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Orchestrated riots.

http://arthurzbygniew.blogspot.com/ commented as follows:

The London riots were orchestrated by outsiders ...

Croydon MP, Gavin Barwell, said: "I have spoken to well into double figures of people who saw people with walkie-talkies and radios directing people around."

Andrew Gilligan in The Telegraph writes:

"There appeared to be two kinds of riots.

"The first was heavily orchestrated ... with rioters travelling long distances at short notice to take part.

"Some local opportunists then joined in. ..."


On 22 July 2011, in Kent, General Petraeus met Brigadier Simon Wolsey, commander of the British Army's 2 (South East) Brigade. Brig Wolsey worked at the Pentagon from 2006 to 2008. (General Petraeus tours Dover war tunnels) Also on 22 July 2011, Petraeus met US Director of the Office of National Drug Control Policy Barry Richard McCaffrey. Petraeus was also in the UK in March 2011.

In The Telegraph, on 21 August 2011, Andrew Gilligan relates:

1. Almost none of those charged with rioting in Ealing, Clapham Junction, Enfield and other places comes from the immediate area, court data shows.

Home addresses given by defendants show rioters travelled to London from such places as Tilbury, Maidstone and Winchester.

2. Croydon had rioters from Maidstone, Kent and Cliffe, near Rochester.

The town also offers the clearest evidence of orchestration.

The acting borough police commander, Detective Superintendent Jo Oakley, said that "some [rioters] were minibused in".

The local MP, Gavin Barwell, said: "I have spoken to well into double figures of people who saw people with walkie-talkies and radios directing people around."

Witnesses to the Croydon riot supported these accounts.

3. Saber Ahmadi, 26, working at Pizza GoGo in London Road on the night of the riots, described the looting as a highly organised operation.

"A white van came down Hathaway Road and parked on the corner," he said. "Ten people came out of the van. They had hammers, crow bars and wire cutters. Two or three cars also turned up."

Mr Ahmadi said: "There were a lot of teenagers, maybe 14, 15, 16 years old. But they had a leader who was telling them [what] to take."

He said the ring leader was "a massive guy" who was driving the van.

Reportedly, the American-trained Indonesian military orchestrated the riots in Jakarta in 1998. The CIA chief visited Jakarta not long before the riots.

4. Other witnesses described "two or three co-ordinators" who were standing in the middle of the street dictating which shops the looters should hit. From about 7.30pm until 1am, Dr Kannappar Jeyanthan stood outside his friend's grocery shop as about 300 looters went on the rampage on London Road.

"People came with cars and parked on the side streets," he said. "Then in amongst the crowds you could see a couple of people organising it, instructing people which shops to do. Everything was pre-planned."

5. Mahbub Bhatti, vice president of the local residents' association, said: "People came in with vans, loaded them up and drove off. They would be back again within half an hour for more."

Peter Truman, a local journalist, said: "I certainly saw older kids directing younger kids. There were a load of kids on their phones taking directions."

6. A council spokesman said that an apparently orchestrated attempt to attack shops in Croydon the previous night, Sunday, had been foiled by police.

"A convoy of about seven cars came in, with about 30 people," he said. "The police managed to repel that quite successfully and made a number of arrests then."

7. The local council leader, Mike Fisher, said he believed that perhaps the single most significant fire in London, which destroyed the historic Reeves furniture store, was started as a diversion to give looters time to raid their main targets.

aangirfan: UK RIOTS - INSIDE JOB?



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Orchestrated or not, it doesnt justify those subhumans behavior. U dont attack ordinary ppl and dont loot stores and burn houses if ure dissatisfied with ur life. U go to Buckingham Palace, to Downing Street, u go and attack politicians, not simple folks. Not so hard to understand, but for the paranoid ones is.


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