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Turkish Prime Minister Erdogan (Left) attends a CIA-Al-Qaeda meeting in Libya. "In the last 17 days, more than 2,000 residents of the city of Sirte were killed in NATO air strikes." (Libyan fighters prepare for assault on Sirte)

The following are all part of the USA's fascist New World Order:



Saudi Arabia.

All three reportedly helped the CIA carry out the 9 11 attacks. (TURKEY ...)

All three have supported the recent CIA coups which have wrecked Tunisia, Egypt and Libya.

And yet, Turkey and Saudi Arabia, unlike Israel and the USA, are said to want a Palestinian state.

Prince Turki al Faisal meeting his Jewish friends in Washington.

On 11 September 2011, there was an article in the New York Times by Saudi Arabia's Prince Turki al Faisal.

He wrote that, if the U.S. vetoed the Palestinian state, "Saudi Arabia would no longer be able to cooperate with America in the same way it historically has.

"(It would) pursue other policies at odds with those of the United States (and) ...might part ways with Washington in Afghanistan and Yemen as well."

This is probably not to be taken seriously.

Prince Turki al Faisdal knows that the CIA toppled Mubarak and that it could easily topple certain Saudi royalty.

The CIA-Mossad have long term plans to balkanise Saudi Arabia. (Saudi Arabia - You are next?)

Turkey may also be balkanised. (TURKEY TO BE SPLIT UP?)

Turkey is to be split up?

On 12 September 2011, M J Rosenberg, Senior Foreign Policy Fellow at the Media Matters Action Network, wrote an article entitled:

The U.S. Abandons Israel

Aangirfan doubts that the USA has abandoned Israel!

According to Rosenberg:

1. The Turkish government has essentially broken relations with Israel.

What Rosenberg does not mention is that Turkey is very much part of the New World Order.

We suspect that either (A) Turkey's leaders are only pretending to 'oppose' Israel, or, (b) Turkey's leaders are about to be toppled.

The USA and Israel 'are joined at the hip'.

Recently Turkey and the USA signed an agreement on the deployment of a US radar as part of a NATO-backed missile defense system.

US officials described this as "the most significant military cooperation between Washington and Ankara since 2003." (Reinforced Turkey-US Military Cooperation)

If Turkey's leaders really do want to make an enemy of Israel, and its friend America, then the CIA-Mossad-NATO can easily change the leadership in Turkey.

The CIA-Mossad-NATO found it so easy to topple Tusisia's Ben Ali, even though Tunisia was, like Turkey, a prosperous and moderate Moslem state.

The CIA-Mossad-NATO can so easily stir up the Kurds, and various others, in order to produce a Turkish Spring.

Since July 2011, over 40 Turkish soldiers have been killed by Kurdish insurgents. (Asia Times Online :: Israel turns tables on Turkey)

The Turkish military, having discovered that the CIA cannot be trusted, and having decided to become more nationalistic, has been drastically weakened by the present Islamist government.

The present Turkish government is reportedly under the influence of the CIA's Islamist Gulen movement. (TOP TURK FRIEND OF ISRAEL, OBAMA AND HEROIN?)


2. According to Rosenberg:

"Ordinary Egyptians (not the government) attacked the Israeli embassy in Cairo, forcing all its personnel to return home to Israel."

What we should note here is that the CIA coup in Egypt has weakened Egypt.

A weakened Egypt is exactly what Israel wants.

3. According to Rosenberg:

"The Palestinians... are taking their case to the United Nations where an overwhelming majority of the General Assembly will endorse Palestinian statehood, even though Israel will still control the territory of the new state."


Israel will still be in control.

Moslem friends of Israel have toppled Ben Ali, Mubarak and Gaddafi. Moslems fight Moslems in Indonesia, Malaysia, Pakistan etc.

4. According to Rosenberg:

In the USA, "politicians always want to give Israel whatever it wants in an election year.

"After all, both the Israeli government and its lobby here make it clear to them that refusal to 'stand with Israel' will cost them mightily in terms of campaign contributions..."

When Obama "tried to push the Israelis to start negotiations ...Israel's monied supporters in America went crazy...

"When Netanyahu told them to get Obama to back down 'to save Israel,' they did.

"AIPAC made sure that every member of Congress knew that they were being 'scored' on the level of their support for Netanyahu. A low score meant closed checkbooks.

"Obama, no less immune to financial threats than a Congressman from Queens, surrendered. Over and over again..."



On 16 September 2011, "NATO attacked the city of Sirte ... with more than 30 rockets directed at the city's main hotel and the Tamin building, which consists of more than 90 residential flats.

"In the last 17 days, more than 2,000 residents of the city of Sirte were killed in NATO air strikes."

Libyan fighters prepare for assault on Sirte

NATO air strikes kill 354 in Sirte-Gaddafi's spokesman



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Btrother in Arms said...

Death to the New World Order!

Franklin Ryckaert said...

So the "logic" of NATO is : in order to save civilians we have to kill them.

Asif said...

new world order Suck Freedom,Economy,Jobs,,Financial System,Homes,edge in innovation and superpower status.

nobody said...

Spot on!

I notice you're not much given to exclamation marks (and quite rightly, they're the sign of a feeble mind) but your single exclamation mark there was entirely called for.

Otherwise, standing up to Israel is a charade that's been going on for... how long now? Seventy years?

The mechanism is simple really. Any country whose central bank is controlled by the heirs of Give me control of a nation's monetary supply and I care not who writes its laws and whose forebears happened to create the state of Israel will never stand up to that SLC. Never. But gee whiz, they'll make a good pretence at it! And so it goes...

Yeah, yeah, exclamation mark.

The Realist Report said...

I don't think what we're seeing is an American fascist New World Order. What we're seeing is Zionist Jews in Israel, London, and New York (primarily) using their client governments (USA, UK, EU), media/entertainment operations, and international organizations (NATO, NGOs, ect.) to implement their final plans laid out in the Protocols of Zion. The United States is a complete puppet and slave to Israel and an international criminal network of Zionist Jews. I guess when you say the "USA's fascist New World Order" you really mean "the ZIonist Jew's who control the USA's fascist New World Order," right?

Anon said...

I tend to believe that the New World Order is an alliance of Fascists, Zionists, Mafias etc. Operation Northwoods was intended to aid US economic interests in Cuba; Operation Gladio was intended to keep right-wing US allies in power in Europe; and Lockerbie was intended to cover up US drug smuggling, reportedly. Recent events in Libya are intended to aid the control of Africa by the US and its allies.

- Aangirfan

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