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The CIA is largely run by people who believe in creating the greatest happiness of the greatest number.

These people are called 'utilitarians'.

A utilitarian might approve of torture - for the greater happiness of 'the majority'.

A utilitarian might approve of a false-flag terror attack, if it is thought that this will bring greater wealth and happiness to 'one's people'.

New research suggests that 'utilitarians' have higher scores on measures of:



and life meaninglessness.

(Antisocial personality traits predict utilitarian responses to moral dilemmas)

Utilitarians forget about goodness and justice.

Are you a utilitarian?

You are standing next to a large man on a bridge over rail tracks.

You notice a run-a-way trolley coming down the tracks.

It is about to run over 5 workmen further up the tracks.

If you push the large man off the bridge, he will fall onto the tracks and die.

His body will stop the trolley from killing the 5 workmen.

Should you push him?

Roughly 90% of people oppose the utilitarian act of killing one individual to save five.

Roughly 10% are utilitarians and would kill one individual to save five.

Utilitarians will sacrifice 'other people'.

Here's an easier test:

You are standing next to a very pretty white girl on a bridge over rail tracks.

You notice a run-a-way trolley coming down the tracks.

It is about to run over 5 ugly looking immigrant workmen further up the tracks.

If you push the girl off the bridge, she will fall onto the tracks and die.

Her body will stop the trolley from killing the 5 workmen.

Should you push her?

Another example:

You are standing next to a Palestinian child throwing stones at an Israeli vehicle which is about to smash up the child's home.

Do you shoot the child and make thousands of Israelis happy?

The bad guys are utilitarians.

Utilitarianism is the invention of Jeremy Bentham and John Stuart Mill

(Goodness has nothing to do with it The Economist)

Bentham thought up the idea that "the greatest happiness of the greatest number is the foundation of morals and legislation."

Research into utilitarians has now been carried out by Daniel Bartels at Columbia University and David Pizarro at Cornell.

Their research has been published in Cognition.

They found a strong link between utilitarian answers to moral dilemmas (push the large man off the bridge) and people who are psychopathic, Machiavellian or tend to view life as meaningless.

Was it right to bomb Dresden and Hiroshima?

Or, were the bombers forgetting about justice?

Was it wrong to kill innocent children?

What if it was your child that was killed by British and American bombs?

What if it was your child killed by certain people on the London tube train?

What if the people behind the recent terror think that they are doing the right thing?

The 'utilitarians' believe that governments should try to bring about the greatest happiness of the greatest number.

But, are the utilitarians forgetting about justice?

Bentham and Mill, the philosophers who advocated 'utilitarianism', no doubt had good intentions.

They were thinking about the happiness of all the world's citizens.

But, what about the planners in the Pentagon?

Are they thinking only about the greatest happiness of the greatest number of rich and powerful Americans?

Was Hitler only thinking about healthy, fair-haired Germans?

Did Truman have no concern for the women of Hiroshima?

Sociologist Alan Wolfe asks: "Why do capitalism and liberal democracy, both of which justify themselves on the grounds that they produce the greatest happiness for the greatest number, leave so much dissatisfaction in their wake?"

Could it be that western governments forget about justice?

Former London police chief Sir Ian Blair urged the public not to let the shooting of Jean Charles de Menezes overshadow the deaths of 52 victims of the London bombers.

The Metropolitan Police Commissioner told BBC Radio 4: "We can't let that one tragic death outweigh all others."

Utilitarianism - the end justifies the means.

Below are some thoughts from Roger Kimball:

Let's pretend, he said, that some mad scientist has figured out a way to bring peace, prosperity, and general happiness to the whole world.

There was just one catch: this brave new world required the yearly sacrifice of one innocent person, chosen at random.

Supposing this scheme were perfected: would it be moral to close with the offer and subscribe universal happiness at the cost of one innocent life per annum?

Well, why not?

Think of all the billions of people there are in the world.

Scads of innocent people die all the time.

Why not spread happiness and reduce the death toll at the same time?

Hard cheese on the appointed victim, of course.

But he (or she) would at least have the consolation of dying for the good of society.

This is the sort of argument you might get from Jeremy Bentham (1748-1832), the father of utilitarianism.

Utilitarianism defines the good as the greatest happiness for the greatest number.

Utilitarianism, especially in its undoctrinaire forms, has a lot of appeal.

Most of us are at least intermittent utilitarians.

