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In August 2011, when there were riots in England, there were no riots in Scotland.

The Guardian (Why didn't the riots reach Scotland?) points out that Scotland has:

"Social deprivation on a grand scale and a serious gang problem? Tick.

"Recession causing unemployment and hardship? Oh yes.

"Shocking inequalities between rich and poor? Right again."

UK Government 'Agent Provocateur' Mark Kennedy. (Police Agent Provocateur: Mark Kennedy led attack on Irish police ...)

Our theory is that the riots in England were organised by shadowy right-wing forces linked to the 'powers-that-be'.

In other words, the UK RIOTS could be an INSIDE JOB?

The objective of the 'powers-that-be' may be to strengthen David Cameron's right-wing Conservative Party and The Establishment in general.


The Conservative Party has little chance of winning seats in Scotland, no matter how many riots there are.

In Scotland it is Scottish National Party versus Labour.

So riots may not be required in Scotland at this time.

And, Scotland's Scottish National Party government controls the police in Scotland.

In 1919 there was a riot in Glasgow in Scotland. Some sources say it was caused by an unprovoked baton charge by the police. 10,000 troops armed with machine guns, tanks and a howitzer arrived to occupy Glasgow's streets. (Website)

Scotland may have a link to the riots in England.

Some years ago, I was once briefly acquainted with an elderly, and very right-wing, Scottish gentleman who claimed that he once did part time work for an organisation more secret than the SAS (Special forces).

The gentleman, whose name and address I do not know, said that one of his jobs with this secret government organisation was to be part of a 'gang' which would cause fights to break out during certain events.

Because of the Official Secrets Act, he would not say any more; I believe the gentleman, who was in very poor health, probably died some years ago.

So, it is just possible that some of the gangs in England were recruited in Scotland?

(Website for this image) Reportedly, the 'Black Bloc' are undercover police operatives. (The Toronto G20 Riot Fraud: Undercover Police engaged in ...)

Do certain Glasgow gangsters have links to the 'powers-that-be'?

Johnny 'Mad Dog' Adair and his friend Glasgow gangster Tam McGraw were deeply involved in the drug trade between Scotland and Ulster (Northern Ireland)' ( McGRAW: PETTY THIEF TO A £30M FORTUNE HOW DRUG-DEALING )

The Daily Record wrote: "Local uniforms and CID could often be found sitting in the McGraws' home drinking tea and smoking."

When McGraw bought The Caravel pub, certain well-known detectives were in regularly, drinking heavily and never putting their hand in their pockets."(aangirfan: THE UK LABOUR PARTY'S STEVEN PURCELL AND COCAINE GANGSTERS

According to the Scottish Sun, on 15 August 2011:

"Scots punters are snapping up stolen gear from the English riots at bargain prices after ruthless gangsters here shipped the booty north to sell on.

"People in Glasgow flocked to shady street dealers to buy hot TVs, computers and other electrical goods nicked by lawless looters down south.

"Last night one underworld source bragged how Glasgow was 'awash' with the dodgy goods as organised crime gangs cashed in."

The crook is quoted as saying:

"A few vans were sent down to Manchester last week.

"The guys down south wanted to get the stolen gear moved on quickly - it was too hot because of all the police activity.

"It was all very organised - gangs in Glasgow were tipped off by guys in Manchester that goods were available.

"Possil's awash with stuff - there are so many TVs that guys are just undercutting each other.

"Stuff was getting sold around the pubs and you could see piles of empty electrical boxes piled outside flats.

"As soon as word went around that stuff from Manchester was up for grabs people were coming from around the city."

"Crime gangs are suspected of ordering members on to the streets with shopping lists of items to steal to sell on the black market."


The irony of David Cameron's riot condemnation -The British prime minister was a member of a student club famed for smashing windows.

Charlatan exposed - George Green, page 1


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billybobbins said...

See tha lack of police/fire service response in these 4 youtube vids from Croydon, taken last week:

Empty Bus, ripe for attack:

Riot police, tooled up, stand at the end of an empty road doing nothing, while the bus burns:

The start of the fire in the Reeves Croydon furniture shop - no police or fire fighters in sight:

Fire engine arrives when the blaze has taken hold:
(note how the sky has darkened)

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RT Max Keiser tells Cameron to STFU

CS said...

Few seem prepared to discuss the role of race, if any, in the London riots. But can this factor be excluded? Six percent of Scotland's population is foreign born compared with 38% in London. Moreover, according to the images provided by the press, many and probably most of the rioters in London were of immigrant stock. This is not to deny that the London riots may have been provoked. But it is to suggest that the racial composition and social structure of some London communities may have made them particularly prone to violence under provocation -- a condition that may not exist widely in Scotland.

billybobbins said...

These 4 No. youtube links, above:

Anonymous said...

Good article- IMO it looks like the riots were orchestrated . The powers that be dare not take on the Ladies (laddies?)from Hell. Scots have a different character. A fine people (with the exception of George Galloway of course) Hey, maybe the Scots were busy at the Masonic lodges

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Some "reverse" conclusions from all the synthetic riots and terror ops and psyops going on are, IMO,
a) "Real" political moves, as in legit with those who have a grievance, are in tendency mostly peaceful and seldom escalate to violent activity. It is the innate culture of "normal" (as in not psychopaths) people to avoid violence and sort out issues by talking things over.
b) If at all, legit political activity only escalates into very limited violence. Among "normies" violence happens only as a measure of last resort or in a limited way to make a point.
c) When political action escalates into out-of-control violence, it is always a sign of the activity of the pathocracy.
d) When violence gets out of control, it is sensitive to look at 1. who are the victims and 2. who are NOT the victims and 3. who stands to benefit if one wants to understand who is doing what.
e) Violence is put in scene by the pathocracy, among other things, to hinder people from getting organized and to avoid that people have a sense of having achieved anything when they express gievances
f) Pathocracy, the psychopathic ruling class of all countries, would fall apart as a viable organized group if even a few events of violence were directed visibly and specifically at them while at the same time denying them the ability to explain away such an event or events.

At fear of hijacking the thread, I'd appreciate comments on above.

Anon said...

"When political action escalates into out-of-control violence, it is always a sign of the activity of the pathocracy..."

I agree with (a) to (e).

Not sure about (f).

- Aangirfan

StefZ said...

why no riots in Wales?

nobody said...

Nice one Aang,

It is certainly true that to discuss the riots without considering the utility of such events for a ruling class otherwise keen to move to totalitarianism, or their all-too-likely inputs into it all, is worthless.

Otherwise, f) is interesting. And it's the latter part about the media that makes it so. The media is the key. If you control that, any event is yours to define as you will. Were the media not bullshit, never mind high street, unspeakable shitholes like Haut de la Garenne etc would be in flames with the fire service forced to let them burn.

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