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Lucio Mascarenhas, from Goa, was quoted by Breivik. David Headley has many connections to Goa. Goa has many Israelis.

Goa may link Anders Breivik and David Headley.

Anders Breivik reportedly wrote that Indians "should target traitors in India and consolidate military cells and actively seek the overthrow of the cultural Marxist government."

He also stated that "India will continue to wither and die unless the Indian nationalists consolidate properly and strike to win."

He wants the European and Indian resistance movements to learn from each other and cooperate as much as possible." (Breivik's ideology threatens Christianity)

Anders Breivik "sourced his vitriol against Muslims from ... three writers of Indian origin..."

The three include Lucio Mascarenhas. (Goan Voice UK: August, 2011)

Breivik has borrowed from an article written by Mascarenhas, entitled The Crusades: Islam wronged?...


Mascarenhas describes himself as a follower of the Christian faith "in its purest form". (here.)

"Lucio Mascarenhas, a self-proclaimed evangelist, is a resident of Mumbai but originally from Goa." (Indian writers slam Breivik for quoting them)

Lucio Joao Mascarenhas is "the papal secretary of ... anti-pope Michael who lives somewhere in Kansas, USA." (ENEMY of HINDUS, CATHOLICS & PROTESTANTS)

"My name is Lucio Mascarenhas. I'm a 45 year-old Saint Lucian male,currently in Mumbai, India." (Lucio Mascarenhas from Mumbai, India - WAYN.COM)

Lucio Joao Mascarenhas of Sangolda runs The Goan Center discussion group "for organizing the Resistance to the Occupation of Goa". (Details here)

David headley and his mother. (Ex-Khyber Barkeep Charged in Mumbai Attacks)

A senior police officer in Goa has been suspended after a YouTube video emerged claiming he gave confiscated drugs to an alleged dealer.

The state's chief minister, Digamber Kamat, confirmed that the officer was among five suspended over their alleged links to two Israeli nationals suspected of peddling illegal narcotics.

All five used to serve in the drugs squad, he added.
(Goa cop suspended over YouTube drug claims )

Atala, alias Yaniv Banaim, a drug dealer operating in north Goa, was captured on spy camera speaking about his links to the Anti-Narcotics Cell (ANC) of the state police.

This led to the suspension of five policemen, including a senior police inspector. (Israeli drug dealer held in Goa )


"He was absolutely gorgeous.

"He was over six feet tall and looked liked a typical American college student (he was enrolled at Princeton, but rarely went to classes)...

"Daood was a babe-magnet at Khyber Pass.

"He had a very young and pretty girlfriend, and also had a stunning 40-year-old mistress who sat alone in a booth waiting for him to get off work and cried bitter tears because of the sweet young thing." (A description of David Headley -Ratbang Diary: Well, I Am SHOCKED! )

According to family friends, David Headley's mother, Serrill Headley, was involved in heavy drinking and multiple sexual relationships, and David Headley engaged in the same behavior. (DOG EAT DOG - IN INDIA)

David Headley's father worked for Voice of America, which is used by the CIA. (Pak PM's PRO admits he is Headley's half-brother.)

David Headley enrolled in the Valley Forge Military Academy. (Terror suspect was drug dealer, then informant Philadelphia ...)

Was he recruited by the CIA?

Main Indian Jewish communities. David Headley's father's ancestors migrated to Pakistan from Jastarwal in India’s Punjab state and Etawah.

Is David Headley Jewish?

David Headley's mother, allegedly, was an American Jewish lady. (according to a comment here:Cached )

David Headley visited various Jewish sites in India.

He claimed to be Jewish when he reportedly stayed at the Chabad centre in Mumbai in July 2008.

The American FBI found a book in his bag in Chicago entitled 'To Pray as a Jew'. (Cached )

According to Israeli and Indian officials, between 40,000 and 60,000 young Israelis have either permanently moved or established long-term residence in India. (Karma Kosher Conscripts in New-Age Diaspora Seek Refuge in Goa. )

In 2008 and in 2009, Israel issued temporary travel warnings for its citizens thinking of visiting Goa, in India. (Anti-Terror Bureau warns Israelis not to travel to Goa - Haaretz ...)


Mumbai bombing suspect David Headley reportedly has a link to Goa and an American in Goa. (David Headley's Goa link traced with US terror suspect 12Kerala.com)

The Indian officials investigating the 26/11/08 Mumbai attacks claim to have traced David Headley's Goa connection.

The officials claim that Headley was in constant touch with an American who has been living in Goa for the past nine years.

Reportedly the American in Goa has been running several business including bear bars and massage parlours in Goa.

Anjuna beach in Goa has a Chabad House, a Jewish prayer home, which is frequented by Israelis during the tourist season.

