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Gaddafi with David Berg whose name has been linked to pedophilia and the CIA's MK ULTRA brainwashing. (RELIGIOUS MIND-CONTROL CULTS)

Muammar al-Gaddafi - Lunch with the FT

Colonel Muammer Gaddafi was rumoured to be fleeing south across the Sahara in a heavily armed convoy when the man whose job it is to guard him emailed me with a date for lunch.

I met Colonel Gaddafi at a restaurant which must remain nameless.

Muammar looked different from the person who appears in his early photographs; somehow he reminded me of a scary looking Michael Jackson or Anders Breivik.

The Western media have speculated that Muammar is mentally disturbed.

I wondered if he was a victim of mind control.

Allegedly, Muammar has taken an intererst in Black Magic.

While tucking in to Cuisses de Grenouillesal, Muammar talked about his time as a boy scout and about his military training in the United Kingdom.

Was he brainwashed by the British, I asked.

He took a mouthful of water and started talking about his bloodless seizure of power in 1969.

"The Americans wanted the British puppet King Idris to be toppled," he explained.

He said that, like Nasser, he was at first an asset of the CIA, and then an enemy of the CIA.

He closed the American and British military bases, and demanded that more of Libya's oil wealth went to Libyans.

He said he felt that Israel could not defeat the Arabs, if the Arabs were to be united.

That meant Libya being friends with all Arab countries.

"The enemy is Imperialism and Zionism," he said.


"Your government conducted executions of political opponents," I pointed out.

"We executed people who tried to topple the government," he replied, and recently the CIA provided us with information on Libyan dissidents.

"And you allowed Libya to be a base for extraordinary renditions."

"I have been called a dictator," he said.

"I moved Berbers out of their mud-brick towns into modern apartments, with electricity, running water and satellite TV."

"But you tried to abolish the Berber culture."

"I have made enemies."

"The accusation is that your friends became rich while the people in the eastern parts of Libya were neglected."

"Some people blame me for being a socialist," he said.

"Libya now has the best educated people in Africa and the highest GDP per capita in Africa," he continued.

"We had 10 percent growth of GDP in 2010, the highest of any state in Africa.

"In the first 15 years of Green rule, the number of doctors increased sevenfold.

"Infant mortality is the lowest in Africa.

"Our Great Manmade River scheme is the 'Eighth Wonder of the World'.

Our Bouillabaisse arrived.

I asked Muammar about Islam.

I pointed out that some people have said that Libya is run like Saudi Arabia, along ultra strict Islamist lines. Strict punishments for theft and adultery. No alcohol.

"We are a Moslem country," said Muammar.

I pointed out that he had been involved in a number of wars, including a bloody one in Chad and a conflict with Egypt.

"We have had our problems," said Muammar. "But, in 1989, we had the Maghreb Pact linking Mauritania, Morocco, Tunisia, Algeria, and Libya. That must have worried the Imperialists and Zionists."

I mentioned the fall of Saddam Hussein in 2003.

"After the fall of Saddam", said Muammar, "I got rid of certain weapons. Even before the Iraq War, I wanted good relations with the West. I had to get the sanctions removed."

"I was tough with the oil companies.

"The Shah of Iran copied me.

"The Shah, of course, was toppled by the CIA."

I pointed out that Libya had been friends with Idi Amin.

"Saddam, the Shah, and Idi Amin were all put into power by the West," explained Muammar. "But when they displeased the West, they suddenly were painted by the Western media as being monsters."

I related that Libya had reportedly trained and supported Charles Taylor of Liberia.

"Charles Taylor was put into power by the CIA," said Muammar.

I asked about Slobodan Milosevic.

Muammar pointed out that Milosevic was up against the CIA's al Qaeda.

"Both Hugo Chavez and I wanted to fight imperialism in Africa and latin America," he added.

Muammar talked of Pan-Africanism and African Unity.

Muammar explained: "The Arab world refuses to become united. Africa has become so important because of its resources."

Muammar related that he had spoken up for Sudan's president Omar al-Bashir and for Idi Amin.

I asked about Zimbabwe, where Muammar reportedly owns at least 20 luxurious properties.

Muammar said that Mugabe was right to fight against attempts at destabilisation.

I asked about Libya's alleged support for the Moro Islamic Liberation Front in the Philippines.

"They are financed by the CIA," said Muammar.

I asked Muammar about his support for the Red Army Faction, the Red Brigades, and the Irish Republican Army (IRA).

"These organisations were all controlled by the CIA and MI6," said Muammar. "Many of the top people in the IRA are agents of the British security services. And it should not be forgotten that the CIA supplied weapons to the IRA."

What about policewoman Yvonne Fletcher, killed in London in 1984, allegedly by a bullet from the Libyan embassy?

