Saturday, August 20, 2011


Rick Perry is seen as being anti-Gay, pro-Israel, and pro-Pentagon.

His economic record as Governor of Texas is controversial (Rick Perry: Reading the record The Economist)

His problem is allegations about his sex life.

Texas Governor's Gay Sex Scandal Covered in Austin paper.

"All the people that created tradition, created countries & created rules - them fuckers are dead! Why don't you start your own world while you got the chance" - Bill Hicks




Edmund said...

Perry has clearly got them scared - and with good reason. His economic record in Texas is impressive, and the big-government Clinton-Bush-Obama regime is looking very vulnerable. This is a straightforward Washington/CIA-style smear campaign.

su said...

Anonymous said...

Some interesting links; some of more historical interest, some more recent.

That last link is especially interesting. Russia seems these days very much to be integrating itself into the globalist program. Would explain why Putin recently failed the 911 litmus test. That and not wanting to draw attention to the FSB bombing buildings in Moscow before the war in Chechnya. Also explains why Russia has not been more supportive of Assad despite their military cooperation with Syria.

Once the US and China sort out their differences over Taiwan, trade and oil, you'll have no power of any significance outside of the New International Order.

The wars and false flags are their polite way of negotiating how the spoils will be divvied up.

Won't be long now before the international leadership have all sold their souls to the usurers.

The Realist Report said...

Why is it that all of the top politicians are pedophiles, closet homosexuals, perverts or worse? Maybe it comes with the territory?

Us decent folk should probably start running for office, yeah?

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