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In 1984, in London, Police Constable Yvonne Fletcher was shot dead outside the Libyan people’s Bureau.

In April 1996, Britain's Channel Four programme Dispatches revealed that Fletcher had been murdered by elements of British and American intelligence.

"The purpose of the slaying ... was to 'shape' public opinion and, importantly, pre-empt Parliamentary indignation for the later bombing of Tripoli by British based US warplanes." (Easy Target)

Yvonne Fletcher

The official inquest concluded that WPC Fletcher was killed by someone firing a 9mm calibre automatic weapon from a lower floor in the Libyan embassy.

But this verdict has been disputed by a number of experts, including the British Army's senior ballistics officer Lieutenant Colonel George Styles and Home Office pathologist Hugh Thomas.

Enserch House 'linked to the CIA'

On 24 June 1997, Tam Dalyell MP questioned Prime Minister Tony Blair about the death of Yvonne Fletcher. Dalyell made particular reference to a Channel 4 documentary about the murder:

"With the agreement of Queenie Fletcher, her mother, I raised with the Home Office the three remarkable programmes that were made by Fulcrum, and their producer, Richard Bellfield, called Murder In St. James's.

"Television speculation is one thing, but this was rather more than that, because on film was George Styles, the senior ballistics officer in the British Army, who said that, as a ballistics expert, he believed that the WPC could not have been killed from the second floor of the Libyan embassy, as was suggested.

"Also on film was my friend, Hugh Thomas, who talked about the angles at which bullets could enter bodies, and the position of those bodies.

"Hugh Thomas was, for years, the consultant surgeon of the Royal Victoria hospital in Belfast, and I suspect he knows more about bullets entering bodies than anybody else in Britain.

"Above that was Professor Bernard Knight, who, on and off, has been the Home Office pathologist for 25 years.

"When Bernard Knight gives evidence on film that the official explanation could not be, it is time for an investigation."

A major issue is the discrepancy in the bullet trajectory noted by the pathologist who examined the body of Yvonne Fletcher.

Dr. Ian West wrote in his initial post mortem report she was shot from the upper floors of an adjacent building because "the angle of wound was between 60 and 70 degrees".

Inisto writes:

"Peter Power (involved in the London Tube Bombngs exercise) was deputy forward coordinator/commander at the Libyan People's Bureau siege at which WPC Yvonne Fletcher was shot and killed, in 1984."

More info on Power's involvement is here."

Note also that Dr Paul Knapman was the coroner at the Inquest of Yvonne Fletcher.

"Knapman (as the Westminster coroner) was also involved in the 7/7 incident.

"Stinks, doesn't it?!"

Examination of the scientific evidence showed that the shot which killed Yvonne Fletcher could only have come from from Enserch House.

This building had links to the CIA.




Thanks for reminding us of this Aangifran.

The UK's call for the handing over of Fletcher's assassin underlines the rotten nature of our entire political/military/media machinery.

Shameless, shameless, satanic degenerates. Though (I suppose) only the people running things from the top know the truth about Fletcher's murder.

Our own elite are the humanity's, and our own, greatest enemy.

Anonymous said...

What is the NWO, Pol Pot on a global scale? It is time to assume and ask the obvious: who created the Khmer Rouge?

Anonymous said...

Poor Yvonne! Will she ever get the justice she deserves? I doubt... As long as we live as we do, I doubt.


Anonymous said...

Ha, ha, really cant they come up with smth more credible on Gaddafi?

Yeah, Im sure those were Jews...


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Dick Cheney was Vice-President to George Bush. Retired now, Cheny wrote a book and plans a promotion tour. A prominent US newspaper published 12 'in-your-face' questions to ask Cheney during his tour....the UK papers should do the same and publize questions about Yvonne and all other victims of the CIA cover-ups. 'WE WANT ANSWERS' is our new theme.

Anonymous said...

From the various reports around the time of the incident, it's clear PC Yvonne Fletcher really was a remarkably lovely and pleasant young woman. Her fiancé, also a police officer, was present when she was shot in St James Square.

This is unlikely to be an accident.

It's likely that she was cold-bloodedly and carefully selected in advance to maximize the PR impact.

The assassins did not want to kill any police officer. They wanted to sacrifice her specifically.

So who in the London police force decides which specific officers should attend which specific incidents?

These "people" not only kill an innocent woman as some object of their own convenience but also subject her family and her fiancé in particular to terrible anguish.

What sort of "people" are these?

What sort of people are we to tolerate the existence of such monsters among us?

felix said...

Good to bring this to our attention again, Aan.
More analysis here(link below) from March this year, when it was reported on 26/3/11 that a suspect had been allegedly picked up in Benghazi...

Patrick Haseldine said...

The Facebook group 'Who Killed Police Constable Yvonne Fletcher' has just been created. Do you want to join?

nobody said...

Thanks Aang,

I'm glad you reminded me of this. I've been struggling to recall why it is we're meant to hate Libya. Now I have a triple play: the La Belle disco bombing, Locherbie, and now Yvonne Fletcher.

And all fake.

Has Libya actually done anything to anyone since Gaddhafi came in? Anything real that is?

lwtc247 said...

