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Liam Fox takes a strong interest in Sri Lanka. (Liam Fox's role in the politics of Sri Lanka)

In 2010, there was a burglary at the London flat of UK Defence Secretary Liam Fox.

Conservative party chiefs claimed that Fox was sleeping there alone at the time.

But The Sun reveals that a "younger man" was staying overnight at the London apartment.

"A source close to the minister" said Fox had put up a "friend from out of town" after they had drinks.

Fox has confirmed that a friend was staying with him but said it wasn't his close friend Adam Werritty.

The burglar took a laptop computer, a mobile phone and the keys to Dr Fox's Skoda car.

Later, a 17-year-old from Bermondsey, South London, was convicted of burglary.

The police were puzzled why Fox's guest was not woken by noise made by the burglar.

Tory cover-up over Liam Fox burglary


Former Goldman Sachs banker Michael Hintze has met the cost of several foreign trips by his friend Liam Fox.

Other wealthy figures from the world of finance listed under Fox in the MPs' register of interests include Stanley Fink and the property tycoons David and Simon Reuben.

Michael Hintze: Liam Fox backer who helped to bankroll foreign trips


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Zoompad said...

Follow the money. A few pointers that are all involved in Werrity’s background:
Porton Capital
Poju Zabludowicz
American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC)


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Tony Ryals said...

What if any connection does this UK Offence Secretary Liam Fox have to a Mr.Rajiva Wijesinghe of Sri Lanka who claims to have a British 'education' ? Rajiva Wijesinghe caughggt my interest only sveral
months ago when I began searching for anyone with the name 'Rajiva' ON THE INTERNET because I have been stalked by a female named Lila Rajiva,(could be a male in drag for all I know),who is part of Lord William Rees-Mogg's and Bil Bonner's and Porter Stansberry's and James Dale Davidson's and the CIA's and probably MI 5 and or MI 6's Agora Inc of Baltimore,Maryland.
Obviously Rajiva is Lila's last name or family name and iut is Mr.
Rajiva Wijesinghe's first name.But
equally interesting is I don't find Rajiva to be too common for a first or last name in India where Lila in her Jimbo Wales' Wikipediia vanity bio claims she's from.And this Mr.Rajiva Wijesinghe
is the only one with such a first name I have found in Sri Lanka and both are far right wingnuts.Any coincidence ?
Also while Lila dearest claims to be a good Indian 'christian' another and only IndiaN WITH HER LAST NAME, RAJIVA, APPEARS TO BE A FAR RIGHT HINDU.
Just thought I'd mention this in case someone could give me a clue 'cause I'm clueles.Hee Hee

Channel 4 ‘persecuting’ Sri Lanka’s government – Rajiva
[TamilNet, Tuesday, 5 July 2011 07:01 No Comment]

Speaking on the BBC radio’s ‘Today’, one of Britain’s most popular current affairs programs, Sri Lankan government representative Rajiva Wijesinghe brazenly claimed Monday that Channel 4 had “apologized” for using “doctored” video in its recent hard-hitting documentary on Sri Lanka. His claim immediately drew a swift retort from Channel 4 which categorically denied the accusation and said it “stood by the excellent journalism” of the film. On the BBC programme, referring to international calls for investigations of the allegations, Prof. Wijesinghe said “the people of Sri Lanka are not interested in witch hunts.”

Prof. Wijesinghe’s comments come as a text message circulated amongst Sinhala expatriates in London exhorting them to attend a “mass protest outside Channel 4 headquarters” on July 17 organised by the Sri Lankan High Commissioner.

Odin's Raven said...

Here's an article claiming that Fox, like most politicians, is a stooge for Israel, and he became friendly with Werrity when the latter was 14.

Anonymous said...

ITV preceded the News last night with a breathless Ms Etchingham promising salacious new details of the Liam Fox break in as the main story.

2-3 minutes later the Iranian plot story had broken all of a sudden knocking the Fox story into limbo.

It was almost as if the story had been replaced deliberately by a fallacious but attention diverting schlock piece. Of course that wouldn't happen we have a free press in the UK that doesn't bow down to cheap propaganda or censorshhh.. Oh hang on PressTV's gone I notice...

Odin's Raven said...

More about strange connections to Fox:

Tony Ryals said...

A bit of British,Israeli and American shennanigans I was involved with in 2004-2005 when Michael Zwebner(a British-Israeli money launderer who was written about unfavorably in the London Mail on Sunday in 1997 for card call and real estate development scams and ties to U.S.'Italian mafia),sued CNN and Wolf Blitzer for $100 million in Florida because I used the pseudonym wolfblitzzer0 to critiize his UCSY or Air Water Corp penny stock fraud out of Miami claiming to build and send'air water machines'
to U.S.Coaltion forces in Iraq as well as to Israeli army also had connections to Sri Lanka government officials as well as to tsunami victims among MANY others....CNN and Blitzer got the $100 million suit against them dropped and British-Israeli U.S.government protected money launderer Michael Zwebner to pay the court costs with money he stole from mainly American investors and covered up for Olmert who would become Prime Minister as well as for Israeli President Moshe Katsav who would only recently be convicted NOT for stock fraud against Americans of course,but for rape of his Israeli gov female employees.
Had CNN Israeli propagandist Wolf Blitzer exposed and not covered up his involvement in stock fraud and money laundering against Americans Ehud Olmert might never have become Israeli PM who carpet bombed Lebanon.

Richmond IMC: Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert,'Orthodox Jews ...
16 Feb 2008 – Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert's American Crime Family: 9/11, ..... We have sold machines in container loads to Australia, Sri Lanka, USA, ... water producing machines to the victims of the Tsunami in Sri Lanka. ...

Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert, right, shakes hands with Sri ...
26 Mar 2008 – In this photo released by the Israeli Government Press Office, Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert, right, shakes hands with Sri Lanka's ...

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