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The Berg Family 1961.

In the 1970s, Muammar Gaddafi funded and supported the American religious cult The Children of God.

The Children of God, founded by DAVID BERG, claims that sex is a good recruitment and conversion tool.

According to Stephen Kent, a University of Alberta sociologist who has studied the group:

"Especially in the early days, Berg was virulently anti-American, and that anti-American virulence fit very well with Gadhafi."

"Thanks to The Children of God's free love tendencies, at least one child was born from a union between a woman in the group and a high-ranking official in Gadhafi's regime, Kent said."

(Why Moammar Gadhafi Was So Strange Moammar Gadhafi Death)

The Children of God has been linked to the CIA's MK ULTRA brainwashing programme and to child sexual abuse.

(Julian Assange, Agent Provocateur « Stool & Dunce Cap)

Faith Berg Fischer the youngest of David Berg’s four children.

Faith Berg "helped oversee teen re-education and discipline at The Family's Heavenly City School Victor Program in Japan, using such techniques as exorcisms, hard labour and strong corporal punishment."

Faith was her father's envoy to Muammar Gaddafi. 

(Faith Berg - XFamily - Children of God)

Karen Zerby, who married Berg.

Karen Zerby has claimed that she was among Jesus's favourite lovers in heaven before she came to earth.

Reportedly, Karen's son Ricky Rodriguez was sexually abused by Zerby and her group and he later killed himself.

Gaddafi with Berg's son and Berg's daughter in 1973. 

According to Berg, Gaddafi is either the Anti-Christ or the prophet who prepares the way for him and announces his coming.

In the early 1970s, 'Berg claimed he received prophecies indicating that Gaddafi would fill one of those roles described in the book of Revelation.' (Chain The Dogma: Gaddafi, The Family International and the Antichrist)

David Berg
(1919 - 1994) was born in California.

Reportedly, "his maternal forefathers were German Jews."

Like his father, Berg became a minister in the Christian and Missionary Alliance.

Berg was eventually expelled from the organization for alleged sexual misconduct with a church employee.

Berg became the founder and leader of the Children of God, now called The Family International.

A Berg booklet.

Berg's granddaughter, Merry Berg, testified that Berg sexually molested her when she was a young teenager. (David Berg - Wikipedia)

Another of Berg's granddaughters, Joyanne Treadwell Berg, spoke on American television about being sexually abused by David Berg.

Berg's adopted son, Ricky Rodriguez, wrote an article on the Web site in which he describes Berg's deviant sexual activity involving a number of women and children.

In the 1970s and 1980s sexually suggestive photographic depictions of Rodriguez (aka "Davidito") with adult caretakers were spread throughout the group by Berg and Zerby in a child rearing handbook known as "The Story of Davidito".

Ricky Rodriguez and David Berg

In January 2005, Ricky Rodriguez murdered one of the female caretakers (also shown in the handbook) before taking his own life several hours later.

Davida Kelley, the daughter of Rodriguez's nanny, Sarah Kelley, accused Berg of molesting her in a June 2005 Rolling Stone article. In the same article, a woman identified as Armendria alleged that David Berg sexually abused her when she was thirteen years old.

"Berg viewed the trend towards a New World Order as setting the stage for the rise of the Antichrist."

According to The X Spot: February 2011

David Berg managed his kids’ pop band, Teens for Christ, which traveled throughout the US until winding up in California in 1968.

Berg set up his own congregation, which he called the Children of God.

A colleague of Berg’s, televangelist Fred Jordan, offered Berg use of his 400-acre compound, the Texas Soul Clinic.

Berg began to have 'visions' and saw himself as the reincarnation of the Bible's King David.

He dumped his wife, and took up with his young assistant, Karen Zerby.

The Children of God evolved into a cult of free love.

River Phoenix

In 1973, John, Arlyn and River Phoenix left Texas for South America in order to do missionary work for Berg's Children of God.

River Phoenix starting acting at the age of ten. At the age of 15 he starred in Stand by Me.

On Halloween 1993 River Phoenix dropped dead on the sidewalk of a popular Los Angeles nightclub.

River gives some clues in a November 1991 interview with Joe Dulce of Details magazine.

Dulce: Is there anything you did at an early age that you wished you had waited for?

Phoenix: Yes - make love.

Dulce: How old were you?

Phoenix: Four.

Dulce: With whom? Another four-year old?

Phoenix: Kids. But I’ve blocked it out.



Anonymous said...

Poor River Phoenix...


aferrismoon said...


A gold mine is being developed in Loch Lomond due to the gold-price being high enough for it to be a worthwhile operation.

Black Gold and Yellow Gold

Perhaps they'll be able to pay off the Rangers' tax bill :)


Anonymous said...


aferrismoon said...

Interesting info on OWS -


nobody said...

Hullo Aang,

I caught a documentary of the Children of God on Foxtel (of all places) a few years back. And just now in searching for the name of it I found a site where you can watch if for free. It's well worth it mate. I recall finding it gripping.

Anonymous said...



The Realist Report said...

Fascinating stuff Aangirfan, good job!

Anonymous said...

Hmm.. David Berg. Psychopathic evil people defaming Qaddafi. Wow, that's new.

What else have they accused him of?

Sounds like Berg's cult was at a minimum infiltrated and used by the CIA, if not one of their constructs from the outset.

Was Qaddafi an angel? Far from it. Was he a narcissist? Are you kidding? He's textbook. Was he a bit weird? No doubt. Did he do good?