Readers may remember Joe Vialls.

Joe (If memory serves correct) wrote that he believed the Israyhelli's did it, having had access to a suitable (in terms of ballistics) building nearby. I seem to recall he had some kind of document that - I think - showed (assuming the doc was genuine) occupancy of that building.

He also had some kind of ballistics audio which he claimed correlated with his reportage of the event [I did dispute this audio with him, yet he never took up the debate past the first stage and never refuted my concerns on that particular aspect of his claim].

A quick check shows some of his PC YF stuff can still be found, but so far I've not seen the one with the doc.

lwtc247 said...

Mention of the doc here:

" In 1992, British citizen, Joe Vialls, was rummaging around in his old files looking for material for a book he was writing. Now living in Australia, Vialls’ was a Hughes Tool Company employee at the time of Fletcher’s murder. During his search, he came across documents he thought were “dynamite.” They revealed the existence of what he believed to be an “ultra low-key” Hughes Tool Co., office at 8 St. James Square, adjacent to the Libyan People’s Bureau." -

and here:
"The first major Vialls investigation was into the 1984 murder of WPC Yvonne Fletcher outside the Libyan embassy in St James's Square. He concluded that the fatal shots came not from within the embassy but from a penthouse flat – next door but one to the Libyan embassy – and were fired by CIA/Mossad agents." -

Anonymous said...

A world in ever growing chaos is evidence of a world that is corrupt from the top to the bottom. Such decay is being exposed as never before, for more and more people are coming to see that all our governments are the real terrorists, the villains. They have organised themselves into a global mafia, under the guise of a international cartel called the "World Leaders." Any nation choosing to rebel against this global cartel are either, isolated, ostracised with trade embargos, or are invaded. This is the "Holy Trinity" of the "Global Mafia" and its Modis Operandi. They will sacrifice anyone, or group, or nation, to enforce and preserve their "World Wide Financial, Political Global Empire" More than 90% of the dirty deeds carried out in this 21st century, rest at the bloodstained feet of those who claim to be our leaders.

Anonymous said...

I have an interesting and relevant anecdote here. A few years back I got into what amounted to a private online conversation with someone on a dead thread in a forum. At one point I mentioned Vialls, whose site had been such a significant influence on me. The guy, who lived in Western Australia, said that he had known Joe personally before he died of his 'mystery illness'. A long conversation followed, and when I raised the subject of WPC Fletcher's death he matter-of-factly said that Joe had been the shooter. As you probably know, Vialls had been with Australian Special Forces and worked for various oil corporations in a 'security' capacity before he saw the light and came over to the right side. Certainly he was clearly very well sourced for his information, things that must have come from 'inside'. Reading his account of the shooting, there is a passion about it, and the level of detail was incredible, forensic even, so it is plausible that he was the one in the Hughes Corporation owned building on that day. Whether the other poster was telling me the truth I could not say, other than he seemed above board with his history of posts on that forum. Make of it what you will.

lwtc247 said...

@Anonymous 11:31 PM

Strange that you write that Anon, as in trying to get what I remembered as being Joe's original article on the matter (which contained the aforementioned No 8 St. James Square 'letting' agreement)

I found yesterday that The Truthseeker put up a copy of a Vialls article which contain the docs (left hand frame) about

.. I came across an posting or two featuring the claim you just made that Joe was the shooter. Joe's own writing and supposed documents, clearly show that HE is involved with Hughes Tool Co. there are also allegations that Joe was Jewish (although in itself that doesn't particularly mean anything, but does suggest he shared the generally held Zionist sympathies).

I think it's safe to work on the presumption he is involved, but was he the shooter? Not easy to say, doubtful actually when one wonders why would be reveal how it was done when that would lead to a significant chance that he'd be caught? I also got the impression (dunno if true) that Joe was in the SAS.

So my stance: (for now) is that Joe was somehow involved with it but wasn't the shooter. I'll put his passion down to the fact he's seen the 'deep state' and revolted against it. Maybe he knew the person who did do it, although again this doesn't make much sense if you believe how he started off on all this by accidentally finding some documents.

Joe had a big impact on me too. I used to wait with like a kid on Christmas for his articles.

I miss him actually.

If Joe was exposing the 'deep state' and he appeared quite anti-Zionist, then it's natural his enemies would want to levy false accusations and smears against him.

But who knows what shadowy people will do?

Patrick Haseldine said...

For a truly magnificent performance by Sir Teddy Taylor exonerating Libya from both WPC Fletcher’s murder in 1984 and the 1988 Lockerbie bombing, please select this clip from the archived 24 February 2004 edition of BBC Radio 4′s Today Programme: "0832hrs - With Libya claiming no part in the killing of WPC Yvonne Fletcher, we spoke to the film director, Michael Winner, who founded the Police Memorial Trust."

Anonymous said...

Poor Whitney Houston. Seriously. In Brazil, when Elis Regina died, there were three days of national mourning. What a tribute of love. What a country. And what did Whitney get? Whitney, the Forces sweetheart, going out to the Gulf and the Stan, singing for the Boys just to let them know someone still cared, the American Dame Vera Lynn, the black Marilyn Monroe, what did she get? Nothing. Poor Whitney.

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