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On 23 October 2011 we read that there has been a post mortem of the 'Gaddafi' body.

According to 'Sunday Sport', the post mortem shows the 'body' to be that of a woman.

There were fully developed lady parts, according to the 'Sunday Sport'.

It should be noted that 'Hitler's skull' turned out to be that of a woman aged around 40.



One report said that Gaddafi escaped to Zimbabwe. (WHERE IS GADDAFI?)

On 27 August 2011, according to ynetnews:

"A convoy of six armored vehicles has crossed the Libyan border to Algeria on Saturday night, the Egyptian news agency reported.

"While it is unclear who was riding in the cars, a rebel forces source estimated that the convoy transported senior Libyan officials – including the embattled leader, Muammar Gaddafi."

(Gaddafi escapes to Algeria? - Israel News, Ynetnews)

On 30 August 2011, The Daily Mail reported:

"Algerian authorities refused to reveal if the dictator was with his family, sparking furious accusations that they had allowed the ‘Mad Dog’ of Libya to escape justice."

(Gaddafi's family flee to Algeria but is dictator with them? Mail Online)

"Saif al-Islam, is still in Libya. He is free and will go on with resistance, he reportedly claimed in an address to supporters aired by Syria's Arrai TV Channel. 'We continue our resistance. I am in Libya, I am alive, free and intend to go to the very end.'"

On 1 September 2011, Reuters reported:

"Quoting a source close to the Algerian presidency, Algeria's El Watan newspaper said Gaddafi was believed to be on the Libyan-Algerian border town of Ghadamis."

(Gaddafi called Algerian president: report Reuters)

On 11 October 2011, we read:

"An official on Libya's governing council says he believes Muammar Gaddafi is hiding in the south-western desert near the borders with Niger and Algeria."

(Gaddafi hiding in the desert near Niger and Algeria)

The FBI used the face of a Spanish politician to fake its Bin Laden photos.

And what of the 'body' said to be that of Gaddafi?

On 23 October 2011, we read:

"Senior medical officer Nagi Barakat said that there was no need for an autopsy."

"There will be no post-mortem today, nor any day," Misrata military council spokesman Fathi al-Bashaagha told AFP.

"No one is going to open up his body."

His comments were confirmed by two other Misrata military chiefs.

(Libyans rule out Gaddafi autopsy The Raw Story)

"A member of the NTC, who preferred anonymity, told a Xinhua reporter in Benghazi on Saturday that Gaddafi's body will be buried in an undisclosed location and will not be handed over to his family."

(Gaddafi's corpse in display, rumors on autopsy, handover)

Gaddafi made Libya prosperous (LIES ABOUT LIBYA?)

But he was mixed up with people linked to the CIA.


Gaddafi with David Berg whose name has been linked to pedophilia and the CIA's MK ULTRA brainwashing. (RELIGIOUS MIND-CONTROL CULTS)

The Western media have speculated that Muammar is mentally disturbed.

Gaddafi received military training in the United Kingdom.

He seized power in a bloodless coup in 1969.

Reportedly, the Americans wanted the British puppet King Idris to be toppled.

Nasser was at first an asset of the CIA, and then an enemy of the CIA.

Perhaps Gaddafi is similar.

Gaddafi closed the American and British military bases, and demanded that more of Libya's oil wealth went to Libyans.

He said he felt that Israel could not defeat the Arabs, if the Arabs were to be united.

That meant Libya being friends with all Arab countries.

"The enemy is Imperialism and Zionism," he said.


Gaddafi executed people who tried to topple his government.

The CIA provided him with information on Libyan dissidents.

He moved Berbers out of their mud-brick towns into modern apartments, with electricity, running water and satellite TV.

He was accused of trying to abolish the Berber culture.

The accusation was that his friends became rich while the people in the eastern parts of Libya were neglected.

Some people blame him for being a socialist.

Libya now has the best educated people in Africa and the highest GDP per capita in Africa.

Libya had 10 percent growth of GDP in 2010, the highest of any state in Africa.

In the first 15 years of Green rule, the number of doctors increased sevenfold.

Infant mortality is the lowest in Africa.

Libya's Great Manmade River scheme is the 'Eighth Wonder of the World'.

People have said that Libya is run like Saudi Arabia, along ultra strict Islamist lines. Strict punishments for theft and adultery. No alcohol.

Gaddafi has been involved in a number of wars, including a bloody one in Chad and a conflict with Egypt.

In 1989, the Maghreb Pact linked Mauritania, Morocco, Tunisia, Algeria, and Libya.

Gaddafi was tough with the oil companies.

The Shah of Iran copied him.

The Shah, of course, was toppled by the CIA.

Libya was friends with Idi Amin.

Saddam, the Shah, and Idi Amin were all put into power by the West.

Libya reportedly trained and supported Charles Taylor of Liberia.

Charles Taylor was put into power by the CIA.

Gaddafi reportedly owns at least 20 luxurious properties in Zimbabwe.

Reportedly, Libya's has given support to the Moro Islamic Liberation Front in the Philippines.

