual murders


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

could you please post the url of the fake video?

Anonymous said...

More fun:


Anonymous said...


TG said...

Good analysis - but even if they photoshopped him, it doesn't prove he's alive.

They'd have to be bonkers to risk having him appear one day. Can you imagine him turning up on RT TV, interviewed by Max Keiser?

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

Do you think that 'Gadaffi' will get a burial at sea, like 'Bin Laden'?

the truth hurts said...

my 9 yr old daughter is currently studying Henry VIII of England, commonly thought of as 'Renaissance Man', he had murdered at his behest at least 50,000 peoople, yet he was still considered Renaissance man in the context of his time. An interesting parallel with Gadaffi. It's a sad truth that the Arab world is 500 years behind the west (from a certain point of view)
If Gaddafi is dead, and I think he probably is, what a tragedy for all of us he wasn't given the platform to let us know what he knew of Lockerbie and the CIA generally, that would have been fine entertainment. Fairly obviously our dark overlords would never have allowed that hence why I'm fairly sure he's been bumped off. The photo/vidoes released are irrelevant to his actual death or otherwise, but seeing is believing to the majority is is not

Blammo said...

So then Aang, what do you make of this video?

Anonymous said...

Aang, we have no proof of the computer date/time in your YouTube exhibit. Could be a red herring redirect.

However, we can see that the 'dead Gadaffis' have different skin tones, different eyes-ears alignment, different eyebrow lengths, different hair density in eyebrows, different thickness of lips, variances in volume of neck wattles, etc.

More 'theatrical themes'...Saddam found in a dirt hole/death by hanging, Bin Laden found in a 'secret' compound/secret burial at sea, and Gadaffi found in a 'sewer drain'/...death by.....chocolate maybe?

Anonymous said...

"Good analysis - but even if they photoshopped him, it doesn't prove he's alive."

True, but the man is not dead either. Theres no way smb like him, as I said before, would let himself fall into the hands of NATO/Ameritard/Jewish/Zio hands. Im sure he's having the best laugh ever wathing the "news" about his "death".



Anon said...

Dear Blammo,

The video you show looks fake.

- Aangirfan

Anonymous said...

Braziian Doctor admits performing plastic surgery on Gadaffi.

This media article confirms that 'Gadaffi' had plastic surgery....for cosmetic reasons...or was the cosmetic surgery a cover-up story of creating 'double'?

1) Did Gadaffi create his own 'double and/or multiple doubles' for his own protection?

2) Or, did the CIA create a Gadaffi double for CIA exploitation?

3) The Gadaffi 'drain death' seems to be STAGED.

4) Who STAGED the 'drain death'...Gadaffi or the CIA...or both?

Anonymous said...

Gadaffi's 'death' reminds me of this gem...!

Blammo said...

Specifically, how so? Image manipulation? Double?

He looks like a dead ringer to me. He's a great leader, and I want him to be alive as much as anyone does, but to declare conclusively that he is alive rings kind of hollow.

Anonymous said...

Putin is getting 'younger', too.

Anonymous said...

"Just because it's in print doesn't mean it's the gospel"(quote from Michael Jackson).

Anonymous said...

Is it just me, or did Zbig wake up one morning and buy back his soul? I hope so. A rational pragmatist with a soul is always better than one without.

Of course he's neither blind nor stupid. He senses the change in the air.

"Watch the weather baby, 'cause it's going to change."

Rahul said...

On the name of terrorism, they just want to capture all the countries and put their associates there, so that they can rule and get whatever they want. Same thing he did with Iraq, if Saddam was creating weapons they why they didn't use any single weapon and nothing is found after investigation. I believe that on day they will try to capture India by providing aids to the countries like Pakistan, Bangladesh and Afghanistan. They are trying to place their Army surround to India. And our Political leaders, Government, all Parties are corrupt, so they will help them to capture India.

Penny said...

Hey Aangirfan!

Unless he appears alive really dam soon, somewhere... .....

I put up a post today, and normally I never do this type of stuff unless it is important and it is

What this means for Africa, what it says, really says about the attack on Africa

Hilary is demonic, I do not use those words lightly, evil

Santa Claus said...

Blammo - your Youtube video is nothing but a bunch of Mossad criminals with an actor who is playing dead.

That is not Gaddafi.

Anonymous said...

The video that was shown was mainly comprised of a group of men seemingly discussing ??? don't speak arabic. the actual seconds at the beginning and end of the footage showing MG? was minimal. Hardly getting their point across that they had the real? MG Far too quick no time to peruse the face.

