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Ken Haywood.

The Tehelka newspaper revealed that, in India,over 100 US Christian evangelical groups were fronts for the CIA. (1 - Tehelka - The People's Paper)

It would appear that the CIA uses 'Christian' churches as fronts for its terrorist activities.

Tony Ryals, commenting on BREIVIK AND HEADLEY LINKED BY GOA, refers to spooky 'Christians' at work in India.

Bombs went off in India in 2008.

The Guardian reported:

"When Indian police investigating bomb blasts which killed 42 people traced an email claiming responsibility to a Mumbai apartment, they ordered an immediate raid.

"But at the address, rather than seizing militants from the Islamist group which said it carried out the attack, they found a group of puzzled American expats."

One of the Americans was 48-year-old Kenneth Haywood.

"The IP address for the email claiming responsibility for an obscure group called the Indian Mujahideen was traced by police to Haywood's laptop."

(American expats caught up in Indian bomb blast ... -

Does the CIA want to destabilise India?

Haywood escaped from India.

Haywood had worked for an IT training company called Campbell White.

Haywood had been associated with the Door Christian Centre.

The Bangalore and Mumbai police kept a watchful eye in the Karnataka capital on the premises of Campbell White as well as Door Christian Centre.

(Haywood under scanner in Bangalore - India - DNA)

"The fact that both Campbell and Door are located in the same four-storeyed building ... in south Bangalore ... strengthens the suspicion that the alleged IT company is a front for the radical Christian group...

"Haywood is wanted by the Mumbai police for continued questioning in the investigation of last month's Ahmedabad blasts...

"He slipped away from India to the US ... allegedly with some covert help from officials."

Haywood's IT company, Campbell White, has branches in Chennai, Hyderabad, Mumbai and Trichy.

The managing director of the company is Daniel Rubianes.

Rubianes is a pastor of Doors Christian Church in Bangalore. (Haywood under scanner in Bangalore - India - DNA)

"One member of the Campbell White, Jonathan Heimberg, prosyletizes in Bangalore for christian converts."

W Bush Religion:India Bombing,Campbell White's Jonathan ... /
Yahoo!,Terror email,India Bombs, Campbell White: American Kenneth ...

Photo of Indian children from

The CIA wants India to help in its attack on Pakistan.

The CIA wants Indians to think that Pakistan is behind various acts of terrorism in india.

In 2008, US national Ken Haywood, reportedly with the help of the US embassy, fled from India. (Cached)

He was being investigated for terrorism.

Ken Haywood's computer was used to send a "terrorist" e-mail minutes before bomb blasts in Ahmedabad, in July 2008.

Reportedly, Haywood has links to Abdur Subhan Qureshi, alias Taufique Bilal and Tauqir, reportedly the top terrorist in India.

Haywood returned to India in September 2008. (Ahmedabad blasts: Ken Haywood arrives in India 11 Sep 2008, 0215 hrs IST, C Unnikrishnan,TNN)

Photo of Bombay by Wen-Yan King

In India, Haywood workede for a firm called Campbell White, suspected of being a front for the CIA.

Haywood doesn't feature on its list of employees. (Cached)

The Indian Express reported on 14 August 2008 that the company's Mumbai office 'is located in two small adjoining rented rooms on the ground floor of Sanpada railway station complex', and that 'the two rooms also serve as prayer rooms for Potter's House... part of the Christian Fellowship Ministries based in Arizona.'

Duplex in Wadala

A Post at 'Consortium of Indian Defence Websites' (Cached), 20 Aug 2008:

"Haywood's fleeing immediately after the cracking of the Gujarat blasts and capture of the perpetrators is most suspicious.

"His escape resembles that of our ex-R&AW traitor,who also escaped with alleged US help.

"It also indicates that we may have in our intelligence services moles/informants working for foreign agencies tipping off agents within the country.

"However,the fact the Haywood was working for a bogus 'missionary' outfit is doubly alarming.

"The role of US so-called missionaries/evangelical groups in India is very controversial,for they are playing a dual role in agressive conversions as well as being part of the CIA destabilisation plan for India.

"Tehelka a few years ago revealed the fact that over 100 US so-called "Christian" evangelical groups/organisations were in fact bogus and part of Bush's CIA network.

"The question that now looms large in the mind is what connection exits between the CIA and the SIMI (Students Islamic Movement of India - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia) sponsored terrorists?

"Is SIMI actually a CIA operation?"



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India forecasted to depose USA as a G8 country in the not to distant will China. Maybe USA using CIA in fight to retain global position. Example, top 25% of India's highest IQs is MORE than the population of thr USA.

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I am always suspicious about these "christians" organizations that are doing charity work in the third world. These organizations come from nowhere and just disappear overnight after their objectives are achieved.

The Mossad like to hide behind such organizations. Usually these organizations are related to import and export and the furniture business. These days the IT business would be more convenient because it is easy to spy using high tech toys.

Tony Ryals said...

I didn't have any luck with your link above in which you state that,'Haywood doesn't feature on its list of employees.'Actually before they removed it immediately after the bombing,Haywood did indeed appear on the list of Campbell White employees that can be found at this link although I will post their names below.:

W Bush Religion:India Bombing,Campbell White's Jonathan Heimberg:Judeo Christian Fascism?

Dan Rubianes is the India Managing Director of Campbell White. With a
formal background in Communication Arts, Information Systems and
Management, combined with a career of 11 Years in Information
Technologies Development and Management, Dan now focuses on driving the company's growth and developing the next generation of
International Indian Business leaders......

