Tuesday, September 20, 2011


Ankara hit.

Israel has fallen out with Turkey.

And, on 20 September 2011, a bomb blast outside a high school in the Turkish capital of Ankara killed at least three people.

Ankara bomb blast: explosion rocks Turkey's capital (Video)

The chief suspect may be MOSSAD or the Kurdish Workers' Party (PKK) which reportedly has links to MOSSAD and the CIA.

Sedat Laciner, the head of a Turkish think tank, says that Mossad agents and Israeli military retirees have been sighted providing training to PKK militants. (Turkish military kills 7 PKK militants)

Terrorism in Turkey is sometimes blamed on 'the spooks of the CIA-Mossad and their friends in the Turkish military', also known as 'the deep state' and also known as 'the Ergenekon terrorist organisation'. (aangirfan: Gladio-style terror in Istanbul, New York, Jakarta ... )

In The New Yorker in 2006, US investigative journalist Seymour Hersh wrote that Israel and the US have been "working together in support of a Kurdish resistance group known as the Party for Free Life in Kurdistan." (Suspicion growing about possible link between PKK and Israel)


Turkish and U.S. intelligence chiefs met on 19 September 2011 in Ankara for an unannounced meeting

"James R. Clapper, director of the U.S.’s Office of the Director of National Intelligence, or DNI, held talks with Hakan Fidan, chief of Turkey’s National Intelligence Organization, or MİT, at the MİT headquarters. He arrived in Ankara on Sunday and is expected to leave Tuesday following meetings with ministers."

(Explosion rocks Turkey's capital, Ankara Pt 2 /Explosion rocks Turkey's capital, Ankara. )




Anonymous said...

In your face Turkey!

Occum's raisor says ISRAEL just killed 3 and wounded 15 of your citizens.

To quote Sean Connery's character in the 'Untouchables': WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO DO ABOUT IT?

Anonymous said...

Or...this is a bit too obvious - even for Israel. What if Rothschild ordered a third party to do the bombing knowing full well all fingers would point at Israel given the MSM bad blood between the countries recently broadcast.

Is Rothschild now sacrificing his son to Baal in order to get the third world war started with the plan to erect the NWO like a pheonix out of the ashes of what is left of the post WW3 world?

This is just TOO obvious - something is wrong with this picture.

Anonymous said...

MOSSAD bombs Ankara? The answer is "YES"... Unfortunately...


Anonymous said...

Interestingly, Zbig the chair of the CFR was on his daughter Mika's MSM news show yesterday as 'The last American cowboy' saying Israel was out of control.

Has a shift at the grand round table of implementing a NWO upon us occurred?

If Nitwityahoo denies the attacks in a convincing manner, I'm going to bet against the odds and say Rothschild is indeed 'offering his son to Baal' to kick off WW3.

Rothschild and company are rumoured to be satanist sympathizers so infanticide before a battle for all the marbles is not impossible to imagine.

Pagan armies of old sacrificied their children to the god of war before a battle.

Rothschild may very well be sacrificing his child Israel to start WW3.

su said...

there is no god.



Have to disagree.


Anonymous said...

More Rothschild games...Rothschild investment in Kurdistan oil

Anonymous said...

"Pagan armies of old sacrificied their children to the god of war before a battle."

Organized (Abrahamic) religions have been doing the same thing and even worse or u pretend not to see? Give me paganism anytime, thanks.

Anonymous said...



Jeff Simpson said...

I'm sure it's Mossad. You didn't think Israel was going to let Turkey get away with making a stink over Israel's murdering Turkish citizens and making other anti-Israel waves in the region eg talking alliance with Egypt another country becoming unfriendly to Israel. Not to mention threatening the integrity of Israel's gratuitous illegal Gaza blockade by promising military escort to future humanitarian flotillas to Gaza

peter chamberlin said...


Nice find on the Rothschild connection to oil in Kurdish Iraq. The following link from Hurriyet press covers the story without mentioning the Rothschild scion.


Anonymous said...

If anyone read the method of the explosion, it was ingenious. No need for IED, just a simple chain reaction.

Turkey wants to be the muslim superhero.. instead it will pay the price.

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