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Morocco has greater poverty than Egypt.

Why is NATO not bombing Morocco?

Morocco has "widespread corruption, an appallingly low level of literacy, high rates of unemployment among university graduates, a judiciary that is subservient to the king and a police force that engages in beatings and torture." (The Moroccan 'Exception')

Morocco's 'brutal dictatorship' is praised by Joe Lieberman and Hilary Clinton. (The Moroccan 'Exception')

Whereas Gaddafi made sure that his people had free schooling, free health care and free housing, the King of Morocco, Mohammed VI, has made sure that the rich elite hold on to their wealth while the poor live in miserable slums.

King Mohammed VI

Mohammed VI is the seventh richest monarch in the world.

In 2010, it was reported that 5 million people in Morocco live on less than one euro per day.

Mohammed VI’s wealth includes twenty palaces, several thousand hectares of farmland, companies involved in mining, the agricultural industry, communications, insurance, distribution, packaging and bottling company, furniture and textiles and agricultural, and real estate and properties in France and the United States.

Morocco is ranked 108th in terms of income per head. (Morocco King among the richest royals in the world ...)

King Hassan II, friend of MOSSAD and the CIA

When King Hassan II of Morocco died in 1999, world leaders mourned the ruthless despot

Attending Hassan II's funeral were Bill and Hillary Clinton, former president George Bush and two former US Secretaries of State James Baker and Warren Christopher.

According to Bill Clinton, "King Hassan worked tirelessly for the welfare of his people.

"He had taken important steps to deepen freedom in his country."

King Hassan II maintained friendly relations with Israel, represented at the funeral by Prime Minister Ehud Barak and Foreign Secretary David Levy.

Shimon Peres said, "With his passing we lose one of the most experienced and wisest leaders that this region has enjoyed in the last half century".

Hassan had been "a playboy frequenting Europe's casinos and sporting the typical accoutrements of royals, with or without their crowns: racehorses, sports cars, aircraft, and film star girlfriends."

Malnutrition is a problem in Morocco.

In 1999, it was reported that "at least 55 percent of Moroccans are illiterate and 40 percent of children have never attended school.

"Infant mortality is the highest in North Africa and more than double that of Algeria.

"Only half the rural population has access to proper healthcare and less than one fifth have access to sanitation and clean water." (world leaders mourned the ruthless despot)

Hassan owned many palaces and 20 percent of Morocco's agricultural land.

Mehdi Ben Barka, opposition leader of the Union des Forces Populaires, was kidnapped in Paris and assassinated. Israeli intelligence experts have said that Mossad helped with the assassination.

The real Morocco.

The CIA "had Hassan on their payroll for years." (world leaders mourned the ruthless despot)

Opponents disappeared in their hundreds.

"Golda Meir, Moshe Dayan, Yitzhak Rabin and Shimon Peres were among the Israeli leaders who, in elaborate disguises, flew in Hassan's private planes at crucial moments.

"Israeli newspapers said that Hassan allowed Mossad to set up a station in Morocco and develop close ties with Moroccan security forces." (world leaders mourned the ruthless despot)


The man who runs Morocco, Andrey Azoulay, the King's adviser, is Jewish. (André Azoulay, le véritable régent au Maroc - Translate this page )


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