Friday, August 05, 2011


Will Iran and Saudi Arabia become friends?

On 3 August 2011 it was reported that, according to Iranian MP Hossein Sobhaninia:

"Certain Western countries are concerned about the development of a strong relationship between Iran and Saudi Arabia."

(West concerned over Tehran-Riyadh strong ties: MP)

"Iran and Saudi Arabia plan to strengthen their relations and clear up misunderstandings, Tehran’s ambassador to Riyadh has said.

"Mohammad Javad Rasouli Mahallati told Saudi newspaper Al-Watan that Iran and Saudi Arabia should make efforts to clear up misunderstandings in order help promote their relations.

"Mahallati added current policies adopted by the officials of the two countries show that there is a positive tendency to resolve current disagreements.

"He went on to say certain countries are trying to fan the flames of current disagreements between Tehran and Riyadh."

(Iran, Saudi Arabia plan to clear up misunderstandings: envoy)

‎"As the United States prepares to withdraw its troops from Iraq to meet a year-end deadline, Iranian-backed Shiite insurgents have stepped up their attacks on U.S. troops while Saudi Arabia has begun to provide assistance to Sunni militias there, according to a report."

('This implies protracted and well-funded irregular warfare')

"Riyadh-Tehran relations are at their worst since the Saudis were funding Saddam Hussein’s legions to mow down Iranian infantry in the 1980s...

"Change in Damascus could upset relations with Tehran, severing its main logistical link to Hezbollah.

"Suddenly, there is the prospect of a Sunni-led Syria to counterbalance the Shia dominion in Baghdad...

"Riyadh has ... reportedly discussed with Washington increasing its crude supplies to China as a way to lure Beijing into reducing its investment in Iran’s energy sector...

"Iran remains resilient and has seen some improvements in its relations with Pakistan and Afghanistan, where US influence is waning..."

(The summer heats up as friction mounts between Saudi Arabia and ...)




Genie said...

oh man, that is hard to imagine! Persians and Arabs...Shia and fundi Sunni...oil and water! But I guess we are not talking personal friendship

Anonymous said...

Off topic-that Saudi King is a party are some funny clips

Saudi King LOVES the US Presidents

Obama Dances for Saudi King

Saudi King Gives Obama Purdy Necklace

Saudi King and George Bush Lock Lips

Saudi King and George Bush Sword Dance

On the other hand, the Queen Elizabeth HUMILATED Obama-Obama needs to read up on Queen etiquette!

Anonymous said...

If this is true than its more about controlling the Yemen spoils than anything else. Its starting to look like Europe of 1911 in Middle east. Secret alliances to gain control of the map. Its about greed not sects!

Anonymous said...

Bahrain: Shouting in the Dark-video shows tension between Shia and Sunni Muslims homogenized when Bahrainian people unite in fight for democracy and remove Bahrain Royals-graphic injuries-see video comments for more insights

King of Bahrain`s son marries Saudi king`s daughter

Anonymous said...

India Got Talent-video argument amongst judges highlighting essential issue that 'sword dance promotes violence'

Sword dance in various cultures

Anonymous said...

No way this friendship is happening unless a major attack by Israel or the US comes into play on Iran and it somehow pulls us together. Trust me, damn sunnis and their sand nigger madrassa and terrorist bankers have been killing persians for far too long.

We almost went to war with the Saudi funded Taliban in 98 until the US pressured Iran to keep it cool remember? The monarch already said 2 countries do not deserve to exist, Israel and Iran. Hard to see this happening at all.

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