Reportedly, the Moro Islamic Liberation Front is financed by the CIA.

Reportedly, Gaddafi supported the Red Army Faction, the Red Brigades, and the Irish Republican Army (IRA).

Reportedly, all these organisations were controlled by the CIA and MI6.

Many of the top people in the IRA were agents of the British security services, according to press reports.

And it should not be forgotten that the CIA reportedly supplied weapons to the IRA.

What about policewoman Yvonne Fletcher, killed in London in 1984, allegedly by a bullet from the Libyan embassy?

A British TV documentary proved that the shot which killed Yvonne Fletcher came from a building with links to the CIA.

Was Muammar the planner of the Lockerbie Bombing?

The evidence suggests that the CIA brought down PanAm 103 to destroy Major Charles McKee and the evidence he and his team had collected of 'CIA drug smuggling'.

Nelson Mandela persuaded Gaddafi to hand over two Libyans to the Scottish Court in the Netherlands, where they faced trial in 1999.

Reportedly, Nelson Mandela is an agent of MI6.

Bernard Faucon

Gaddafi has claimed that certain viruses are biological weapons manufactured by a foreign military; that the Christian Bible is a forgery; that Europe will become a Muslim continent; and that a single-state solution is best for Israel-Palestine.

Two Israeli women claim they are Gaddafi's close blood relations.

When the UK's SAS wanted to kill Gaddafi in 1969, the CIA vetoed the plan.

In 1981, when Giscard d'Estaing plotted to kill Gaddafi, the CIA vetoed the plan.

In 2011, a Brazilian plastic surgeon told the Associated Press that Gaddafi had been his patient in 1995.



Noor al Haqiqa said...

This IS a joke, isn't it?

I mean.... I just woke up in the middle of the night and decided to log in for a few minutes so maybe my thinking processes are a tad screwed up.

But surely this is a joke, right?

And yes, I am serious, not being sarcastic.

What part of the joke am I missing or did my sense of humour stay in bed without me?

Anon said...

No joke.

Asif said...

It's hard to digest.

Asif said...,7340,L-4137763,00.html

Franklin Ryckaert said...

If you read "news" of this absurd nature you better do some research before you believe it.Google:Daily Sport and Sunday Sport cease publication after parent..

You will find that the Daily Sport is in serious trouble:"The Daily Sport and Sunday Sport will not be published this weekend and face closure,after parent company ceased trading on Friday and called in administrators".
Maybe they make a last attempt to save themselves by publishing a sensational story.Are they capable of publishing such kind of nonsense?Read further:"The Sunday Sport was first published in 1986,soon establishing its downmarket reputation with an editorial mix of wacky stories - "World War 2 bomber found on moon"- and pictures of large chested models.
That says it all.

Anonymous said...

Since Gaddhafi wasnt killed and the colonel is laughing at his own "death", how can a sane person expect that body to be his? So I tend to believe what Sunday Sport reports. Seriously, what planet u live on if u believe Gaddhafi is dead? I expect sheeple to believe that, but u/us? Puhleeze...


Edo said...

So hang on... Has there, or hasn't there been post mortem?

I find it all highly dubious. The Sport is about as newsy as a toilet roll.

All stinks like the fake OBL videos/assasination of recent years.

Anonymous said...

What do you mean no joke?

It's in the Sunday Sport.

David Sullivan doesn't care about truth. He cares about sales.

I'd put a monkey on it.

Monster monster monster!

Anon said...

I can see little difference between the Sunday Sport and The Sunday Times.

Most of the foreign news stories in the UK media seem to have been 'edited' by MI6.

The Sunday Sport story is interesting because it reminds us of the 'Hitler fake skull', which turned out to be female.

Anonymous said...

Tabloid garbage has been used for years as mind manipulation tactic to sway public opinion of any person targeted for a 'takedown' like Gadaffi, Michael Jackson, IMF dude, Bin Laden, Saddam, etc It is sooooo stupid. Tabloids are an info-tainment industry.

Anonymous said...

Anyone know if BAGPIPES are playing in the Saif RT video???

Anonymous said...

Alert! Gadaffi Computer Virus...womanizing Gadaffi and now a virus to deter our analysis and investigations. Where is Anonymous when we need them?

crimond said...

The Sunday Sport is a joke "newspaper", nothing they print is meant to be taken seriously, it's one step up from Viz comic.

nobody said...

What's going on here? Hitler's skull was that of a woman's. The Gaddafi corpse as that of a woman's (tabloid announcement or no) is thus entirely feasible.

Actually Aang, the only thing that will count in this story is if Gaddafi reappears or not. If not, we're left with two alternatives: A) he was killed; or B) he wasn't killed but was never a real opposition to the death cult and is now reaping the reward they promised him, or has subsequently come on board and is receiving the same.

You know what I mean? Him alive and laying low is as good as dead really. In fact dead would be better since he may then serve as an inspiration rather than as an example of cravenness.

Anyway, I continue to withhold an opinion.

nobody said...

