Thursday, October 27, 2011


The real Gaddafi

The man seen in the recent 'Gaddafi capture videos' is not Gaddafi.

The man in the videos is Ali Majid Al Andalus.

The person you were shown was not Muammar Al-Gaddafi

Originally pubished here

Post-script by Mathaba Libya News

According to reports reaching us, the person presented as Gaddafi, in the recent 'capture' videos, has been identified as Ali Majid Al Andalus.

Ali Majid Al Andalus was an inhabitant of Sirte and was famous for his resemblance to Gaddafi.

The man in the photo with the bullet hole in the head was not Muammar al Gaddafi, but his double.

The psychopathic criminals ... used this innocent man solely for their psychological operation by having him lynched by armed thugs of the TNC before the cameras.

This served several purposes including tarnishing the image of Gaddafi on the one hand and smearing Islam on the other.

The reason that Jalil, Libya's new leader, was quick to declare Sharia in Libya is to make Moslems look bad.

In reality it is these 'druggie types' hired by the secret services of NATO countries, who have nothing to do with Islam, who committed these crimes.

This is a war against Islam.

Mathaba Post-Script

We fully endorse the above article, originally published here.

From our own impeccable sources close to Gaddafi and his own circle, we published a denial that Mu'ammar Gaddafi was dead...


Asif said...

psychological war, confusion, how to differentiate between truth and lies in real time, wait for Real Qadaffi response...

Man From Atlan said...

Then all the real Gadaffis has to do is upload a video to the internet.

Anonymous said...

Gadaffi double was obvious but the confirmation was unusual. Viligance is needed. Putin is suspect. Prayers to comfort the soul for that poor victim of fate.

Anonymous said...

ALL participants in the DOUBLES schemes were psychopathic given that their goal was to dupe us. Motivated by what? Money? Power? I wonder what Gadaffi FELT as he watched that poor man get beaten and sodomized?

Anonymous said...

'Anonymous said...
ALL participants in the DOUBLES schemes were psychopathic given that their goal was to dupe us''
So mr Anon, how do you know what their motive was? Money may be the mainspring of your robot soul, but dont project onto people youve never met.


Genie said...

Gaddafi's son Saif al-Islam thinks his dad is dead. Certainly he knew of the body doubles.

Minna said...

The RATO war on Libya is NOT a war against islam. The Superrat Jalil is a moslem himself. The war is against a leader, whom the imperialists (USA, France, UK) can't buy, because he is a decent human being, who acts in the interests of his people and NOT because of personal gain/money

Anonymous said...

the real qazzafi will never show up. he has been forced into silence just like the real Saddam

Anonymous said...

@Brian 4:36, here is a link to Dr. Hare, a world renowned expert on psychopathy if you want to sharpen your reading skills whie expanding your knowledge. Cheers!

Blammo said...

Indeed. The 'submarine to Argentina' theory is wearing pretty thin.

gyg3s said...

We live in a world where hyperreality has greater relevance than reality; perhaps to such an extent that reality becomes irrelevant.

Anonymous said...


That's an excellent point.

Can reality ever become irrelevant? A seductive thesis. Should you just relent and submit to a fake hyperreality?

Can O'Brian really make two plus two equal five?

No, he can't.

By the correspondence theory of truth, what is true corresponds to a "thing" in an external world.

So what if that world is itself synthetic? -- whether fabricated by Rupert Murdoch or Descartes' evil demon? By the coherence theory of truth, truth even in a synthetic world must be internally consistent. And you cannot have an axiomatic system where two plus two equals five.

Through its own inconsistency, its own lies, a false reality will destroy itself. And you, if you submit to it.

More pragmatically, plenty of people have a clear understanding of what's happening in the world. They understand the truth yet for selfish, short-term gain they will play along, pandering to the demons who fabricate their world. In the end, what will it profit them?

There are good reasons to submit only to the Ultimate Reality, the Truth.

And should you choose falsity over truth, woe betide you.

"That reminds me. What precisely is the goal of the game that we're playing now?"

Ingrid B said...

Whoever the poor guy was, it was a barbaric way to die, just one of many barbaric attrocities which have taken place in Libya and elsewhere, whilst the architects of invasion, plunder, and mass murder, sit safe in their ivory towers..

Anonymous said...

the side burns

every pic of REAL GHADDAFI has shorter side burns than the double

ear lobe
ghaddafi has round earlobes double has oval shaped earlobes

Anonymous said...

I thought the tell tale sign was the amount of goatee hair, Gadaffi's was thinner, sparser.

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