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Here is the speech we have written for President Obama when he explains why troops have to go into Libya:

My fellow Americans, Libya is in chaos and there are clear indications that the 'rebels' are not in a position to restore order.

We must copy the Italians.

In October 1911, our Italian allies brought order to Libya.

In just one incident, the Al-Shutt massacre, our Italian friends, with great efficiency, wiped out over a thousand troublesome women and children. (Tripoli Post)

We may need to build concentration camps in Libya.

I will remind you that in 1930, the Italians had to move the population of Gebel, 100,000 people, to concentration camps.

Let us be in no doubt that the Libyans are troublesome people.

Italy had to kill 12,000 Libyans every year in order to keep order.

I will remind you that back in 1885, it was decided, at a conference in Berlin, that Belgian troops were to be sent into the Congo. (massacres in Africa)

Although, sadly, half the population of the Congo died as a result of this intervention, there was a huge advantage for Belgium.

I will be honest. We need to do to Libya what the Belgians did to the Congo.

When it comes to looking after our interests we should not be squeamish.

I will remind you that on 2 September 1889, our British friends killed 11,000 Sudanese in one day - all in a good cause. (massacres in Africa)

In 1904, our German allies brought peace to Namibia by killing 80% 0f the population.

In 1920 and 1921, the British brought order to Iraq by killing 10,000 Iraqis.

Let us not forget our allies in France.

In 1945, French troops had to kill 50,000 Algerians in order to keep order.

(More here: NATO powers have long history of massacres in Africa)


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Any comment on Libya's situation is useless...


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And Israel killed 1450 civilians Dec/Jan 2009 in Cast Lead I.

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Hey aang, you missed some of the French accomplishments, let me remind you:
- Sétif & Guelma 1945: 8 to 15000 (you covered that one)
- Madagascar 1946-47 : 10000 direct deaths plus 20000-30000 of hunger and illness.
- Constantinois insurrection 1955 : 12000
- Cameroon 1960 : 40000 of the Bassas and Bamilekes tribes.

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Libya is a puzzle piece in the Zion-NWO plan...and speaking of Zion puzzle pieces, I stumbled across another new (to me) NWO treat for us called
Project Bluebeam scheduled for 2012...hhhmmm, to coincide with the 2012 Olymics mebbe?

Previous Aangirfan articles on 'hologram hoaxes' included 9-11, theatrics include Tahrir Square with camels and horses running amok and psych-ops
like 9-11, Norway bomber, Pope 'youth day', etc are leading up to the next 'big upcoming NWO show' called Project Bluebeam.

Porject Bluebeam will be an ALIEN invasion sceduled for 2012. Color my monster green, please.

Project Bluebeam-read more and Project Bluebeam Whistleblowers died of 'heart attacks'

Project Bluebeam- 3-D images to terrorize people, more NWO mind control

USA and ALIEN invasion-parody

BBC and Alien Invasion-NWO reptiles

Mayan Elder speaks of 2012 -Do Not Be Afraid

broken links-

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David Cohen, Deputy Commissioner of Intelligence for the NYPD, is an interesting character.

Note this carefully of Cohen:

"he once wrote a report, later dismissed by an internal CIA review, blaming the Soviet Union for the 1981 assassination attempt on Pope John Paul II"

This of course was carried out by Mehmet Ali Agca, a member of the Turkish Grey Wolves, an organization associated with the Turkish Deep State and the NATO Strategy of Tension. At least some members of the Zionist cryptoplutocracy were involved in the Strategy of Tension, as were the Mossad.

How strange that Cohen should propagate that little piece of disinformation.

How strange indeed.

Notice also with what paranoia New York is defended. Manhattan really is the nest of vipers.

The gullible people of the propagandized West may be utterly ignorant of their true rulers.

But make no mistake.

The leadership of the geostrategic competitors, Russia and China, know exactly who their enemies are down to a Park Avenue address.

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With CIA help, NYPD moves covertly in Muslim areas

"...targeting ethnic communities in ways that would run afoul of civil liberties rules if practiced by the federal government, an Associated Press investigation has found.
The operations have benefited from unprecedented help from the CIA, a partnership that has blurred the line between foreign and domestic spying."

All that time, effort, and expense, and they are looking at the wrong ethnic group...they should be investigating the zionist jews!

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