Actually second thoughts - we bag out the Sunday Sport as tabloid trash, and quite right what with the idiocy of the headline COLONEL GADDAFI WAS A WOMAN. But that wasn't the story was it? What if the story's headline had been GADDAFI'S SUPPOSED CORPSE FOUND TO BE THAT OF A FEMALE'S.

Perhaps that twisting of the headline was your tabloid factor? Perhaps their task was to take an otherwise true story (certainly a completely possible one given Hitler's bones), give it an absurd headline (as if, idiotically, Gaddafi was always a woman) and thus poison the well. Don't tell me that that doesn't work, because it does.

'Poisoning the Well' could easily be described as 'putting a true story in a notorious tabloid to thus discredit it'. Or to put it another way cause people to say things like 'It was in the Sunday Sport for chrissake!' Brilliant no no one will believe it, true or no.

And no one need get their backs up over this. All I'm saying is that spooks are fucking good at this and, us as clever-trousers aside, will still manage to put one over us.

As things stand I ain't rushing to a conclusion on this one. Aang may be right, or may be wrong, but no one can know for sure after such a short time span.

Anonymous said...

Iraq rejects US request to maintain bases after troop withdrawl

The US is creating a monster which will escape its control. And return as a vengeful enemy.

The purification and rebirth of America as a force for good is a matter of life or death for this world.

It may already be too late: America is addicted to evil.

Once upon a time, a little boy sat in the dining hall of the Tower of Nations and spoke with his little friends. Unbeknownst to the boy, there sat nearby the Chief of Justice of the Powerful Kingdom Across The Water. The big man thought himself a good man, a pious man.

The little boy spoke of the Credulous Bunnies who buy the Kingdom's debt. And he spoke of the mysterious North Woods. And the little boy presaged: the Kingdom's bloodlust and folly would have dire consequences. Mesopotamia would become a Shia theocracy allied with Persia. A fearsome Empire of the Land would arise.

The Chief of Justice looked very, very angry, and the little boy wondered who the big man was.

For a time, the little boy's life became somewhat less pleasant.

"A little boy went out to play. When he opened his door, he saw the world."

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...


Anon said...

"Perhaps their task was to take an otherwise true story (certainly a completely possible one given Hitler's bones), give it an absurd headline (as if, idiotically, Gaddafi was always a woman) and thus poison the well."

NOBODY, you put it very well!

- Aangirfan

nobody said...

Ha ha, glad to be of service.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Nobody - in the USA the spooks often plant true stories in the National Enquirer and other supermarket trash tabloids, giving the stories often outlandish titles, but there is PLENTY of meat and gossip in these rags if you know how to read between the lines - BTW I was searching on google for 15 mins yesterday for the journalist, was it martin dean (from memory) and the sunday sport woman story, and i couldn't find it anywhere, most peculiar, are they 404'ing THAT already?


Global Citizen said...

"Anon said...

I can see little difference between the Sunday Sport and The Sunday Times."

If you're not from the UK you might not realise the Sunday Sport deliberately create outlandisly fictional headlines.

They've previous claimed a World War 2 bomber was found on the moon, a London bus was found at the South Pole and a statue of Elvis was found on Mars.

It has nothing to do with spooks, MI6 or disinformation. It's what the Sunday Sport do for humour. It's what they're known for doing for humour.

If you're not from the UK you could be excused for being unaware of that. But there's no excuse for taking at face value a single source of such an extreme story without further research.

Bear in kind, if you are going to take Sunday Sport headlines at face value it impacts upon the integrity of EVERYTHING else you publish.

Anyone from the UK who now reads this blog posting is likely to consider the entirety a joke because of the opening section taking the Sunday Sport seriously.

Always be sure to valididate the integrity of your news source, and at the very least double-check wherever possible.

Anon said...

Dear Anon at 6:15 PM,

We convent school girls are avid readers of both the Sunday Sport and the Sunday Times.

We take neither of them too seriously.

The Sunday Times you will recall had that wonderful story about the Hitler Diaries.

As anonymous at 5.35 writes:

"The spooks often plant true stories in the ... tabloids, giving the stories often outlandish titles, but there is PLENTY of meat and gossip in these rags if you know how to read between the lines."

- Aangirfan

Global Citizen said...

"Anon said...

Dear Anon at 6:15 PM,

We convent school girls are avid readers of both the Sunday Sport and the Sunday Times.

We take neither of them too seriously.

The Sunday Times you will recall had that wonderful story about the Hitler Diaries."

Let's keep things in persepctive.

There's a big difference between a newspaper making a single major error and a newspaper which regularly prints blatantly fictional headlines for the purpose of entertainment. A big difference.

Anon said...

The Sunday Times making a single major error?

Some might say that the Sunday Times has deliberately misled us on (1) CIA involvement in the recent events in Libya, Egypt and Tunisia (2) Iraq (3) Afghanistan (4) The London Tube Bombings (5) the Bali Bombings (6) the Madrid Bombs (7) 9 11 (8) the Lockerbie Bombing (9) the Bologna Bombing (10) phone hacking (11) the attacks in Norway linked to Breivik (12) the Mumbai attacks etc. etc.

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