At least, we expect those running society to act on broadly utilitarian principles, to "maximize" goods and services (read "happiness") for as many people as possible.

It is interesting, then, that everyone to whom I have presented my friend's thought-experiment has recoiled.

Some people say, "That's just silly," and change the subject.

Some say, "What a horrible idea," and change the subject.

Hardly anyone says "That would be wrong because . . ." and then supplies a reason.

I think that the uneasiness that most people feel about this utilitarian fantasy is a good thing.

I also think that the reluctance on the part of most people to provide a reason for their uneasiness is troubling...

What's wrong with the utilitarian philosophy?

...One important human ideal is freedom.

A central reason that the utilitarian fantasy with which we began is morally repugnant is because it requires the violation of freedom.

It therefore builds a fatal weakness into its very foundation.

The utilitarian promise works to the extent that we understand ourselves as creatures who behave in order to achieve certain ends.

To the extent that we see our selves as moral creatures - creatures, that is to say, whose lives are bounded by an ideal of freedom - utilitarianism presents itself as a version of nihilism...



When you think of 'Americanised' countries, such as the Philippines, you think of crime and poverty.

The most Americanised state in Europe is the UK.

A new survey of 10 developed European countries shows that the country with the worst quality of life in Europe is the UK.

Think of crime and poverty.

(UK 'officially bottom of pile'‎ / UK has worst quality of life in Europe )

The UK has the third lowest spending on health as a percentage of GDP.

The UK has below average government spending on education.

Britons have 5.5 fewer days holiday a year than the European average.

In the UK, food and diesel prices are the highest in Europe.

Britain has a 'broken society'.

People in France, Spain, Italy, the Netherlands and Sweden all live longer than people in the UK.

aangirfan: CIA AGENTS?

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Argentinian model Naomi Preizler

If you buy a BlackBerry in the USA, it will most likely have been assembled in Asia.

If you buy a BlackBerry in Argentina, it will have been assembled in Argentina.

One of the main reasons for the Economic problems in the USA and Europe is that jobs have been moved to Asia.

Argentina is trying to protect its workers, according to The Economist

In October 2011, Brightstar, a multinational manufacturer, will begin assembling BlackBerrys in Argentina.

Argentinian workers will assemble the pieces and put them in local packaging.

Making BlackBerrys in Argentina will be more expensive than making them in Asia, but it will give jobs to Argentinians.

The policy of the Argentine government will cut foreigners' share of Argentina’s mobile-phone market from 96% in 2009 to a forecast 20% by the end of 2011.

Argentine's president Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner

Argentine manufacturers have been booming.

Argentina now imposes more 'trade limitations' than any country except Russia.

Argentina cannot raise tariffs, because it belongs to the Mercosur customs union.

But Argentina has various tactics it can use to limit imports.

The Argentine government is planning to limit total foreign landholdings to 20% of the country’s territory.

It is planning to stop any individual from acquiring over 1,000 hectares (2,471 acres).

In the October 2011 election President Fernández is expected to be re-elected.

Big US corporations like cheap labour.

US hourly wages are $33.53.

(Average hourly take-home pay for US workers was $23.03. Social insurance expenditures add $7.90 to hourly compensation and benefits paid by employers add $2.60 per hour for a total labor compensation cost of $33.53.)

US hourly wages are about the lowest in the developed world, way below those in Norway ($53.89), Denmark ($49.56), Belgium ($49.40), Austria ($48.04), and Germany ($46.52).

Big corporation would rather pay $1 per hour rather than $33

Argentinian model Floppy Tesouro

Dr. Paul Craig Roberts is a former Assistant Secretary of the US Treasury.

At Global research, on 25 September 2011, Dr Roberts explained that one of the main reasons for the economic problems of the USA and Europe is the moving of jobs to Asia.

America and Europe: Saving the Rich and Losing the Economy

In the last 10 years:

1. The US lost 54,621 factories.

2. Manufacturing employment fell by 5 million employees.

3. The number of larger factories (those employing 1,000 or more employees) declined by 40 percent.

US factories employing 500-1,000 workers declined by 44 percent.

According to Dr Roberts:

"It is US corporations that move their factories abroad...

"Half of US imports from China consist of the offshored production of US corporations...

"In China as of 2008, total hourly labor cost was $1.36...

"A corporation that moves 1,000 jobs to China saves saves $32,000 every hour in labor cost...