Israeli tourists, who form a sizeable portion of the foreign tourists in Goa, visit Goa in the months of October to February. (No central input on Headley's stay in Goa: police)


Mumbai’s Chabad House is suspected of having been used as a base for the Mumbai attacks of 2008.

Starting in March 2009, David Headley is reported to have visited a Chabad House in Delhi, a hotel in Pushkar near a Jewish centre, a guest house in Goa, and an office of El Al. (The Hindu : News / National : Headley planned synchronised attacks ...)

The Eliyahoo Synagogue, the most important synagogue for Mumbai Jews, located near the Apollo port and the Hotel Taj Mahal, was untouched in the 2008 Mumbai attacks. It was built by the Sassoons. (The Riddle of Mumbai)

One theory is that Chabad is being used by Mossad for terror attacks in India.

David Sassoon, whose grandson Edward Albert Sassoon, married Aline Caroline de Rothschild, the grand-daughter of Jacob (James) Mayer Rothschild. (www.iamthewitness.com/.../1878-1919.htm)

India has many connections to top Jews.

Lieutenant General JFR Jacob (Jacob-Farj-Rafael Jacob) is a former governor of the Indian state of Goa.

His family were Baghdadi Jews originally from Iraq who settled in Kolkata in the middle of the 18th century. 6

David Sassoon (1792 - 1864) was the treasurer of Baghdad between 1817 and 1829 and the leader of the Jewish community in Bombay (now Mumbai).

The British government gave Sassoon "monopoly rights" to the manufacture of Opium.

Sassoon expanded his opium trade into China and Japan. (Hong Kong, the Land Built on Opium )


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Occam's razor: The Mossad did Norway.

su said...

there must be a way to keep mossad busy.
some form of civil disobedience that it would be in their best interest to pay attention to.
turkey is giving them some foot work.

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Cleo Odzer was a Miami Jew and also addict who lived the 60's-70's in Goa and made a living smuggling drugs. Wrote a couple books about it but some reviewers claims she's been less than honest - about "Goa Freaks" from a review on Amazon:

This review is from: Goa Freaks: My Hippie Years in India (Paperback)
I can't understand anyone saying this is a great book or that there is anything admirable about the author. She doesn't seem to reflect on her experiences at all-she is just nostaglic for doing lots and lots of drugs and feeling superior to people who work. This is not a peace and love kind of book-she wants MONEY and STATUS and doesn't question the morality of smuggling heroin, never mind the way she treats India like a playground and has the attitude that it and the people who live there are just there to serve her.

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Gordon Duff, Veterans Today 2011-09-06:

"...Laying out what we know, what we fear and what we can safely surmise:

We have confirmed that the killings in Norway were a Mossad operation entirely, managed by a controlled cell of Freemasons in Northern Europe and Britain with strong contacts to Poland and Belarus. This group has extensive access to weapons of mass destruction, including nuclear material..."

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Hullo Aang, aren't I busy in your comments? Like a bee. Mind you, it's your fault for so constantly tweaking my curiosity.

But never mind all that, Lucio Joao Mascarenhas, eh? There's a Portagee name if ever I heard one. It's poor of me I know, but another similar name popped into my head whilst I read this - that pillar of the Catholic Church (or at least the Jesuitical bit of it) Ignacio López de Loyola. I wouldn't be at all surprised if these two have more than a few things in common.

Tony Ryals said...

Glad to see you are finding other bits and pieces to the Breivik Norway bombing mystery and yes his attraction to India at leat to buy badges or whatever caught my attention.This Goa connection and
CIA Israeli Headley connection is even more interesting.Also your previous stuff on Headley himself has been excellent by the way.
I have wanted to write something else about India since my pre Mumbai internet posts of 2008 about the Arizona 'Christian' fascists Potters House and Doors Ministires whose Yahoo! account was used to send the 5 minute warning before bombs went off.The Mumbai anti-terrorism inspector on their case Hermant Karkare was mysteriouly assassinated later on in the Chabad Lubavitch-Headley- FBI-CIA,etc. terrorism so want be investigating anymore....:


W Bush Religion:India Bombing,Campbell White's Jonathan Heimberg:Judeo Christian Fascism?

by Tony Ryals | 08.10.2008

Yahoo!,India Bombing:Campbell White's Jonathan Heimberg - Pseudo Christian ?, Judeo Fascist ?,CIA ?, Israeli Operative ?

W Bush Religion:India Bombing,Campbell White's Jonathan Heimberg:Judeo Christian Fascism?

It appears that at least one member of the campbellwhite.net of India,Jonathan Heimberg,who prosyletizes in Bangalore,India for christian converts there in his spare time may well be a closet Judeo Fascist rather than just an Arizona,etc., based Door Ministries or Christian Fellowship Ministries or The Potter's House,etc., Fascist !.......

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