David Curwen-Walker
Senior Operations Manager

David oversees Operations here at Campbell White, responsible for our
Internal Legal Department, and integration of International Operations
Training. Before joining Campbell White's Management team, David held
executive positions with firms in numerous industries, for more than
20 Years.

He was educated in English grammar at Essendon Grammar School in
Melbourne, Victoria Australia, and developed his legal skills in the
employ of H.C Curwen Walker Barristers and Solicitors, Melbourne,
Victoria Australia. David has the experience and contacts to help you

Monica Lutes
Human Resources Manager

Monica Lutes is the Manager Human Resources. Monica brings a wealth of
Benefit, Legal, and Ethics training experience to Campbell White. She
is responsible for Accounting, Employee Benefits and Vendor relations.
Monica brings versatile leadership skills, with a personal hands on
approach to her position at Campbell White.

Monica studied at Apollo College in Mesa, AZ.......

Ken Haywood
Corporate Training Manager
General Manager

Ken Haywood is our Corporate Training Manager, and the General Manager
in Navi-Mumbai. Ken has more than 20 years experience in hands on
Corporate Training, and has held senior positions with Fortune 500
companies throughout that time.

Ken's Background is in the Real Estate Law, and Information Services
Industry. He has worked extensively with business leaders, advocates,
and training personal since the mid 1980s.

Ken has completed courses of study in Civil Engineering, Real Estate
Law, Business Communications, Conflict Resolution, and Advanced
Professional Training courses.

You can contact Ken at:

Jonathan Heimberg, Senior Manager Information Services

Jonathan Heimberg is Campbell White's Senior Manager for Information
Services. Jonathan's vast experience, and training in Computer
Programming, Systems Security and Electronic Encryption gives our
customers great peace of mind in the age of Identity Theft, and
Corporate Espionage.

Jonathan's credentials include several years of experience as a Senior
Project Manager with the Learn Key Corporation, who train and Certify
industry leaders in diverse Software, Information Technologies, and
Database Technologies. Jonathan's Communication Technical Training was
done at the Comdial Technical Training Institute.

You can contact Jonathan at:

Richard Carter, Quality Assurance Manager, General Manager

Rachel Stamper, Manager for International Protocol

Kerri Grabowska
Developer / Senior Trainer

Scott Grabowska
International Protocol Trainer

R. Excelicia Cunville -International Protocol Trainer

Robert Dodd
Branch Manager

Michael White

Joseph Campbell

Tony Ryals said...

Additionally it is of interest that the campbellwhite website had quotes from 2 Fox News con artists,Repubi-con Frank Luntz and Jacqueline Whitemore.While it does not establish a direct link between Luntz or Fox News and the Campbell White murder suspects,it does give some indication of their political leanings,i.e.-faaar right.Below is link and quote from another of my 2008 post shortly after the bombings occured.:

Yahoo!,India Bombing: Campbell White Computer and Strange Fox News-Frank Luntz Connection
by Tony Ryals Tuesday, Jul. 29, 2008 at 10:53 PM:

While ' Kenneth Haywood and Kens White' are the names that appear in
the Indian and international news (such as The Times of India whose
brief quote with their names and link I provide below to document)re
the recent bombings and are referred to as Americans or Californians
residing in Mumbai whose computer was used to send threat and warning
of bombings in advance as well as to claim them in the name of a
presumed Islamic terrorist group - the strange thing is they
are(Haywood and his Campbell White company)apparently big fans of far
right political commentater and Fox News scumbag Frank Luntz !
You can see this from the last Google search of the campbellwhite
website below - but a search of their quickly changed website(since
the bombing ?),has Luntz's name and quote from him and as well as the name of Jacqueline Whitemore and quote from her that are now removed from their website ! Below is the website as it appeared at least until '16 Jun 2008 15:23:28 GMT' when it was crawled and cached by Google:

This is Google's cache of It is a snapshot
of the page as it appeared on 16 Jun 2008 15:23:28 GMT. The current
page could have changed in the meantime. Learn more »

Text-only versionThese search terms are highlighted: campbell white
frank luntz

We teach a simplistic methodology for communicating your ideas

The end result is a maximum impact You

What are International Professionals Saying about Communication Skills?

"How I say it has as much of an impact on what people think of me as
what I say."

"I have seen how effective language...delivered by people who are
passionate and effective can change the course of history."

~Frank Luntz, US Political Speech Writer/Author "Raw talent,
education or experience, and competency are no longer enough"

"Some people think this technology can make us more productive. But
it's not helping us with social skills"

~Jacqueline Whitemore, Author/Etiquette Trainer

Also this link that has all or most of the now closed down gnn or guerilla news website
article on the suspect Arizona terrorist cell .:

India Bombing,Yahoo!,Fox News,Kenneth Haywood,Campbell
White,Door,Christian Fellowship Ministries
by Tony Ryals | 08.01.2008

Opening the Doors of hell in India:

As I noticed in the Guardian yesterday, when police tracked down the wifi signal it turned out that the laptop from which it emanated belonged not to a wizened old sheik or a member of Mumbai’s mafia families, but to an “expat American” by the name of Kenneth Haywood.....

As Parambir Singh of India’s anti-terrorist squad put it, “We are not saying that they are suspects, but at the same time we cannot, at the moment, give them a clean chit.” And this was sensible, as Haywood’s computer remains in the lab being tested where, as the Hindu reports today, “it [will] take three or four days for completing the analysis of the hard disk.”

Meanwhile, Singh’s boss, Hemant Karkare told the Indian daily that “Experts are still on the job” and that Haywood, “is very much on the radar of suspicion.”.........

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