"These savings translate into higher .... executive compensation, not in lower prices for consumers who are left unemployed..."

It's not just factory jobs.

"The high speed Internet has made it possible to offshore many professional service jobs, such as software engineering, Information Technology, research and design."

Meanwhile, the US government allows in each year one million legal immigrants and an unknown number of illegal immigrants.


"Teachers report to me that a growing number of children cannot form letters or even hold a pencil.

"Many cannot sit and listen.

"Many can scarcely communicate orally, let alone frame a question.

"Many cannot use a knife and fork.

"Many cannot even go to the lavatory properly.

"Some express their frustration through displays of inarticulate rage."

"60 per cent of white boys eligible for free school meals aren’t reading properly at the age of 14...

"There are more than one thousand primary schools where more than forty per cent of children leave unable to read write and add up properly."

Gove speech on 'the underclass' in full


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In April 2004, Gaddafi publicly acknowledged that, in 1996, killings had taken place in Tripoli's Abu Salim prison.

The Gaddafi government said that the killings took place during a battle between prison guards and al Qaeda's Libyan Islamic Fighting Group.

Around 200 guards were killed.[8]

Human Rights Watch, said to be linked to the CIA, claims that 1,270 prisoners were killed.

However, this estimate is based on the account of a single former inmate. [6]

Now the BBC claims to have found the bones of people killed at Abu Salim prison.

But, "No excavation has taken place at the site."

And, "Members of the media were shown bones at the site, but medics with CNN staffers on the scene said the bones did not appear to be human."

On 25 September 2011, at empirestrikesblack, we learn how the BBC apparently spun a story about a mass grave in Libya.

According to the BBC:

A mass grave believed to contain up to 1,270 bodies has been found in the Libyan capital, Tripoli, says the National Transitional Council (NTC).

The remains are thought to be those of inmates who were killed by security forces in 1996 in the Abu Salim prison.

Excavation at the site is expected to start soon.



Cartoon by Martin Rowson

On 26 September 2011, the media reported that prosecutors in Scotland asked the new Libyan leadership for its help with the Lockerbie bombing inquiry.

Scotland's Lord Advocate Frank Mulholland QC asked the Libyan authorities to hand over any information that could lead to a second trial over the bombing, which killed 270 people in December 1988.

The Crown Office sought assistance from Libya's National Transitional Council (NTC) to gain evidence that could lead to the conviction of others involved in the atrocity.

A spokesman said that "In particular we have asked the NTC to make available to the Crown any documentary evidence and witnesses which could assist in the ongoing inquiries."

The following is the documentary evidence now provided:

Top Secret

1. "CIA assets in Germany, with ties to the PFLP-GC, made the Lockerbie bomb." (LOCKERBIE IS ABOUT HEROIN)

2. A document dated 18 July 2007 (The Lumpert Affidavit) signed by Ulrich Lumpert, employed as electronic engineer at MeBo from 1978 to 1994, reads:

'I confirm today on July 18th 2007, that I stole the third hand-manufactured MST-13 Timer PC-Board consisting of 8 layers of fiberglass from MEBO Ltd. and gave it without permission on June 22nd 1989 to a person officially investigating in the Lockerbie case"

3. A retired Scottish Police Chief has given sworn testimony that the evidence in the Lockerbie trial was planted by CIA operatives.




Siraj Ali

On 7 July 2005, bombs went off in London killing a large number of people.

On 21 July 2005, again in London, five men allegedly tried to detonate bombs at 3 underground train stations and on a bus.

Siraj Ali, from Eritrea, was accused of helping these failed London bombers of 21 July 2005.

In 2008, Siraj Ali was jailed for 12 years.

He has been released from prison early, very early.

He is not to be deported.

TONY FARRELL - intelligence analyst /POLICE INTELLIGENCE OFFICER says 9 11 AND 7 7 were inside-jobs.

On 26 September 2011 the Daily Mail tells us more about Siraj Yassin Abdullah Ali.

Siraj Ali was brought up in the same foster family as July 21 conspirator Yassin Omar.

In a waste paper bin at Ali's home, police found handwritten notes which had been ripped up.

On one piece of paper were the words ‘detonator, charge and Allah’

Perhaps the police failed to notice additional words such as 'MI5, asset, patsy'.

Infowars tells us more (Terror Expert: London Bombings Mastermind is MI6 Asset)

"The July 29 edition of FOX News Channel's Day Side programme revealed that the so called mastermind of the 7/7 London Bombings, Haroon Rashid Aswat, is a British Intelligence Asset.

