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Sir Stamford Raffles, of the East India Company, brought death and destruction to Java in Indonesia.

He sacked and looted cities.

He supported slavery.

He promoted the trade in Opium.

He bankrupted Javanese farmers.

He was a bit of a fascist.

Tim Hannigan (Words and Images), at History Today, has written "When Raffles Ran Java." (When Raffles Ran Java History Today).

Hannigan points out that the official version of the British takeover of Java is less than accurate.

Raffles invaded Java in 1811.

He provoked trouble with the leading Javanese sultan.

He then sacked and looted Yogyakarta.

The courtiers of the exiled Sultan were forced to kiss Raffles's knees.

Raffles continued the practice of slavery in Java.

Raffles demanded money from Java's farmers.

The result was that farmers got heavily into debt and had to turn to money lenders.

While raffles was in charge, British opium barons moved in and opium use took off.

In 1813, Raffles was in trouble, being accused of corruption.

Raffles was sacked and left Java in 1815.

In Bogor, in Java, there is a monument in memory of Raffle's wife, Olivia, who died of a tropical disease in 1814.

The beautiful Olivia was rumoured to have had an affair, prior to the marriage, with one of Raffles' superiors, a man called Ramsay.

Four of Raffles' five children died in Sumatra of tropical diseases.


Anonymous said...

Raffles an anglo warmonger, thief, usurer, murderer and drugrunner?

Surely the British East India Company would consider such caddish behaviour unbecoming an english gentleman of his station.

And surely the Singaporeans would not honour such a blackguard in every second placename.

I mean, it's not as if you'd find the like of Lee Kuan Yew on the JP Morgan International Council, along with the eminent Tony Blair.

Or on the board of directors of the Peterson Institute for International Economics, along with the illustrious Hank Greenberg. Aka Mr 911 Himself.

Also, you would certainly never find the Singapore elite in military cooperation with the Israelis, Americans and British.

And you certainly wouldn't find Lee Kuan Yew blaming muslims for social problems in Singapore in a 2011 interview. With an expression I couldn't quite decipher: smugness? arrogant amusement? lebensmüdigkeit?

I'm sure the ISD have excellent security cooperation with the angloamerican snakes, but if not:

"If they try to pull a Bologna train station in Singapore, it's not hard to move weapons over the causeway."

(Quick, see how fast you can do an SQL select. 8^)

BTW, one thing Joel Skousen said in the interview in a recent blog entry was that the Chinese would cooperate with the Anglos and turn on the Russians. I'm somewhat skeptical of Skousen, however this comment I believe is prescient. For starters, the Russians are energy-independent, unlike the Chinese, who can be blackmailed --- especially if their plans in Pakistan are scuppered by the Yanks, as looks likely.

The globalists see Singapore as a model for a future tightly surveilled, propagandized, controlled and deeply inequitable society run by an arrogant, duplicitous, paranoid elite, who will not hesitate to disappear anyone who dare speak truth to power.

The globalists also see Islam as their greatest ideological threat.

Better get in there and divide and discredit with great urgency.

Anonymous said...

The contemporary version of Raffles' UK colonialism are NATO-CIA-etc functioning as NWO 'enforcers'. Wiki quote. "...The investment bank Goldman Sachs has predicted that the United Kingdom will become the largest economy in Europe by 2025...".

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