But he's probably beyond caring what these devils think of him now.

Now let's look at his enemies.

judge tree fruit.

"I'm doing God's work.", beatitude of Lloyd Blankfein

"Contrary to the rumors you've heard, I was not born in a manger.", humility of Barrack Obama

"I did not come to make peace but with a sword.", well-evidenced, socially disruptive and dangerous hate speech from a dissent provocateur. Subject to sanctioned enhanced interrogation. Trial approved by overwhelming popular mandate. Further charges of incitement and conspiracy to subvert financial and ecclesiastic institutions. Lesser charges of vandalism and criminal assault and battery, not to mention various food handling and health and safety violations. Reluctant but fair capital sentence by legitimate governmental authorities.

Who ya gunna trust?

dognamedblue said...

anyone catch derren brown's recent show? where he hypnotised this guy to shoot stephen fry onstage & the guy didn't remember a thing? in the lead up to the shooting brown even stated that mk ultra happened & didn't dismiss it as is normally the case, he even used a woman in a polkadot dress to give the trigger words

Zoompad said...

The Children of God video has been taken down.

Just been watching RT news, theres talk now of governments getting voideos of police beating civilians up banned off Youtube and other video networking channels.

Anonymous said...


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Edo said...

cheers for the reminder dognamedblue about Derren Brown. I was listening to him on Radio 2 the other day and meant to catch that show.

He's a fascinating character. I wonder what he's looked into to get / hone his skills?

What does that say about him using the girl with the polkadot dress? Hmmmmm....

Edo said...

hey aferrismoon, thats a mindblowing link about OWS.

Lucis Trust eh? Never heard of them but just spent the last half hour on their website and its creepy as fuck.

From their about us page under "World Goodwill", "Cooperation with the United Nations and its Specialised Agencies."

It's specialised agencies eh? what agencies would that be I wonder, Mind Control perhaps?

Also, look at their addresses... They're on the doorstep of UN offices everywhere.

CS said...

Re: Boots on the ground, in Libya, Al Arabiya reports:

"Qatar revealed for the first time on Wednesday that hundreds of its soldiers had joined Libyan rebel forces on the ground as they battled troops of veteran leader Muammar Qaddafi.

“We were among them and the numbers of Qataris on ground were hundreds in every region,” said Qatari chief of staff Major General Hamad bin Ali al-Atiya.

And now Spanish Defence Minister Carme Chacon on Tuesday said Spain would withdraw its troops from Libya as soon as Nato formally announced the end of its operations there.

Add these to the other dozens and hundreds of pairs of boots admitted to by others and the numbers add up to a massive NATO-organized ground invasion and occupation.

nobody said...

Which Children of God video? I just looked at it and it's fine.

MKUltra assassinations said...

Thanks again, aangirfan.

So probably Gaddafi was tortured as a child ?
And Mutassim is David Berg's child ?

Thanks for the pointer, dognamedblue, The Assassin episode is popular on p2p networks (eMule, torrent):

Anonymous said...

I've been having fun checking-out streaming TV now they've up-rated my speed. Just seen a couple of good documentaries on under the 'conspiracy' banner. One was a banned - and supposedly, by legal decree, destroyed - docu by TV4 in GB, on child abuse by a high-ranking pedophile ring in the USA, run by Larry King. 2 hours long, bitty as it's virtually unedited, and the last segment is about the lawyer who did all the digging. Interesting guy. Brave, too. Someone at TV4 made a copy and hid it, to sent it to this lawyer.

Anonymous said...

Why did you censure another of my comments?

Anonymous said...

I'd just like to point out that Berg, despite his surname, couldn't stand Jews or Judaism. He was also strongly against circumcision and wrote often about it as a horrific type of abuse. For that reason it's hard to understand how he could promote such Talmudic perversions as sex with children. I've heard first-hand about some members and the recruitment mechanism they call "flirty fishing."

Anonymous said...

The Jews that can not stand their own people or Judaism are the worse type. They will find a host among the gentiles to set up their ponzi schemes and spread their filthy like pedophilia. It would be more difficult for a Jew to screw another Jew since they have similar mentality. But among the naive gentile population they can get away with this type of acts. I believe Berg and most of these kids that made part of this cult were Jewish. Probably your typical Jewish hippie from the 60s.

Anonymous said...

David Berg managed his kids’ pop band, Teens for Christ. Why did Donnie Darko just leap into my thoughts? The line,"Sometimes I question your commitment to Sparkle Motion". Did the producer Drew Barrymore want to slip in a little more uncomfortable truth into that MK Ultra soaked fantasy?

Anonymous said...

Add /all-documentaries/6 to the bestdocumentary site, this gives you a list of all videos. The suppressed video is nr.22. I can't access all videos as I need a update/plug-in my ol' Macbook won't run.

Anonymous said...

The Photo with Quadaffi is Hosea Berg, david Bergs son and sister Faithy just a correction. He's in Macau China last I heard running a detention camp for teens who cracked under all the pressure. The COG is evil and supported by the evangelical american christian right. Used in covert operations since the 1970 in Europe, Philippines, Africa especially using Flirty Fishing to blackmail government officials .

Anonymous said...

I was born in this cult...grew up with the pheonixs for a littlw bit in south america....there is much more to this group than meets the eye.

I'm still researching and piecing together the past.

My mother had to escape in the middle of the night and was worried about me being kidnapped for years after

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