"Former Justice Dept. prosecutor and Terror expert John Loftus revealed that the so called Al-Muhajiroun group, based in London had formed during the Kosovo crisis, during which Fundamentalist Muslim Leaders (Or what is now referred to as Al Qaeda) were recruited by MI6 to fight in Kosovo.

"Loftus stated that '...back in the late 1990s, the leaders all worked for British intelligence in Kosovo. Believe it or not, British intelligence actually hired some Al-Qaeda guys to help defend the Muslim rights in Albania and in Kosovo. That's when Al-Muhajiroun got started.'"

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Church Bethel Injil, in Solo City, Indonesia, following a bomb attack on 25 September 2011.

Who has a history of attacking churches?

And why might they want to target churches, and mosques, in Indonesia?

Indonesia's president Yudhoyono on the right.

According to the Washington Post, the former chief of staff of the Indonesian army, General Tyasno Sudarto, has denounced the United States; and he has praised China as a model of how to stand up to Washington.

The CIA may want to continue stirring things up in Indonesia.

On 25 September 2011, a bomb attack outside a pentacostalist church in the city of Solo, in Indonesia, killed at least two people.

Note the pyramid on the pentacostalist church in Solo.

Two days before the attack, a priest and a human rights activist warned of a shadowy campaign to stir up violence similar to the recent sectarian clashes in Ambon, in Indonesia's Maluku Islands.

(Activists Warn of Campaign to Foment Sectarian Violence)

Police are working to match the identity of the bomber in Solo with a suspect named Achmad Yosepa Hayat, who is being hunted for his role in the recent Cirebon mosque bombing.

( Solo Suspect May Have Played Part in Cirebon Mosque Bombing: Source‎)

President Yudhoyono has confirmed that the explosion at the church in Solo is linked to the Cirebon mosque bombing in April. (Solo Attack Tied to Cirebon Mosque Bombing: SBY)

There is a suspicion that the CIA's pentacostalists are trying to make Indonesia like Pakistan.

The Tehelka newspaper revealed that, in India, over 100 US Christian evangelical groups were fronts for the CIA. (1 - Tehelka - The People's Paper)

Church in Ambon

William Blum (Indonesia 1957-1958 KH) has reported that the CIA attacked churches in Ambon.

"In the early months of 1958, rebellion began to break out in one part of the Indonesian island chain, then another.

"CIA pilots took to the air to carry out bombing and strafing missions in support of the rebels...

"On a Sunday morning in April, a plane bombed ... a church, which demolished the building and killed everyone inside...

In more recent decades, much of the terror in Ambon has been linked to Christian gangsters, directed by sections of the military, trained by the CIA.

In 2002, Berty Loupatty, the leader of the Christian Coker gang, surrendered to the police. (

Berty Loupatty claims that most of the terror in Ambon and Maluku was stage-managed by the military.

Members of the Coker gang said that Kopassus (special forces) soldiers gave them directives, weapons and bombs to carry out every attack (in 2002). (AFP, 8 January 2003)

Most of the top Indonesian generals have been trained by the US military. Some Indonesian generals, such as Suharto, have reportedly been assets of the CIA.

So, in September 2011, activists have warned of a campaign to foment sectarian violence

"In recent days journalists and activists have received text messages - proven to be hoaxes - telling of invented or exaggerated attacks on Christian churches in the country...

"The messages are eerily reminiscent of the rumors that sparked the Ambon clashes on 11 September.

"Seven people died in the violence, which is believed to have been spurred by a text-message rumor that a Muslim man who had died in a traffic accident had actually been tortured and killed by Christians.

"Activist Theophilus Bela told Spero News that he had recently received similar text messages telling of assaults Christian churches in Poso...

Solo Suicide Blast May Be Linked to Ambon Violence: Police

An investigator in Solo’s bomb disposal unit said that the suspected bomber appeared to be about 35 years old, and that the scene was similar to an earlier attack carried out by Sharif, who detonated a bomb at a mosque in Cirebon, West Java, in April.




The Israeli media has speculated that Tony Blair is having an affair with an Israeli woman, called Ofra Strauss. (Tony Blair's intriguing friendship with Ofra Strauss, an Israeli.)

The Strausses were active in the Jewish underground movement which opposed British rule of Palestine. (The rewards of one Zionist dream.)

