Thursday, October 06, 2011


Norway's Island of Utoya, mourning roses.

Reportedly, the CIA uses sex and terror to control the top people in Europe. (CIA CONTROLS NATO AND BILDERBERG?)

1. The terror attacks in Norway have affected the political situation in Norway.

In Norway's local elections of September 2011, the Conservative Party performed well.

Norway's Conservative party is strongly anti-Russia and pro-USA. (Norway among those splitting NATO : News Norway)

In Norway's local elections, the 'Brievik party' suffered a loss of support. (Norway Conservatives and Labour Gain in Vote - Bloomberg)

Labour Party 31.6% (2007 - 29.6%)
Conservatives 28% (2007 - 19.3%)
Progress 11.4% (2007 - 17.5%)

The Prime Minister's Labour Party has seen its vote increase (NORWAY - INSIDE JOB)

Killed - Tron Berntsen, stepbrother of Crown-Princess Mette-Marit

2. Norway's progress Party, supported by Anders Breivik, has recently had its sex scandals

On 22 september 2011, it was reported that:

1. Progress Party MP Bård Hoksrud, while travelling with members of the Party’s Youth Movement, was filmed entering a bordello. A prostitute confirmed that Hoksrud was her client.

2. Trond Birkedal, former Stavanger Mayor candidate, was arrested in 2010 on suspicion of secretly filming up to thirteen boys in his shower. He is also accused of having intercourse with a minor.

3. In 2001, Mayor of Os in Hordaland County, Terje Søvikness, had sex with a 16-year-old girl whilst at a national Party congress.

Crown Prince and Crown Princess

3. On 19 September 2011, Wayne Madsen links the Anders Breivik story to:

1. The CIA's terrorist activities in Belgium

2. The CIA's child sex orgies in Belgium

3. Nazi Knights templars with links to Belgium and the CIA.

(Breivik massacre has “Gladio” clues from ... - Intrepid

According to Wayne Madsen:

1. The Norway terror is not unique.

The CIA's 'stay-behind' networks, part of Operation Gladio, have frequently carried out false flag terror attacks in Europe using right-wing paramilitaries.

For example, between 1982 and 1985, the 'Brabant Gang' attacked supermarkets and other places in Belgium.

At least 28 people were killed. (STRATEGY OF TENSION / US MARINES; BRABANT.)

Among the victims of the Brabant Gang were Belgian real estate tycoon Jacques Fourez and his secretary, Elise Dewit.

Their deaths, as well as others, were linked to the evidence they possessed of child-sex orgies called 'pink ballets'.

Those who attended the 'pink ballets' included NATO officers, royalty, top politicians and other top people. (PINK BALLETS; AMERICAN MILITARY.)


2. Breivik has been linked to spooky Knights Templar groups.

A number of Belgian neo-Nazi paramilitary members were connected to the Order of the Solar Temple, linked to the Knights Templar.

Between 1994 and 1997, a number of Solar Temple members were murdered ritualistic-style or committed mass suicide.

Japanese television journalists discovered links between the Solar Temple and the CIA.

3. In the mid-1990s, Belgian Marc Dutroux was arrested for kidnappings young girls. (MADELEINE AND DUTROUX.)

Reportedly the girls were supplied to top people.

Dutroux had links to the police in Belgium.

Reportedly, the Belgian pedophile scandal involved top American officials and is linked to the pedophile networks active in Washington, DC, Los Angeles, and Omaha.

Belgian and other European politicians engaged in Pink Ballet activities were blackmailed by the CIA into backing NATO initiatives in Europe.



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