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Basildon Academies.

On 16th September 2011, the UK's Daily Mail reports on a UK school that has actually improved!

The wrong trousers? No ruler? Get out of my class!.

Basildon Academy, in Essex, was bad.

There was graffiti on walls.

Kids would get up in the middle of class to go for a cigarette.

Fighting, bullying and staff sickness were common.

The new boss of the school, Dr Rory Fox, has changed things.

On his first day at work, Dr Fox sent home 109 kids – for wearing the wrong uniform.

Scores were sent to after-school detention for failing to bring proper equipment to class.

Dozens were put in an isolation centre for disrupting lessons.

Teachers say they have now doubled the amount of teaching time in lessons, as they no longer have the disruption problems.

Most parents support Dr Fox.

Julie Terry, who has three children at the academy, said: "The change is remarkable.

"It’s a complete turnaround.

"Discipline is back, daily fights have gone."


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subrosa said...

Afternoon Aangirfan. Did you read some of the comments in the Mail article? If I've time I'll do a post on this too with credit to you of course.

su said...

ah that old problem-solution technique again.

CS said...

Do you realize what this kind of reform means?

Teach kids to behave properly, learn stuff, act responsibly?

You'd put most of police/welfare/social services/child welfare/remedial education bureaucracy out of work.

No way this man Fox can be allowed to pursue such a programme.

dognamedblue said...

until we change from the old prussian system & stop betraying all kids in education, there won't be any change
john taylor gatto has some interesting insight into education, always worth a read

as long as the aim of education is to "produce" then it won't matter what we do within those aims to change anything

people laugh at me but children are now being born with brains that are bigger better & faster than ours will ever be, they know when they are getting shafted by a system meant to restrict them at everything & produce the "right" students

Anon said...

The fine artist called Dognamedblue is correct; we need to get away from the Prussian system; we need small friendly schools and zero government interference.

The beautiful Subrosa, from the world's most intertesting city, notes that the comments in the Daily Mail are supportive of well-ordered schools.

The Buddhist South African Su quite rightly suspects the old problem-solution technique at work. I remember an excellent state school which was wrecked by the local government; they put in a new headmaster and insisted on lunatic policies; the school sank from top to near bottom of its league.

CanSpeccy is quite right to suspect that Dr Fox may soon be moved on.

Hope my descriptions are not totally inaccurate.

Dundee is really quite nice.

Anonymous said...

yeah, but what are they teaching?
What is the content of their studies?

su said...


well when i see the image of the happy girls at their like new school i immediately think of all the other false photographs that have been blasted into my retina of late.

not buddhist - more advaitan.

su said...

we are not talking about some rotten apples at the london met -
we are talking about the whole lot being cider.
and not quality either.

off with their heads i say.

dognamedblue said...

[thank you, very kind :]

it's my belief, mainly because I'm now living that life, that every child by the age of four knows what they want to be/do in life, just the education system we put them through destroys it for the vast majority

world's full of people who got to their 30's/40's & realised that

Sheila said...

I've been known to rant more than a bit about "education" so will keep it brief and leave the best introduction to Gatto I've come across:

Anonymous said...

Sorry, Aang, you struck a wrong note here.

Gatto, Illich, the movie Public Resources, and of course, almost forgotten now, Summerhill the school and book about it by its founder A. S. Neill.

Anon said...

A small 'independent' school, which selects only 'nice' kids, can be a happy relaxed place. But someone who visited Summerhill told me that the kids there looked the most unhappy he had ever seen.

- Aangirfan

Anonymous said...

It's just not school that has lost control, I was an engineering apprentice in the 60's and we were expected to supply our own basic hand tools.
One of my colleages broke his wooden rule, you had to have a wooden and a steel rule with you at all times.
When he called the foreman over to check his work, he was told to get a replacement for the next day. He did not have any money and next day he got sent home and had to borrow money to go and buy a new one.
I thought this was harsh treatment at the time, as I did about a lot of other actions taken against us but, when I see the attitude of some present day workers to their equipment, I now realize that it was excellent training.

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