"They would meet groups of 'illegal' immigrants on the Nahariya seashore and hide them in their cowshed from the British Mandate authorities, before safely transferring the immigrants to nearby kibbutzim."

The Strauss food business "is dominated by former Israel Defence Forces officers." (The rewards of one Zionist dream.)

Liora, a columnist for Maariv newspaper, wrote an 'open letter' to Cherie Blair, suggesting she might like to investigate the nature of the relationship between Tony Blair and Ofra strauss.

Liora wrote (Strauss.):

"For the information of Mrs Blair - Very, very quietly this weekend, the official car allocated to Tony Blair by the Quartet glided through the gates of Ofra's house, which is protected by tight security measures…

"All kinds of bad people have called me trying to suggest this visit had the character of a sexy conspiracy, so I'm handing the matter over to you to handle personally."

Another article in a Jewish newspaper stated: "Ofra Strauss is grooming ... Tony Blair... Ofra’s neighbours tell me that she wants to know whenever there’s some special event in Tony’s honour – and that happens a lot."

An Israeli news website claims that Blair is a "milky, throbbing alpha male with unexplained sex appeal", and that on his visits to Tel Aviv he "awakens hidden desires". (Strauss.)

On 25 September 2011, the Mail reports on Tony Blair's intriguing friendship with Ofra Strauss, an Israeli.

According to The Mail:

Strauss and Blair enjoy each other’s company.


aangirfan: Sex and Blair's cabinet

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William Beckford

William Beckford (1760-1844) was, at one time, the richest commoner in England.

In 1779, William Beckford, aged 19, met his cousin William Courtenay, aged 11.

Beckford fell in love with Courtenay.

Beckford and Courtenay were close friends for almost 6 years.

William Courtenay (known as Kitty)

At one point the Beckford family owned around 1600 African slaves in Jamaica.

William Beckford defended the slave trade.

The Beckford wealth came from sugar plantations, and slavery.

The Beckford family was also involved in money lending. (BBC: The Beckford's and Slavery)

Wikipedia describes William Beckford as an art collector, travel writer and sometime politician, reputed to be the richest commoner in England.

Beckford's Fonthill Abbey - a pretty big erection.

William Beckford was the author of the Gothic novel Vathek and the builder of Fonthill Abbey.

He was briefly trained in music by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.

He married Lady Margaret Gordon, daughter of the fourth Earl of Aboyne.

His bisexuality was revealed when his letters to the Hon William Courtenay, later 9th Earl of Devon, were intercepted by the boy's uncle.

Courtenay was described as being gay and being the most beautiful boy in England.[1]

Eventually, William Beckford's erection collapsed. And his wealth declined.

William Beckford "built the loftiest domestic residence in the world" and had "a virtual harem of boys." (William Beckford: The Fool of Fonthill - History and Literature. by Rictor Norton)

In 1781, "Beckford wanted an Oriental spectacle that would completely ravish the senses of his guests, not least so that he could enjoy a sexual tryst with a thirteen year old boy, William Courtenay, and Louisa Beckford, his own cousin’s wife."

(The Virtual Infernal: Philippe de Loutherbourg, William Beckford.)

Louisa reportedly enjoyed orgiastic 'iniquities' and 'sacrifices,' on 'young victims panting on the altar,' and on spectre raisings and demonic rituals (Parreaux 382; Mowl, William Beckford 111).

In 1784, a visitor to Beckford's home reported some "strange goings on" in Courtenay's bedroom.

Beckford was reportedly in bed with Courtenay.

Beckford moved abroad, living mainly in Portugal.

In Beckford's "thinly veiled fantasy-autobiography", The History of the Caliph Vathek, published in 1786, Beckford is Vathek and Cortnenay is Prince Gulchenrouz, who sometimes wears the dresses of Princess Nouronihar.

Beckford's mother is Princess Carathis, a witch who casts evil spells.

Vathek murders both Nouronihar and Gulchenrouz.

Gulchenrouz goes to heaven where his is surrounded by beautiful boys.

Vathek sacrifices fifty boys, "stripped and presented to the admiration of the spectators."

They are thrown over a cliff, but are rescued by a genie who takes them to join Gulchenrouz.