Anonymous said...

ps Forgot to mention the late great Joe Vialls take on Saddam Was, or was it not Saddam? .Seek and ye shall find Thanks

Anonymous said...

At this point, the weight of the evidence is that Gaddafi is dead.

(Gaddafi would need to appear via some verifiable way to disprove this conclusion, in my opinion -- however, I am open to credible evidence, but tire of obvious propaganda.)

Aangirfan's work has been good, but this post seems like throwing "good money after bad".

It seems that many of those who were revolted by NATO brutality have allowed that revulsion to cloud their objectivity. The BIG STORY in the last days of Gaddafi has been the wild reports of GREEN rebels winning battle after battle... that appears to have been false, or at the least overstated (There is no reasonable dispute regarding the vicious brutality that NATO and its minions have rained down on Libya and its people) .

Apparently, propaganda goes both ways. The salient question is who were simply, innocently, mislead and who intentionally put out misleading information?

(I have no question about Aangirfan's sincerity and honesty.)

Credibility means admitting mistakes when the facts & evidence lead to that conclusion.

The best evidence is that Gaddafi is dead, but that does nothing to justify the brutality NATO visited on the people of Libya in furtherance of their Globalist aims.

Going down the rabbit hole of "Gaddafi is still alive" tends to discredit all the good, and most important, verifiable work Aangirfan and many others have done reporting on the so-called "Arab Spring", which has been a giant PSY-OP furthering Globalist, New World Order designs.

Don't fall into the narrative many like Gordon Duff are trying to outline for the alternative media -- doing their best to smear and discredit.

Overall, good work Aangirfan.

The hard part: Teasing out the facts & evidence from the propaganda -- in any set of circumstances -- and following where those facts & evidence lead.

Even if those facts & evidence contradict sympathies, ideologies, or previously firmly held opinions.

And one must know and acknowledge that partisans from both sides of any question will put out self-serving propaganda to bolster their side of the argument.

(Even those considered to be on the "good" side of the argument.)

A high percentage of fanatics (partisans) have no respect for the truth of the matter at issue.

It's the job of the rest of us to do our best to learn the facts & evidence and then make reasonable conclusions as to what is the actual physical reality.

There is one physical reality.

The hard part: Knowing what that physical reality is.

Anonymous said...

@Anon 4:12, thank you for Brezezinski link

Tony Ryals said...

TG said...
''....if they photoshopped him, it doesn't prove he's alive.
They'd have to be bonkers to risk having him appear one day. Can you imagine him turning up on RT TV, interviewed by Max Keiser?''

Ha.If Max Keiser found him alive he'd turn him in to his CIA bosses and his boss the Emir of Qatar and owner of Al Jazeera,the Fox News of the Middle East.Remember Max Keiser is a major securities or stock fraud who lied just like ex SEC Chair CVhris Cox about stocks being 'naked shorted',a term made up by Agora Inc and National Taxpayers Union founder James Dale Davidson to distract from massive insider manipulation of stocks on an international level.

This RTTV is not to be trusted either anymore than is Vladimir Puta or Putin the Chabad Lubavitch whore.

Genie said...

dang Blammo, I had to watch another gruesome video. But Gaddafi it is, I conclude. if he is alive we will know it soon. We will give it some time but if not then we should accept it and also accept the NTC are barbarians the Libyans will have to deal with. I hope they never stop fighting these rats and take their country back.

Anonymous said...


Very well stated.

I would like to think there is one important thing that distinguishes us from monsters:

an intense love of the truth.

Anonymous said...

War of the Illuminatis-Divisive Illuminati Global Wars

Jerusalem....focal axis of 3 religions:
2)Islam=Muslim=Nation of Islam financed by Gadaffi
3)Christianity=Vatican=Black Pope aka Jesuits + Knights of Malta
Trend Elaborations

Fritz Springmeier, world's authority on Rothschild Illuminati Agenda

Prince Andrew removed as UK Trade Ambassador

ZION/2012 Olympics

Vatican Gay Sex scandal

2)Islam=Muslim=Nation of Islam financed by Gadaffi
Gadaffi quote:'...There is only one religion which is Islam after Mohammed.… All those believers who do not follow Islam are losers..."

Pope Benedict embraces pluralistic union of Christians and Muslims (otherwise known as One World Religion aka Illuminati Agenda) "...Dear friends, on the basis of what I have outlined here, it seems to me that there can be fruitful collaboration between Christians and Muslims..."

