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Former US congressman Walter Fauntroy, a close associate of Dr. Martin Luther King.

Brian alerted us to this story on 9 September 2011:

US Congressman Witnessed European Special Forces Beheading Libyans

Former U.S. Congressman Walter Fauntroy saw French and Danish troops beheading Libyans.

"He watched French and Danish troops storm small villages late at night beheading, maiming and killing rebels and loyalists...

"The rebels told Fauntroy they had been told by the European forces to stay inside.

"According to Fauntroy, the European forces would tell the rebels, 'Look at what you did.'"

According to Fauntroy, the French and Danish were doing the killings, and giving credit to the rebels.

Belgian troops roasting a boy.

According to Fauntroy: "Contrary to what is being reported in the press, from what I heard and observed, more than 90 percent of the Libyan people love Gaddafi.

"We believe the true mission of the attacks on Gaddafi is to prevent all efforts by African leaders to stop the recolonization of Africa."

A British soldier with the heads of his victims. Website for this image


nobody said...

You filty white scum. When the Libyans shoot you like dogs, we'll pity your widows. But you, you don't deserve it. Enjoy your ignominious deaths you black-hearted sons of bitches.

Rage of Reason said...

And when the period of serving in the army is over they return to society and continue to pretend to be the perfect sons in law.

Anonymous said...

Given the fact that MLK was a communist agitator backed up by Zionists/Jews, a woman beater and a screwed up person, far from the propagandistic image we've been brainwashed with for years, make what u want of Fauntroy words. Definitely Libya's massacre is to blame on Zionist/Westerners but take what he said with a grain of salt. Especially when he mentioned Danish troops.


Anonymous said...


Antonietta Ferrari said...

Regime Change & Judgment

Anonymous said...

Diversion (to make sheeple forget about 9/11 mabe)?


Anonymous said...

interesting vid - 'What I learned about Libya + Ghadaffi'

Anonymous said...

MLK was not backed by jewish-zionists - it was the zionists together witht the CIA who killed him..

Here's the truth about Libya:

A.a.n.g.i.r.f.a.n. you are disinforming again. It is your group "C" who are working for the zionists.

French and Danish beheading Libyans.

Aangirfan: you people are grasping at straws. You MUST be coming out of Tel Aviv.

Anonymous said...

Anony 6:03, MLK&Zionists/Jews were very good friends. When he no longer served their purpose, got him killed. Get ur facts right and get ur head out of sand. History is written by victors and u know that. MLK wasnt the "god" he is supposed to be. Nor him, nor Rosa Parker, that greedy bitch, also connected to Zionism. Period.


Anonymous said...

Anony 6:03 ure paranoid. Anyone who disagrees u is a Zionist it seems, including me. U need a doctor.


Anonymous said...

Icke is but one voice of resistance...DO NOT RIOT...governments, NATO, UN, CIA, etc are acting as 'agent provocateurs'. They want us to riot and then they will impose heavy sanctions for our 'protection'. Don't feed the NWO trolls. Make smarter resitance decisions.

We can collaspe government agendas by PEACEFUL RESISTANCE. Remember the chinese man who stopped 59 army tanks.

Noor al Haqiqa said...

I have posted in the past also photos of Jesuits as SS soldiers beheading their victims.

American good ole boys in VietNam with beheaded victims.

films and photos of the "rebels" beheading Gaddafi followers.

No excuse but where there is war there are atrocities.

It used to be that the heads were impaled and left in public for the birds to feed on and warn the local populace of the futility of ... well whatever the situation called for at the time.

We are not a pretty species.

Blammo said...

Rebel admits Libyans support Gaddafi

Former MI6 agent Matthew Dunn offers limited hangout about Secret Services Acting in Libya

Junis said...

To 'C' (at 12:48 PM): Neither Martin Luther King nor Malcolm X were screwed up. It is the racist country they were brought in that was screwed up morally and ideology. Communism is a European ideology not that much different from Hitler's national-socialism.

nobody said...

Hey R of R,

Well, sure. The difference with Libya is that Gaddafi (not fearful of his people) emptied the arsenals and armed the population. Subsequently those who'd comprise a modern day Phoenix program aren't in for such an easy ride. Me, I have my fingers crossed they get cut to pieces. An unmarked shallow grave in the middle of nowhere is the least they deserve.

nobody said...

And oh look, there's a comment from anon who was just now over at Kenny's complaining that Aang had censored him. Just like he was in at my place (a poetry blog, go figure) complaining that I'd censored him there too. Truth was he'd idiotically gone to the comments page from a week earlier, where (duh!) his comment wasn't.

Mate, it's like you're hellbent on announcing as loudly as possible, and in as many forums as possible, that you are as thick as pigshit. If I had fucked up that badly I'd crawl away in shame. But not you! Over and over you continue to loudly make a complete arse out of yourself. Unbelievable.

As things stand, your criticisms make no sense, you make no sense, and I find myself being shepherded (by your goodself, ahem) towards the position of viewing you as a disinfo merchant for the satanist/ paedophile branch of the death cult. Your shtick, such as it is, is to split the crowd here on a complete furphy - zio something or other - something, anything to distract us all from Aang naming names in the satanist paedophocracy.

