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Church Bethel Injil, in Solo City, Indonesia, following a bomb attack on 25 September 2011.

Who has a history of attacking churches?

And why might they want to target churches, and mosques, in Indonesia?

Indonesia's president Yudhoyono on the right.

According to the Washington Post, the former chief of staff of the Indonesian army, General Tyasno Sudarto, has denounced the United States; and he has praised China as a model of how to stand up to Washington.

The CIA may want to continue stirring things up in Indonesia.

On 25 September 2011, a bomb attack outside a pentacostalist church in the city of Solo, in Indonesia, killed at least two people.

Note the pyramid on the pentacostalist church in Solo.

Two days before the attack, a priest and a human rights activist warned of a shadowy campaign to stir up violence similar to the recent sectarian clashes in Ambon, in Indonesia's Maluku Islands.

(Activists Warn of Campaign to Foment Sectarian Violence)

Police are working to match the identity of the bomber in Solo with a suspect named Achmad Yosepa Hayat, who is being hunted for his role in the recent Cirebon mosque bombing.

( Solo Suspect May Have Played Part in Cirebon Mosque Bombing: Source‎)

President Yudhoyono has confirmed that the explosion at the church in Solo is linked to the Cirebon mosque bombing in April. (Solo Attack Tied to Cirebon Mosque Bombing: SBY)

There is a suspicion that the CIA's pentacostalists are trying to make Indonesia like Pakistan.

The Tehelka newspaper revealed that, in India, over 100 US Christian evangelical groups were fronts for the CIA. (1 - Tehelka - The People's Paper)

Church in Ambon

William Blum (Indonesia 1957-1958 KH) has reported that the CIA attacked churches in Ambon.

"In the early months of 1958, rebellion began to break out in one part of the Indonesian island chain, then another.

"CIA pilots took to the air to carry out bombing and strafing missions in support of the rebels...

"On a Sunday morning in April, a plane bombed ... a church, which demolished the building and killed everyone inside...

In more recent decades, much of the terror in Ambon has been linked to Christian gangsters, directed by sections of the military, trained by the CIA.

In 2002, Berty Loupatty, the leader of the Christian Coker gang, surrendered to the police. (

Berty Loupatty claims that most of the terror in Ambon and Maluku was stage-managed by the military.

Members of the Coker gang said that Kopassus (special forces) soldiers gave them directives, weapons and bombs to carry out every attack (in 2002). (AFP, 8 January 2003)

Most of the top Indonesian generals have been trained by the US military. Some Indonesian generals, such as Suharto, have reportedly been assets of the CIA.

So, in September 2011, activists have warned of a campaign to foment sectarian violence

"In recent days journalists and activists have received text messages - proven to be hoaxes - telling of invented or exaggerated attacks on Christian churches in the country...

"The messages are eerily reminiscent of the rumors that sparked the Ambon clashes on 11 September.

"Seven people died in the violence, which is believed to have been spurred by a text-message rumor that a Muslim man who had died in a traffic accident had actually been tortured and killed by Christians.

"Activist Theophilus Bela told Spero News that he had recently received similar text messages telling of assaults Christian churches in Poso...

Solo Suicide Blast May Be Linked to Ambon Violence: Police

An investigator in Solo’s bomb disposal unit said that the suspected bomber appeared to be about 35 years old, and that the scene was similar to an earlier attack carried out by Sharif, who detonated a bomb at a mosque in Cirebon, West Java, in April.



Anonymous said...

Indonesian culture embraces multiple relgions.

CIA attack on a church is a perfect war strategy to undermine the culture with psychological torture and generate civil war.

Rape is another tactic.

There is no need for regious wars as relgion is a tool used by the dark side to undermine ourselves.

Anonymous said...

Mary Tudor....a most evil woman in history....CIA not only ones using the church as a tool against people

Anonymous said...

There were many other women more evil than Mary Tudor. And the video smells like bullshit and propaganda, just as some commenters say. If u want to buy the youtube crap, fine, but thats not for me. Talk of brainwashing.


Anonymous said...

Its more than meets the eye. No other details were given to the press. Smth rotten in Denmark...


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