Gadaffi visits, very interesting...I recall seeing photos of Gadaffi in a Vatican salon waiting to visit Pope Benedict but the web is scrubbed of these photos.

3)Christianity=Vatican=Black Pope aka Jesuits + Knights of Malta
Pope Neutral on Gadaffi

'...The last prime minister to visit Gaddafi before the Libyan uprising began was Lawrence Gonzi...'

Gadaffi's longtime friend Gonzi is prez of Malta

Knights of Malta are militia of Pope. See Malta diplomatic relations with Holy See (Vatican), Russia, Monaco, and EU, etc (Remember test run topics already accepted like Putin and Prince of Monaco hunting trip and Norway Breivik's ex-Nazi buddy exiled to Malta, etc)

Permanent International Neutrality of Malta, guaranteed in treaty brokered by Italy (test run by Norway Brevik and crazy UK ex-Nazi militia dude)

Graphic photo of sacrificial dead dude as dead Gadaffi (maybe dead dude had terminal illness and got paid for his Gadaffi role to feed his family)....scroll down

Conclusion: Gadaffi may have escaped to MALTA months ago

brian said...

Gadafi is not an asset of the CIA, nor is he being retired to a foreign country.
apart from that the photoshopping is interesting

nobody said...

Well Aang, if nothing else you've established a ton of precedents and thus no one could dismiss this out of hand. I haven't clicked all your links but I saw a couple of things elsewhere that were quite convincing. I do hope you're right mate.

Previously the death cult's SFX efforts have been piss-poor but who's to say they couldn't fix that problem by setting up their own post house? To be honest you'd only need um... 15~20 people and you could knock out everything needed for the news. No worries.

And speaking of photoshop, just remember it's the most basic software there is. In a posthouse everyone can use it. It's almost entry level really. Above that is the bigtime. Well not so big really. It all runs on PC's now.

Anyway, I'll sit tight and withhold my opinion. We'll see what happens.

Anonymous said...

When the dopelganger card is pulled, the 'originals' are gone for Hitler, Beatle Paul McCartney, Elvis, etc. Gadaffi is NOT coming back. The Gadaffi show is over and the curtain is down. Gadaffi is probably on a beach somewhere enjoying his sunset years.

Rufus said...

Interesting post. There are definitely anomalies regarding the video and the use of doubles by the CIA and Qaddafi. Regardless of whether he is really dead, the key issue here is how the story of his demise will affect the Resistance. The NTC and their NATO owners may be crowing now, but will their smug self-congratulatory smirks be wiped off their faces by the real Libyan patriots? I hope so. Viva Libya.

dognamedblue said...

I was that eager with my "gaddafi dead?" post I never thought about the possibility of a double, good work as always

LibyaWest said...

The part I'm very dubious about is the claim that he put on the biggest afro wig that he could find for the sake of "vanity". That's just too stupid for words. If he was going to wear a wig, he would surely have chosen one that would disguise him rather than one that would make him stand out in the crowd! Sounds like western propaganda to me!

Anonymous said...

MG was taken out long before the shooting started.
The looting of Libya was well planned. Were dealing with professionals here!
Doubting Tomas

Anonymous said...

@Anon 8:12...uuummm, yes, we are talking about professionals here...Gadaffi reigned over Libya for 40 years. Reuters url link showing clips from his 40th anniversary party...the horses seen in the clip are 100 Arabian horses that Gadaffi shipped over especially for his celebration event. Also note the 'hangman' spoof skit. Cheers!

Anonymous said...

Oct 23,2011/Lusk,Wyoming/8:11PM
To begin with Gaddafi was not working with the CIA = Mossad.

Bedside's the war against Gaddafi wasn't about oil and the so called mass killings of Libyans as the Story go's; Told to us by NATO, and out American S.O.G., government.

The real reason the American SOG government went after Gaddafi was simple.

( 160ty ) - One Hundred and Sixty Ton's of Gold.
Why you say?, Simple Gaddafi had his own F.E.D., money system., And did not use our American ZIONIST currency. Nor did the other counties that traded with Libya.

Besides our Casper,WY Star Tribune News paper Company printed back in Feb/2011 all about how many doubles Gaddafi has.

That was the tip off to me that our S.O.G.government was going after Libya.

And now you know the story as Paul Harvey would say.

Mathawaada said...

Quite interesting indeed...was it one of the doubles who was actually killed?? i dont know, but good to see alternative viewpoints on the matter whether they are true or false...

Anonymous said...

You guyz should watch this movie: the dictator...It simply reveal a secret about ghadaffi

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