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Some people can see what the elite are really like?

Brainwashing is not new.

The elite in Ancient Greece came up with a form of pretend Democracy.

This democracy allowed people to keep slaves.

In Greece, the child slaves worked in mines and died young.

Disinformation agents sound good.

The Old Testament came up with the idea that 'God chose the Jews'.

And the Jewish elite had the right to take over other people's lands.

And the Jewish elite decreed that people should not be bisexual or gay.

The European elite in the Middle Ages came up with the idea that Kings had 'God' on their side.

And so it was OK for Kings to live in palaces, while the peasants and serfs stayed poor and did the hard work.

At the start of the 20th Century, when workers began to get a little bolshy about their poor working conditions, the elites decided to promote jingoistic and patriotic sentiment and send the young men off to die in the trenches.

More recently the brainwashing has been about UFOs and mad Moslems.

The elite control most of the world's wealth.

So the elite have to brainwash you into not organising against them, but instead organising against Blacks, Moslems, Jews, Rioters, Catholics, Hindus, Gays, Leftists, Immigrants or whatever.

The most recent forms of brainwashing were apparently devised by German Nazis working in league with the British and American elites.

Anton Chaitkin has written about 'brainwashing'.

Rockefeller's Psychiatry - The NAZI Manual / Psychiatry & Eugenics/Assassination.

According to Chaitkin:

1. In the 1930's the Rockefeller family set up the Macy Foundation to carry out experiments in mind-control.

2. Hitler's Nazis had an interest in mind control.

Hitler's supporters "included the Rockefellers, Warburgs, and Harrimans."

3. The Freemasons, a group linking 'the powerful' in the USA and UK, had an interest in mind control.

4. Otmar Verschuer was wartime director of "Rockefeller's Kaiser Wilhelm Institute for Anthropology, Eugenics, and Human Heredity in Berlin".

Verschuer aided Mengele's experiments at Auschwitz.

Verschuer "was a high-level Rockefeller operative."

In 1946, Verschuer wrote to the Bureau of Human Heredity in London, asking for help in continuing his 'scientific research.'

In 1947, the Bureau of Human Heredity moved from London to Copenhagen, and Verschuer moved to Denmark to join the British group there.

The new Danish building for this group "was erected with Rockefeller money."

5. During World War II, the Rockefeller Foundation and the Canadian military joined their psychiatric forces.

Canadian Army medical director Dr. George Brock Chisholm had been trained as a psychiatrist at the Tavistock Psychiatric Clinic in London.

Tavistock "was a major Rockefeller Foundation beneficiary."

In 1943, the Rockefeller Foundation created the Allen Memorial Institute at McGill University in Montreal.

Psychiatrist Donald Ewen Cameron, a Scottish immigrant to the United States, was placed in charge of the institute's psychiatry.

Experiments in brainwashing would be conducted at Allen Institute under the auspices of the Canadian military, the Rockefeller Foundation, and the CIA.

"Dr. Cameron's 'terminal'' use of electric shock as a brain-burning torture, psychosurgery, and brainwashing with drugs and hypnosis would make the Canadian program the most famous apsect of the CIA's MK- Ultra."

6. In 1943, at St. Elizabeth's Hospital in Washington DC, the superintendent, 'Scottish Rite chief psychiatrist' Winfred Overholser, was the chairman of the 'truth drug'' committee for the Office of Strategic Services (OSS).

Overholser's team administered the hallucinogen mescaline to various test subjects.

They perfected the right mix of marijuana and tobacco to produce a 'state of irresponsibility'' in the subject.

"Mafia hitman August Del Gracio began smoking Overholser's 'joints' on May 27, 1943, in order to loosen his tongue.

"Federal agents were thus supposedly to learn the inside secrets of drug trafficking - but not to stop it.

"This was part of an ongoing federal program, which organized crime czar Meyer Lansky boasts (in his authorized biography) that he personally arranged.

"Mafia thugs were brought in to work in Naval Intelligence offices, and jointly with U.S. agents in U.S. ports and shipping, to more effectively intimidate our national enemies."

Former CIA staff member John Marks writes in 'The Search for the Manchurian Candidate' that Overholser's working group included counterintelligence agents inside the Manhattan Project atomic bomb project, and the FBI, which was under the direction of Dr. Overholser's Scottish Rite comrade, FBI director J. Edgar Hoover.

The Overholser group gave marijuana to U.S. soldiers at Army bases throughout the country, supposedly to aid in the search for subversives.

Later, during the 1950s and 1960s, the strategists of the MK- Ultra project would utilize the same channels of influence with U.S. security agencies to let them transform a generation of youth into dope users.

7. In 1944, Montagu Norman resigned as boss of the Bank of England and began organizing the British National Association for Mental Health.

(In the 1930s, Norman had met with Nazi Economics Minister Hjalmar Schacht to plan the Hitler regime's 1930s budgets.)

Norman's British group would soon take over management of the world psychiatric profession.

In 1948, Montagu Norman's National Association for Mental Health gathered the world psychiatric and psychological leaders together in London.

At this congress, a World Federation for Mental Health was formed.

The president of the World Federation was to be the chief of the British military's psychological warfare department, the Tavistock Institute, Brig. Gen. Dr. John Rawlings Rees.