Vathek ends up in hell. (William Beckford: The Fool of Fonthill - Gay History and Literature)

Website for this image -William Beckford’s oriental-gothic novel Vathek (1786). "In exchange for secret knowledge and limitless wealth, the caliph ruler, Vathek , agrees to sacrifice fifty boys to the ‘Giaour’, an Islamic version of the devil. The Giaour appears to Vathek in the form of a monstrous Indian traveller, a person who confounds masculinity/femininity, human/supernatural."

When he returned to England, Beckford had "a harem of boy-servants for diversion, some picked up in England."

The boy's names were:

pale Ambrose, infamous Poupee, horrid Ghoul, insipid Mme Bion, cadaverous Nicobuse, the portentous dwarf, frigid Silence, Miss Long, Miss Butterfly, Countess Pox, Mr Prudent Well-Sealed-up, The Monkey, and The Turk.

There were rumours of orgies.

Beckford, at his Fonthill Abbey, built a tower nearly 300 feet high.

Guests of honour at the grand opening, in 1800, were Admiral Lord Nelson and his mistress Emma Hamilton.

In Portugal, Beckford had fallen in love with Greg├│rio Franchi, a chorister at the court of Queen Maria I.

Beckford brought Franchi back to England.

Beckford asked Franchi to "go to see an angel called Saunders who is a tight-rope walker at the Circus Royal and the certain captivator of every bugger's soul. Ah!"

Franchi was asked to visit Sauders's father, and to make "a proposition for a journey to foreign parts, and even a life-annuity - all this is possible."

Beckford's letters to Franchi refer to visits to London; in 1810 he found a "little rogue" on Hounslow Heath. (William Beckford: The Fool of Fonthill - Gay History and Literature)

Rictor Norton, in 'William Beckford's Gay Scrapbooks' refers to Beckford's interest in gay activities in Britain.

Beckford kept press cuttings referring to the following:

In 1828 a Mr Seymour and his servant Mr Macklin were discovered having sexual relations in the master's dressing room.

"A certain English Marquis" left the country amidst "strange circumstances connected with his early propensities."

In 1826 a boy of sixteen, said to be the second son of an Irish Peer, was charged with having made indecent proposals to a sentry on duty at Knightsbridge Barracks.

In 1825 Rev William Hayes, of St Paul's, was "found in a disgusting situation with a boy in a lane leading to a wharf in Upper Thames-street."

In 1825, John Grossett Muirhead of St George's, Hanover Square took three boys, one aged 14 and one aged 21, to an oyster shop, where he showed them pornography and fondled them.

Muirhead was a member of the Society for the Suppression of Vice and a Director of the Auxiliary Bible Society of St George's in the Fields.

In 1816, John Attwood Eglerton was hanged after being accused of committing sodomy with a stable boy. Eglerton was a waiter with a wife and children.

William Beckford's father was Lord Mayor of London.

William Beckford's mother, connected by marriage to the Dukes of Hamilton, was a 'stern Calvinist'.


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Dutch troops in Rawagede.

In 1947, Dutch troops massacred 431 men and boys in the town of Rawagede, east of Jakarta, in Indonesia.

Indonesia remembers bloody Dutch massacre

In 2008, eight widows and one survivor took the Dutch state to court.

A Dutch court has now ruled that the Netherlands was responsible for the executions, and that seven of the eight widows and the family of the survivor should be compensated.

The executions in Rawagede took place at a time when the Indonesians were seeking their independence from the Dutch.


Channel 5 documentary reveals US plans to destroy the UK.

A UK TV documentary has revealed the USA's top secret 'War Plan Red':

America's Planned War On Britain: Revealed Channel 5




The US military must now be happy.

Britain no longer has its Empire.

And the CIA appears to exercise control over Britain's institutions.

Mountbatten was killed by a bomb in 1979.

In an interview with The Guardian on 9 January 1984, former UK government minister Enoch Powell claimed that the Americans murdered Lord Mountbatten and Margaret Thatcher's friend Airey Neave.

"The Mountbatten murder was a high-level 'job' not unconnected with the nuclear strategy of the United States" (Guardian 9th January 1984).

Mountbatten was said to be in favour of nuclear disarmament.

Powell claimed the evidence came from a member of the Royal Ulster Constabulary with whom he had a conversation. (Simon Heffer, Like the Roman: The Life of Enoch Powell, 1999, p. 881.)

12 October 1984 bomb - Grand Hotel Brighton

In the USA, in November 1982, five men were acquitted of smuggling arms to the IRA after they revealed that the CIA had approved the shipment.[98]

On 12 October 1984, a bomb went off at the Grand Hotel in Brighton, England.

