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Jonathan Kay - Canadian journalist and friend of Israel and Mossad.

From where did the spooks get their inspiration for the Norway Attacks?

Jonathan Kay, at National Post, reminds us that we've heard this Breivik story before in The Turner Diaries.

The Turner Diaries is the name of a novel written in 1978 by an American 'white supremacist' called William Luther Pierce.

Some have suggested that a scene in the novel was the inspiration for the Oklahoma City bombing in 1995 'by Timothy McVeigh'.[5][6]

In The Turner Diaries, Earl Turner makes a car bomb, using fertiliser, and attacks a government building.

He then goes and shoots a lot of innocent people.

Earl Turner tries to set off a race war.

Jonathan Kay (we've heard this Breivik story before) gives us some clues as to the thinking behind the Norway Attacks:

"The changing role of the Jew...

"The Jew traditionally has been the primary target of such extremists...

"With 9/11, that changed: The greatest cultural and military threat now is seen to be militant Islam, with the Jew - and Israel - now instantly cast as a defender of the established Western order.

"To quote something I wrote in my recently published book, Among The Truthers: 'The Jew (is now seen as) the perfect anti-Islamist... a source of respect and trust rather than suspicion.'

"Thus... Breivik... demand(s) that all financial support to the Palestinian Authority should cease immediately..."

Some people, of course, might suspect that 9 11 and the Norway Attacks were designed, in part, to make 'the Jews' look good.



The Mossad did Norway said...

Mossad goes in and kills over 65 unarmed youth, blames it on a pro-zionist patsy and that makes israel and jews "look good".

Really? No.

Anonymous said...

Hi everybody...another clue! Watch 1st video.....!!!!!

The Age of Terror...Khazars covert to Judaism for political expediancy-see below, Rothschilds are Khazars

The Hidden History - The Khazar Empire-Watch this one for sure!!!!

Rothchilds are Khazars

World History Israel 911 Mossad and Shlomo Sanbd on Khazarian Ashkenazi Jews

How Khazarian Ashkenazi "Jews" Invented Modern Terrorism before 911

Anonymous said...

Khazars were Scythians!

I once saw a museum feataure on Scythian art; fascinating culture. Research it for clues on todays current events


Anonymous said...

Oil and Political Hypocriacy

Anonymous said...

Seriously, what makes sense in an insane "jew" hijacked "society" ? The Truth ? Mordoch, not the first "jew" hijacked situation in England, Remember Waterloo & the Rothshild market scam ? Moses Montefiore & the ripper ? How about the Balfour "Declaration" to sneak ashkenazim TURKO mongolian Khazars into Palestine posing as "wandering" Israelites nee "Jews"...Israel has never been "jewish" and "Jews" will never be simply cannot conflate two opposites into being the same thing..Mutually exclusive realities are not the same...Like Elephants are not giraffes..Jews are the butt of the Moneychangers "Bad" masonic "joke"..[]get it ? No ?[]...Wait, how about re-repeating the same lies over & over and clicking your ruby red slippers together...that might work. . . Cui Bono ? {see comments in "IsraeliE" press, gerstenfeld}

Anonymous said...

Interesting how Zio-wiki already has a precise bio of "Breivik":


Anonymous said...

Dont u think this pic is different from the other showing "him" in the same posture? His facial hair and headshape differs and its not the angle or the light:


Anonymous said...

"Managing Editor Of NOTW Arrested In Phone Hacking Scandal

There has been another arrest in the News International/News Corp phone hacking scandal, concerning Rupert Murdoch's criminal enterprise, masquerading as a newspaper and broadcast company.
The former managing editor of News of the World, Stuart Kuttner, 71, was arrested yesterday by the Metropolitan Police in London, England, for his role in the scandal. Kuttner worked at News of the World for 22-years, before it was unceremoniously shuttered last month.
It is alleged, Kuttner is the man that signed the paychecks of convicted felon and wiretapping eavesdropper, Glenn Mulcaire, who was jailed as apart of the phone hacking scandal in 2007, which has now resurfaced in what you see now. Over a dozen people have been arrested, as the investigation marches on."


Junis said...

The Norway attacks do NOT make Zionists and Israel look good. In fact, it unexplainably makes Zionists and White Nationalists look bad for which they are. The Norway attacks may have been a mistake by the bad guys. Something went wrong in their planning because this is a great public relations setback for Islamophobes notably White Nationalists and Israel.

Anonymous said...

He's the worst. Absolute asshole. All this bullshit will backfire on the tribe.

Anonymous said...

Canada is completly run by Jews. They are very pro-Israel. There are many Canadian Jews living in the USA. Very creepy people!

Anonymous said...

I concur. That is to say I agree with the first comment as well as anon@10:26 - this picture is surely not the same man?

P2P said...

in the news in f-land today: according to several witnesses on the island breivik filmed the events with a video camera while shooting. can't find links to news in english on this.

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