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Cary Grant, Dyan Cannon and their child.

Cary Grant force-fed his wife LSD.

Cary Grant's ex-wife Dyan Cannon reveals this in her book 'Cary Grant', published by Robson Press.

(My husband Cary Grant force-fed me LSD and it nearly killed me‎ / Dyan Cannon writes about Cary Grant /Dyan Cannon forced to take drugs due to Cary Grant's 'gay rumours')

Reportedly, Cary Grant was involved in the CIA's brainwashing MK-ULTRA project, which made use of LSD. (History of LSD - Wikipedia)

Dyan Cannon in Bob & Carol & Ted & Alice

Before becoming famous, Cary Grant was a male escort. (Gay For Today: Cary Grant)

In 1932 Cary Grant met Randolph Scott, and the two shared a rented beach house in Santa Monica for twelve years.

Cary Grant also lived for a time with gay Australian artist Jack Kelly, a set designer professionally known as Orry-Kelly.

In Darwin Porter's book, Brando Unzipped (2006) it is reported that Grant had a gay affair with the bisexual Marlon Brando. (Gay For Today: Cary Grant)

Dyan and Cary

Actress Dyan Cannon relates that she was aged 25 when she was first invited to Cary Grant's home.

Grant was aged 58.

Grant told Dyan about his childhood in Bristol.

Cary Grant's father, Elias, was an alcoholic womaniser.

When Cary Grant was ten, he was told that his Jewish mother had gone away to the seaside for a rest.

In fact Elias had had her committed to a lunatic asylum.

Cary Grant says "I'd become wealthy and famous, living this very grand life, and all along my poor mother had been rotting away in this hell-hole."

Cary Grant introduced Dyan to his old friend Noel Coward.

Noel Coward was openly gay.

Noel told Dyan that he loved Cary Grant.

In 1963, Dyan and Cary Grant were staying at a rented house in London.

Grant's 'acid guru', Dr Mortimer Hartman, flew in from Los Angeles to introduce Dyan to LSD.

Dyan describes what happened after she had taken the pill.

"I looked at Cary, who was turning into an old man in front of my eyes.

"His skin sagged, his eyelids drooped, his neck hung like tangled bedsheets.

"The walls had turned crimson and were breathing, in-out, in-out.

"Then came the dancing bears, who were scowling and singing nursery rhymes in German."

Cary Grant and Dyan got married in Las Vegas.

Dyan says of her new husband: "his moods continued to shift, without warning or apparent cause...

"Being with Cary was increasingly like tip-toeing through a minefield...

"A succession of acid trips only killed my appetite, disrupted my sleep and made me both nervous and drowsy."

Dyan got a divorce.

She was admitted to a psychiatric hospital.

1935 Cary Grant and Randolph Scott Pool Shirtless Swim Trunks Classic Hollywood Queer Photo
Cary Grant and Randolph Scott

According to: Acid Dreams, The Complete Social History of LSD: The CIA.

"The CIA was not interested in the therapeutic applications of LSD.

"On the contrary, the men of ARTICHOKE and MK-ULTRA defined the drug as an anxiety-producing agent, and they realized it would be relatively easy to 'break' a person who was exposed to highly stressful stimuli while high on acid.

"As one CIA document instructed, '(Whatever) reduces integrative capacity may serve to increase the possibility of an individual being overwhelmed by frustrations and conflicts hitherto managed successfully.'

"The powerful ego-shattering effects of LSD were ideally suited for this purpose.

"CIA and military interrogators proceeded to utilize the drug as an instrument of psychological torture."


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Mortimer Hartman, Grant's "acid guru" seems to have been Jewish too judging by his name.


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Hey Aang,

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