Tuesday, September 20, 2011


The Russian press broke the story of the 17 captured British and French commandos on August 23

According to information from Tripoli, serious losses have been suffered in Libya by British special forces

On 23 August 2011, Argumenty.ru's Alexander Grigoriev reported:

According to a source in Tripoli, several British SAS special forces soldiers have been killed in Libya.

Some SAS soldiers have been taken prisoner by Gaddafi forces.

British military expert Peter Benchley believes that dead British soldiers have been evacuated from Libya.

In a conversation with Argumentami.ru, he suggested that it is likely that soon in Afghanistan or Pakistan there will be a report of a Taliban attack, during which troops will reportedly die.

According to The Guardian (SAS in Libya.):

"A number of serving British special forces soldiers, as well as former SAS troopers, are advising and training rebel forces, although their presence is officially denied.

"The Guardian has previously reported the presence of former British special forces troops, now employed by private security companies and funded by a number of sources, including Qatar.

"They have been joined by a number of serving SAS soldiers."


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