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Trent Mongan

Anonymous left this comment on "BALI BOMB - inside job.":

Mr Trent Mongan, of the Australian Army , "was in Bali's Sari club on the day of the bombing.

"He left minutes before a bomb blast reduced it to rubble."

Australian military personnel who attended the Bali Memorial Service in Kuta in Bali on October 12, 2003. Rear row, from left: Pte Tony Elliot; Sqn-Ldr Pat Woods; Lt Trent Mongan, Norforce... (Army - The Soldiers' Newspaper)

Trent Mongan, was also at London's Kings Cross Station on 7th July 2005, whilst on holiday, from his 'work in Sri Lanka'.

He describes being 'at King's Cross Station at the time it blew up'.

Trent Mongan then walks to Russell Square & apparently witnesses the No. 30 bus explosion of 7th July 2005.

Trent Mongan appears to have made calls to Australian media organisations & appeared to have been the first point of contact for spreading the 7/7 story to the far east.

The world's luckiest man? :: ABC Western Australia


Anonymous comments as follows:

Trent Mongan is apparently a lieutenant in NORFORCE.

NORFORCE is supposed to operate as a Stay Behind force in the event of invasion of Northern Australia.

Yes, Stay Behind, as in NATO Strategy of Tension, Operation Gladio, etc.

These Stay Behind guys seem to train using the same McDonalds operations manual covering sabotage and false flag terrorism.

I suppose it's some sort of CIA elective in the Special Warfare Center or WHINSEC.

Trent and his lovely wife won their trip to Bali in a raffle.


Anonymous alerts us to:

Platypus - Dec02 - Bali_Timeline

The Bali Bomb of 12 October 2002.

SUNDAY, October 13:

"Federal Agent Glen McEwen phones AFP (Australian military) Headquarters from Bali.

"Says that he and Federal Agent Mick Kelsey are in Bali, that there had been an explosion and that they are enroute to investigate."

"Federal Agent Jeff Caldwell calls to advise that at least five AFP personnel are on leave in Bali. Federal Agents Tim Fisher and Nicolle Haigh are on leave from UN Contingent, East Timor."


felix alerts us to, which has a number of links.

"Trent and Emily Mongan, both Army lieutenants, won a trip to Bali in a raffle and first learnt of the explosions on Sunday morning.

"They immediately contacted three of Emily’s soldiers from 1CSSB, also in Bali, and brought them to their hotel." (here)


San Diegans for 9/11 Truth Outreach on 9/11/2011


felix said...

and he is also a paramedic

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Anon said...

Many thanks Felix. I have added a link.

- Aangirfan

Anonymous said...

Ha, ha...

Hell knows if its true or not...


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So the Jewish spies will be freed? Thats bad...


Anonymous said...

Off topic but related as TRUTH BENDERS...humourous clip about 9/11BENDERS (clip from david icke forum)!

Anonymous said...

US Embassy in Kabul under attack

Anonymous said...

It bears pointing out how the terrorist criminals tend to present themselves among the aggrieved, presumably to guide events, control reactions and act as (false) witnesses in the event that emotions run high and some truth slips out.

It's definitely worth checking into every other person listed in the photo of attendees at the Bali Memorial. In particular, checking if any worked in spooky organizations like DFAT or DIO, or underwent military training in US Special Warfare schools.


This situation is similar to how we have a handful of 911 terrorists on the board of directors of the 911 Memorial.(*) And a curious absence of first responders and survivors of the deceased.

Their absence really shows how paranoid and frightened the Insiders are becoming.

(*) Peterson, Greenberg, Whitehead, Giuliani, Pataki, Bloomberg, Bush, Chenault, Iger. And associates like Speyer, Tishman, Gregorian, Rodin.

felix said...

hi aan - worth checking out links with Trent MORGAN - mis spelling e.g.

felix said...

"GROUP 1 ("Toys")
Toys are participants, who are not aware, that they're participating in a drill or the follow up-"logistics".

Trent Morgan ("Surviving Victim aka Jessica Lynch effect").
Morgan has the PR function. He survived a Bali attack and will now also "survive" the London attacks and reporting to the tabloids.
One has to find out, if he was tricked into a vacation in London at the very same time. "
“ Everywhere you go these days, you get blown up by terrorist. What is the world coming to?” –Trent Morgan

nobody said...

Wow. Hats off Aang and Anon.

nobody said...

PS. You gotta love this:

'He is sure of something else too, "I just want to say...our Aussie spirit's got to shine through on this and we can't just let these people beat us. You can't."'

Anonymous said...

"I just want to say...our Aussie spirit's got to shine through on this and we can't just let these people beat us. You can't."

I wonder which PR company designed that little nugget for him. Maybe Martin Sorrell knows.

Nonetheless, I agree with him.

Where we differ is who "these people" are.

If it bleeds, we can kill it.

felix said...

wonder who the "mate" was...

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