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The war criminals must go!

On 29 September 2011, Reuters reports on the Libyan town of Tawargha, which is among those which have been wrecked and looted by the opponents of Gaddafi.

Ruined Libya town shows danger of post-war vendetta

1. The town of Tawargha is now almost completely deserted.

Its inhabitants have been forced to flee from the anti-Gaddafi forces.

Tawargha is a town of smashed windows, looted shops, and buildings damaged by gunfire.

2. The anti-Gaddafi forces have covered the walls with graffiti threatening the people of Tawargha.

3. Former residents say their homes in Tawargha have been burned and that people have been abducted and disappeared.

4. Thanks to NATO, much of Tawargha is in ruins.

NATO killing kids.

5. Pro-Gaddafi green flags still fly over many buildings in Tawargha.

Reportedly, 95% of people in Tawargha supported Gaddafi.

6. The anti-Gaddafi authorities have announced plans to bulldoze the entire town of Tawargha. (Mass killing -Sirte...)

7. The refugees from Tawargha fear that they will be slaughtered by the anti-Gaddafi militia forces.

8. Anti-Gaddafi forces have detained refugees and thrown them into concentration camps.

Nazi NATO destroys prosperous countries.

9. On 29 September 2011 WSWS reports on the mass killing and humanitarian disaster in the NATO siege of Sirte

Refugees from Sirte report that thousands have died as a result of bombing and shelling by NATO and its anti-Gaddafi allies.

10. A Ukranian doctor told AFP about conditions in Sirte: "Most patients coming to me are children.

"I saw 120 patients since morning and 70 percent of them were children."

11. A fish trader who was leaving Sirte, told AFP: "There is no food, there is no medicine, and every night, for five or six hours, NATO bombs all sorts of buildings."

12. Sami Abderraman, 64, told the Spanish daily El Pais as he sought to leave Sirte: “Hundreds of women and children have died like animals."

Abderraman estimated that as many as 3,000 people have been killed in the siege.

NATO is turning Libya into Afghanistan.

13. Riab Safran, 28, told the Times of London that he and his family had slept on the beach to avoid the NATO bombs and rebel shells, which had destroyed his own house.

14. Ali Omar, who fled the Sirte, said that the anti-Gaddafi forces "are exterminating everything in front of them."

15. The anti-Gaddafi NTC has repeatedly failed to carry through announced plans to form an interim government and has seen its authority come under fire from Islamist militia elements.

16. Since launching the war on Libya last March, NATO has conducted 24,140 sorties, including 9,010 strike sorties, leaving much of the country in ruins and thousands killed and wounded.



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Joseph Farrell comments on the real reason for the LIbyan adventure: China

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