The bomb, planted by Patrick Magee, a member of the Provisional Irish Republican Army (IRA), was intended to kill Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher and her cabinet, who were staying at the hotel for the Conservative Party conference.

The Irish National Liberation Army was a rival to the Official IRA, and may have been set up in order to weaken the Nationalist cause.

There is a theory that many of the Irish terror groups were Mafias run by elements of the CIA and MI6. It was all about making money from drugs and guns.

Kevin Fulton, a former British soldier claimed that he had flown to New York, met FBI and MI5 agents and was given money to buy an infra-red device to be used to set off IRA bombs. (Congress probes 'IoS' revelations on IRA link.)

The INLA murdered 113 people in the 80s and 90s.

Neave was murdered in 1979.

When Margaret Thatcher's close friend Airey Neave was assassinated in 1979, in a car-bomb attack at a House of Commons carpark, the Irish National Liberation Army (INLA) was among the groups that claimed responsibility for the assassination.

Journalist Paul Routledge, in his book Public Servant Secret Agent, floated the idea that Neave was killed by people within MI6 and the CIA.

In 2002, Journalist Paul Donovan wrote, in the Irish Democrat, about "A tangled web of intrigue"

According to Donovan:

1. Neave sought to clean up the corruption within the security services.

2. Neave was killed by a bomb. Gerald James, former chief of the armaments firm Astra Holdings, wrote that the mercury switch on the bomb was only available to the CIA at the time.

3. Enoch Powell claimed that the CIA wanted a united Ireland within NATO.


What is the evidence of US influence in the UK?

A. The Americans seem to have very strong links to certain UK politicians and people in the military.

The Sunday Herald has discovered that about half the parliamentary questions tabled by Lord Moonie, the former UK defence minister, 'relate to areas of commercial interest to US-based Northrop Grumman Corporation.'

Moonie is a consultant to Northrop Grumman IT.

Moonie has been accused of being one of four Labour lords ready to accept money in return for helping amend legislation. Moonie, 61, said he would make introductions in return for £30,000 a year. - Cash for questions: new row over Scottish lord’s £30k deal

B. According to Private Eye (UK), August 2005:

Sir Robert Walmsley, former head of UK defence procurement, procured himself a job as director of US arms firm the EDO Corporation.

Admiral lord Boyce, the chief of the UK defence staff who retired in 2003, became an adviser to the American Computer Sciences Corporation in 2004. Boyce told Private Eye that he advised CSC on its bid for a £6 billion defence contract.

"Sir Clive Whitmore, the Ministry of Defence's top civil servant at the time of the monster and totally corrupt al-Yamamah arms deal with Saudi Arabia, shares his Directorship of NM Rothschild with the Old Harrovian Charles Guthrie." - Lord Guthrie supporting the Military Industrial complex ... and Israel

C. Britain's leaders all seem to work for the CIA.

"When Gordon Brown was a student at the University of Edinburgh… the young Labour and anti-apartheid activist was handed a list by an individual known to be a top CIA agent based in Britain.

"On the list were the names of a number of British socialists and anti-apartheid activists. Although Brown was said not to have known of his American contact's intelligence ties at the time, the British intelligence sources revealed that Brown has been on the CIA's payroll ever since he took possession of the list." - Columns: 'Washington watch' by Tumbler Prospect Magazine July ...

Brown, agent of the CIA?

D. Britain's military now appears to be run by the Pentagon and Britain's nuclear missiles are American-controlled. - Anger as Britain secretly sells off its stake in Aldermaston ...

E. The CIA seems to be able to control Britain's police and courts, when it suits them. - LOCKERBIE BOMBING EVIDENCE 'PLANTED' - Mail on Sunday 21 December 2008

Victor Rothschild worked for the British security services. Was he also working for Mossad?

F. In 1965 Angleton, and President Johnson, decided to commission a report on Britain's secret services.

This report recommended sending more spies to Britain It seemed that the CIA was going to treat Britain like Indonesia or Pakistan.

In order to ensure that there was an elite which would support US interests, the CIA would try to gain control of MI5 and MI6, use dirty tricks to get rid of anti-American politicians, and place pro-American puppets into positions of power.

In 1996, in the Guardian, Martin Kettle suggested that New Labour was all about Britain being in with the Americans.

