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Qatar and Al-Jazeera would appear to be controlled by the CIA and its friends in MI6 and Mossad.

A. Remember that lots of Moslems work for the CIA and its friends. (Foreign Arabs clamor to join Mossad, IDF)

"Thousands of foreign Arabs have sent requests to Israeli government agencies ... offering to serve ... Mossad.

"Israel's Foreign Ministry told the Yediot Ahronot newspaper that it is receiving requests even from 'members of Arab parliaments, members of political movements and other important political figures.'"

B. Tiny Qatar played a very big part in toppling Gaddafi in Libya (

C. Qatar's Al-Jazeera was set up by two French-Israelis, David and Jean Frydman.

D. The current ruler of Qatar was reportedly put into power with the help of the CIA and MI6.

E. Qatar has a giant air base used by the USA.

According to a former US intelligence contractor: the main source of support for the Libyan rebels came from Q-SOC, the Qatari special forces.

Q-SOC trained the rebels.

The Qataris were the first foreign military on the ground providing military training.

Qatar provided air support.

The Qatari military are trained by British and French forces.

Qatar's Al-Jazeera TV played its part in helping the CIA and its friends topple the regimes of Ben Ali in Tunisia and Mubarak in Egypt.

Now Al-Jazeera is helping the CIA and its friends against Syria.

Let's look at some history:

Al-Jazeera has recruited a number of former BBC journalists; BBC journalists are believed to have connections to MI6 and its friends.

Al-Jazeera also has links to the CIA's Voice of America. (televised.)

And, Al-Jazeera has links to the Muslim Brotherhood which has long worked for MI6 and the CIA.

Thierry Meyssan, at Voltaire Network, on 26 September 2011, tells us more about Qatar's Al-Jazeera.


According to Meyssan:

1. Al-Jazeera was conceived by two French-Israeli personalities, the David and Jean Frydman brothers.

2. BBC journalists were recruited to launch Al-Jazeera.

3. The new emir of Qatar, Hamad bin Khalifa al-Thani, had toppled his father with the help of London and Washington.

4. Sheikh Hamad authorized the Israeli Ministry of Commerce to open an office in Doha.

Mahmoud Jibril, the new boss of Libya. He is also the boss of Jtrack. And allegedly he is a CIA asset.

5. Sheikh Hamad brought in a firm called JTrack to help al-Jazeera.

"From Morocco to Singapore, JTrack has trained most of the political leaders backed by the United States and Israel, often mere heredity puppets..."

6. Al-Jazeera played its part in the Arab Spring.

"In Egypt the uprising was harnessed in the interest of a single element of the opposition: the Muslim Brotherhood..."

7. The boss of JTrack is Mahmoud Jibril.

As the the number two man in the Libyan government, Jibril organised the deregulation of Libya’s socialist economy and the privatization of its public enterprises.

8. Jibril has personal relationships with almost all the Arab and Southeast Asian leaders.

Jibril has created trading companies, including one dealing with Malaysian and Australian timber in partnership with his French friend, Bernard-Henri Levy.

9. Jibril has studied in the USA and he is a member of the the Muslim Brotherhood.

10. With Jibril as prime minister of the rebel government of Libya, "the height of duplicity was reached when a replica of the Green Square and Bab-el-Azizia was built in the studios of Al-Jazeera in Doha, where footage of false images was shot portraying pro-US 'insurgents' entering Tripoli."

Al-Jazeera and Sky News broadcasted these fake images.


Anonymous said...

Jibril is (also) a j o o i s h name.

nobody said...

You know Aang, I have all those regimes (with the Sauds as the best example) as fully signed up members of the pedophocracy / satanist wing of the death cult. I suspect that they actually drink actual blood. In all seriousness.

Public kabuki theatre aside, it's transparently clear none of the have any sympathy for anything Muslim. Which is to say, they're no more Muslim than I am. Hell less so.

I have Wahhabaism is the Islamic version of Christian Fundamentalism, which is to say a Zionist stalking horse. With so-called royal families rife through the whole thing, and with the European variants of such being corrupt beyond all measure and completely beholden to Sabbatean filth, why would we imagine the Arab version to be any different?

Money, corruption, sex - the only question about it is what order you them in when writing a sentence.

hirundine said...

While I'm no student of these things, I enjoy your blog and find that some of my own views on the world are echoed here. Often, you have me thinking differently and rationally about your blog subjects. When one considers the role of secret societies and business organizations. Then it becomes somewhat apparent, for me, that the chaos of conflict is the product and it enables the systematic robbery of tax-payers; globally. Chances are? That the spoils are being argued over by either Scottish rite or GOF?

who+dares+wings said...

Wasn't the the Aljazeera office in Bhagdad hit by US rocket fire and employees killed during the first few hours of the invasion of Iraq? What was the the point of that, to establish it's legitimacy as a Muslim media outlet?

Anonymous said...

I have always been suspicious about the way how Al Jewzera portray their news. It is like a big Holywood production for the desert people. I guess the camels like to watch tv.

Tony Ryals said...

Al Jazeera: The Fox News Of The Middle East ?
by Tony Ryals 10.09.2006 Analysis | Globalisation | London | World
It is probably no coincidence that a useless video of old Osama bin Laden reruns mysteriously appeared on Al Jazeera at about the same time George W Bush decided to break the Guiness Book of Records on 'terrorism speeches' -even though he already held the record ! And it was also probably no coincidence that his terrorism speech fest was timed to kick off the U.S. midterm elections. In fact it is both humorously and sadly all too obvious.


Max Keiser ,Al Jazeera,Qatar promote Naked U.S. Penny Stock Fraud
by Tony Ryals
Max Keiser and his Qatar Al Jazeera now want us to believe a 'big evil' called naked short selling' or 'naked shorting', that seems only to only haunt U.S. penny stocks and NASDAQ scams including Rudi Giuliani's corrupt ex NYPD Chief,Bernie Kerrick's Taser stun gun shares or Saudi and Iran-Conta arms dealer Adnan Kashoggi's GenesisIntermedia pump and dump scam that came unglued around September 9,2001 or 9/11 or the pump and dump of Patrick Byrne and his Geico insurance billionaire dad,Jack,or all the result of unsubstantiated and unproven 'naked shorting' or 'digital' or internet share counterfeitting by unknown parties over the internet !

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Jibril is (also) a j o o i s h name.
9:07 PM

Its not a Jewish name, its the Arabic variant for Gabriel.


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