A New York agent of Montagu Norman named Clarence G. Michalis was made chairman of the board of the Macy Foundation.

That foundation, in turn, would pay for much of what the World Federation and Tavistock were to do to the United States.

The brainwashing is subtle.

"I believe it was Bill Cooper that first started with this idea that the homosexuality was being used for the purpose of depopulation."

William Cooper's book Behold a Pale Horse details Cooper's claims about the influence of UFOs on the US government.

Cooper reported that the government of the United States has had contact and has entered into a bargain with an extraterrestrial society and that those ETs were responsible for abductions.

Cooper's father was in the military.

Cooper was in the military.

Cooper was a member of the US Naval Intelligence Briefing Team of the Commander in Chief of the United States Pacific Fleet.Cooper may well have been, perhaps unwittingly, a disinformation agent.

Cooper's aim may have been to disinform the public about the JFK assassination and about people like Alex Jones.


voiceforchildren said...

For those who believe that Jersey's media aren't STATE CONTROLLED

Anonymous said...


andie531 said...

Gays, women, in the military, in combat, IMO, is a red herring. I have stated that before, elsewhere. There have been gays in the military since Sparta and women in combat since at least the time of Molly Pitcher. So what? Most women don't want that job. Gays? When I was in the Army Reserves, the Solider of the Year award would usually go to some closet case guy. They're the types that are fastidious about their uniform, show up on time and don't cause issues. Those traits will get you the SOTY award.

I keep telling men who have a problem with these two subgroups in the military that the BIGGER ISSUE is keeping heterosexual males from fighting in, losing their lives for, and beating the drums of war for these stupid, elite-planned wars. Instead of griping about "wimmin" and "faggots" or "dykes" what they should be doing is having talks with their buddies about the insanity of dying for the Rothschild's latest foreign country take-over.

As for the jumpers being fake - sorry, I can't buy that. Maybe there were some fake photos, but too many eyewitnesses saw it happening.

andie531 said...

Forgot to add this:

The message is still relevant.

Dang, whatever happened to questioning, or thinking for that matter?

Anonymous said...

thanks for this fantastic article, your site is really the best. of course the jumpers were fake, let's roll forum exposes the details. can anyone name any other 'event' where there were jumpers?
all the witnesses are paid actors. wake up folks, it was a media hoax

andie531 said...

all the witnesses are paid actors.

Oh, come on...please...I mean, puleeeze.....

can anyone name any other 'event' where there were jumpers?

Why yes, by golly, I can. Remember the Hindenberg?

You might find this odd, but I also believe the planes were REAL.

"On that day, Giebfried, an emergency medical technician at the time, was twice entombed in sheared building fragments, and twice escaped.

She and her partner, Jennifer Beckham, transported people to safety and set up makeshift triage stations. She watched bodies hit the ground and explode 'like a bouncing ball'..."

Anonymous said...

I do not know what happening!
I'm a long time reader of your research, and now, this last days, was a disappointed...

Is really you that are writing this?

I'm very disappointed
What they gave to you last week?
(and the gay post... what are happening in here??)

William Copper denied his former UFO theory, in his lasttest days.
He investigated in more deep after his book poublish, and discover UFOs stuff was deliberated misinformation!
(see Hour of the Time series of Bill Cooper)

He discover the gnostic cult, and thats way he was martyred

Anonymous said...

Correct my last statement
Where is readed:
"He discover the gnostic cult, and thats way he was martyred "

must be read:
"He discover the evil gnostic occult cult, and thats why he was martyred"

Anonymous said...

No jumpers, no planes, no explosions - all holograms. In fact, the WTC is actually STILL STANDING- was just there yesterday on the N Towers 110th floor!!!

As far as aliens? Get your facts right. Cooper was the first one to reveal the planned Alien Invasion plan to unite folks for the NWO, going back to 1917- even before.
To put him in the same category as that blustering fool, Jones is an insult. Jones was lined up for years to be Cooper's dumbed down sequel after they assassinated him.
AJ is about as real as Barry Soetero.

Anonymous said...

Disinform someone about a disinformation agent? What does that make someone?

The Realist Report said...

After looking into 9/11 for the past year, I'm convinced that there were no hijackers, no planes that crashed into the Pentagon, WTC, or Shankseville. 9/11 is the ultimate PSYOP. We have a decent 9/11 Truth group here in San Diego, and even most of these people don't want to believe it. The evidence is very strong:

I would really like to read some legitimate criticisms of that piece above. To me, it's a slam dunk.

Cathy Palmer said...

In regard to 9/11, please review the research by Dr Judy Wood at her website and in her recent book, "Where Did the Towers Go? Evidence of Free-Energy Technology on 9/11".

"This book is a summary of the physical evidence submitted in my federal qui tam case accusing the defendants of science fraud. NIST was mandated by congress to 'Determine why and how WTC 1 and WTC 2 collapsed…' yet NIST admitted to me that they did not analyze the “collapse.” The contractors they hired with taxpayer money knowingly allowed the fraudulent report to become final." - Dr Wood, B.S., M.S., Ph.D.

The Realist Report said...

Dr. Wood's work is phenomenal!

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