G. In a talk to Labour Party branches in 1996, Robin Ramsay (Lobster Magazine) pointed out some interesting links between New labour and the USA.

Jonathan Powell, Blair's top man in Downing Street, used to work in Britain's Washington embassy and is suspected by some of having been our spook liaising with the CIA.

Brown's top aid Edward Balls went to Harvard.

Gordon Brown spent his holidays in the library at Harvard.

The US encouraged large numbers of Labour MPs to take free trips to America (Israel also invited a large number of Labour MPs to Israel).

In 1986 Tony Blair went on a US-sponsored trip to America and came back a supporter of the nuclear deterrent.

In 1993 Blair attended a Bilderberg Group meeting (secretive right wing organisation) and not long afterwards became Labour leader.

Four of the Blair cabinet have been members of the Anglo-American elite group the British American Project; three of the Blair cabinet have attended Bilderberg meetings.

Peter Mandelson become Chair of British Youth Council which began as the British section of the World Assembly of Youth, which was set up and financed by MI6 and then taken over by the CIA in the 1950s.

And the unions?

According to Ramsay: "The CIA also ran the anti-communist international trade union movement, the International Confederation of Free Trade Unions, the ICFTU..By the mid 1950s nearly a quarter of the TUC's annual budget was going to the ICFTU, a CIA operation.


Thursday, September 22, 2011


US plan to attack Britain and its empire.

Documents found in the US National Archives reveal that:

The USA devised plans to attack Britain, and, other rivals.

How America planned to destroy BRITAIN.

Among the plans developed were:

Plan Red: War against Britain
Orange: War against Japan
Green: Against Mexico
Purple: South America
White: Domestic uprising
Black: Germany
Grey: Caribbean republics
Yellow: China
Brown: Philippines

Nazi America

On 21 September 2011, the Daily Mail explains: How America planned to destroy BRITAIN.

From this we learn:

In 1930, the US military approved a plan for an attack on BRITAIN and its EMPIRE with bombing raids and chemical weapons.

Plan Red was the code for this massive US war against Britain.

The USA's 1930 plan aimed to destroy Britain's trading ability and bring Britain to its knees.

'Nazi' MacArthur signed the plan to bomb Britain.

The use, against Britain, of massive bombing raids and chemical weapons was agreed to by the USA's General Douglas MacArthur.

The top-secret papers, "once regarded as the most sensitive on Earth", were found within the American National Archives in Washington.

In 1931, the U.S. government got Nazi sympathiser Charles A. Lindbergh to spy on Canada.

Four years later, the U.S. Congress agreed to the building of three secret airfields on the U.S. side of the Canadian border.

In 1935, America staged its largest-ever military manoeuvres near the Canadian border.

The first attack on British citizens was to be in Halifax, Nova Scotia, in Canada.

According to Professor Mike Vlahos, of the U.S. Naval War College, 'The U.S. was forced to contemplate any measure to keep Britain at bay.'

'You have to remember the U.S. was born out of a revolutionary struggle against Britain in 1776,' says Dr. John H. Maurer, of the U.S. Naval War College.

On 15 June 1939, an internal US memo states these plans for an invasion 'should be retained' for the future.

The top-secret papers seen here in a UK Channel 5 documentary.

War Plan Red - from Wikipedia

According to Wikipedia:

War Plan Red, also known as the Atlantic Strategic War Plan, was a plan for the United States to make war with Great Britain (the "Red" forces).

It was developed by the United States Army during the mid 1920s, approved in May 1930 by the Secretary of War and the Secretary of Navy, updated in 1934–35, and officially withdrawn in 1939, following the outbreak of the Second World War, when it and others like it were replaced by the five "Rainbow" plans created to deal with the Axis threat.

However, it was not declassified until 1974.

The war was intended to be a continental war, waged primarily on North American territory between the United States and the British Empire.

The assumption was that Canada would represent the primary theater of operations.

War Plan Red was created because some American planners thought that Britain’s imperial reach would bring it into conflict with the U.S.

In 1935 War Plan Red was updated and specified which roads to use in the invasion...

War Plan Red was only one of a number of U.S. color-coded war plans developed at this time.

War Plan Red was declassified in 1974, and caused a stir in American-Canadian relations...

Further reading

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External links

Rudmin, F. A 1935 US Plan for Invasion of Canada February 1995
Carlson, P. Raiding the Icebox The Washington Post. December 2005


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