Hmm, I'm going to call this the 'Hey everyone! Look over there!' technique. It's pretty crummy but there aren't that many plays in the paedophile disinfo playbook are there? It's a tough gig defending the indefensible, and what's a feller to do?

But never mind all that! You can still redeem your good anonymous name yet. All you have to do is write something, anything, on global organised paedophile-based satanism. Any opinion will do. No need to fear, this is not a trap! And you won't fall in it! I swear to God.

And because I'm that kind of fellow, I'll thoughtfully provide you with some talking points. If you're Americanocentric you might want to run with:

the McMartin scandal
the Presidio scandal
Dave McGowan's Pedophocracy
the False Memory Syndrome Foundation
Ralph Underwager and Padika
The Finders
The Institute for Psychological Therapies

And if you're Eurocentric:

the Dutroux scandal
the Casa Pia scandal
Jersey and Haut de la Garenne
Kincora Belfast
Margaret Hodge Islington
the ISGP
Baron Benoix de Bonvoisin
Michel Nihoul
Jean Violet and Le Cercle

That should do for now. Anything you have to say on the subject will be greatly appreciated.

And punters who've just dropped in and are wondering what some of those things are - get googling!

PS And anon - remember, this is not a trap and there is no wrong answer.

Anonymous said...

In the interests of full disclosure, I am authorized to reveal that C is a racist Romanian who hates blacks and Jews.

C, would you agree this is a fair assessment? I don't want to misrepresent your position.


MLK was knocked off when he was railing a little too much against the Vietnam war. The weapons and drug trades were making the plutocrats a pretty penny at that time. These are unlikely to be unrelated.

As for Rosa Parks, she was a woman who decided, reasonably enough, that she was as worthy to sit on the same seats as her fellow citizens of non-colour. Probably pre-planned but still fair enough, I reckon.

C, just curious, who do you like more Cynthia McKinney or Zbig Brzezinski?

There's no right answer; you're entitled to your own opinion.

Anonymous said...


"You filty white scum"

Dude, many of the people posting here are white. Believe it or not, I've met many, many white people who are entirely pleasant.

See. You and C already have something in common. You're not that different.

But otherwise, I agree with everything else you said.

Hopefully, the NATO butchers enjoy their time roasting in hell. But it's possibly not as much fun as they would like.

nobody said...

You're such a fuckwit. Many of the people posting here are white are they? Talk about the bleeding fucking obvious. Almost as obvious as the fact that I was speaking to scum, not white people.

Otherwise, you changing the subject aside, we're still waiting for you to express an opinion on anything on the above list...

Anon said...

Dear Nobody,

Anonymous is either a disinfo merchant, or has not read my blog posts about Israel!


- Aangirfan

Junis said...

Nobody (at 12:04 pm): I agree with your comment. Although the 'War against Islam' was started by Zionist Jews it is racist, non-Jewish Europeans who have already killed millions of innocent civilians in non-white countries.

With the exception of anti-Masonic Serbia, every country America has bombed since Hiroshima & Nagasaki has been non-white. The WEstern soldiers who are based in Iraq, Afghanistan and Libya are indeed scum and should die there.

nobody said...

Yeah Aang, sure. But if he's the latter why is he so hellbent on banging a drum here, there and everywhere? It's the former for sure. And the fact that he refused to utter a single word on any of the above listed things I now take as confirmation of my theory as to him running with a 'Hey everyone, look over there!' technique.

Actually there's got to be a better name for it than that, but it'll do in the meantime. Anyway, think about it - first up he was jabbering about gay-something-or-other and then it was zio-something-or-other, and at my place (the haiku blog no less) it was something to do with the masturbatory nature of jazz or somesuch. Liek any of those make a lick of sense. But it didn't need to - as long as we were all arguing about pointless wedge issues it was mission accomplished.

Anyway, it's enough for me. If he shows his face one more time I'm putting him on the front page over at my place. And sure he's anonymous but the technique is definitely worth dissecting and then telling people about it so that in future they know it when they see it.

By way, when he was in at my place I had him pegged as coming from Sweden. Does that gel with you?

Anon said...

Re: the 'disinformation agent'.

He could be linked to a military base in Sweden?

- Aangirfan

nobody said...

Dunno, statcounter is pretty skimpy. Mine just said Stockholm. Hang on a tick, it may still be there...

Found it. The haiku blog doesn't get much traffic so it was still within my 500 limit cache. Up to you if you publish it or not -

Stockholm, Stockholms Lan, Sweden Tele2 Swipnet (

I don't know about Sweden but there are websites out there that list every military and spook ip domain range in the US. I don't know about Sweden. And I never saved a link for it neither sorry. But I found it in google and I'm sure you could too.

Also I'm 99% certain that's him. If you want to have a read, his first comment is under the Irish musicians
and his second comment complaining how he'd been censored is in the preceding entry is under the girl covering her face.

And if you don't feel like clicking those links and checking it out it's fine with me. In fact I'd commend you for your good sense, ha ha. He's a tedious git to be sure.

ciao mate

...and best to those schoolgirls, ha ha.

Anon said...

The haiku blog is pretty interesting!

- Aangirfan

nobody said...

It's just a parlour game really but it's all good fun.

Minimalist is the key word and um... thinking about it, it might be right up your alley. If you ever want to try it it'd be lovely to have you in there.

ciao mate.

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