Muammar explained that a British TV documentary proved that the shot which killed Yvonne Fletcher came from a building with links to the CIA.

Was Muammar the planner of the Lockerbie Bombing?

Muammar said that the CIA brought down PanAm 103 to destroy Major Charles McKee and the evidence he and his team had collected of CIA drug smuggling.

Nelson Mandela persuaded Gaddafi to hand over two Libyans to the Scottish Court in the Netherlands, where they faced trial in 1999.

"You know, Nelson Mandela is an agent of MI6," said Muammar.

Bernard Faucon

I put it to Muammar that he had said a number of controversial things over the years.

Muammar had claimed that certain viruses were biological weapons manufactured by a foreign military; that the Christian Bible was a forgery; that Europe would become a Muslim continent; and that a single-state solution was best for Israel-Palestine.

Muammar looked enigmatic. "You know that two Israeli women claim they are my close blood relations."

"I am protected. When the SAS wanted to kill me in 1969, the CIA vetoed the plan.

"In 1981, when Giscard d'Estaing plotted to kill me, the CIA vetoed the plan."

In 2011, a Brazilian plastic surgeon told the Associated Press that Gaddafi had been his patient in 1995.

I wondered who Muammar was really working for.



Noor al Haqiqa said...

Nothing ever is as it seems is it? A lot of interesting questions but no more interesting than that photo.

Seems to be circa late 1950's or early 60's going by the Sandra Dee look of the girls. Who knows who the women are?

It looks like a young fair-haired lad in the trunk, sipping tea. Meanwhile, behind him are a pile of prosthetic legs or life sized puppets in boots and one leg that looks as if the tighty whities are down around the ankles. Some could be human even.

Light from an old fashioned kerosene lantern gives that lovely warm glow...

What can you tell us about this image Aang?

Anon said...

The photo you refer to is by Bernard Faucon.


- Aangirfan

Blammo said...

'David Berg' eh?

You know, Gaddafi's son Muttasim appears to be the spitting image of this 'David Berg'. The first thing I thought was how is it possible for his full grown son to be in a photo with such a young Gaddafi?

What Gaddafi's done for the standard of living and political autonomy of ordinary Libyans speaks for itself.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Partly I think it bears no importance the fact the Gaddhafi was the real deal or a double (IMO he was a double), what matters is how we've been manipulated as far as his role in Libya's fate is concerned. Even a double, be sure Im siding with him.


Genie said...

I have to say, all this Gaddafi speculation seems to get worse and worse. I am reminded of those magazines in the grocery stores with the headlines which might read something like "scientists discover half human half alligators on remote island." And there are photos to go with the story.
The man in the video looks EXACTLY like Gaddafi. EXACTLY. If it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck, sometimes it's really a duck.

CS said...

"If it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck, sometimes it's really a duck."

Absolutely. But then sometimes it really isn't.

After Saddam's nookular bombs and drones of death, Bin Laden's strange video messages and multiple lives, its no longer obviously true what the media and politicians tell us.

Under those circumstances, all you can say is that Gadhafi is either dead or alive, a fifty percent probability either way seems the most reasonable assumption.

nobody said...

Hee Hee Hee, very nice Aang. Who knew you were an FT contributor? Very good. Tell us when you're in there again and I might go and buy the damn thing. Or just read it here for free, now that I think about it...

And Genie, you don't seem to be getting the gag. Just calm down. It's a discussion of possibilities. There's an entire world out there where, say, the thought of mind-control to explain a person's behaviour will never be entertained. Same same doubles for politicians. Here, knowing that such things are real, have been done before, and are perfectly likely, it's thrown out there as a possibility. That's all. Nothing to get het up about.

As for 'exactly' (caps lock or otherwise) how would you describe Hitler's double? And Saddam's? And Montgomery's? 'Not exactly'? Like it was a 1 or 0, either / or option? Surely it's a discussion of degrees? And in that discussion at what point do you bang the table and demand we stop? No switch has been thrown. The 1 hasn't become a 0. Can you dig it?

Anonymous said...

Gadaffi height...Aang article included 4 photos-2 Mandela and 2 other gentleman. See 2 Mandela pics and note difference in Gadaffi height next to Mandela.

Anonymous said...

Graphic video of 'Gadaffi' being sodomized.

BUT...again, compare the videos and note the 'different Gadaffis'...bald man/long hair...bumpy nose/patrician nose...wet hair/dry hair...short man/tall man...slender/chubby...

This garabage is too theatrical and the MIND F### on us sucks.

Anonymous said...

Greatest HOAXES of all time

Genie said...

I fully get the entertainment value here. It's not my role in such audience participation to fall for the alligator people. I throw the popcorn and howl at the cheesy special effects.

Genie said...

well well anon, this particular post was not as ludicrous as I thought! My bad!

Unknown said...

Long live Qaddafi's legacy

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