Monday, August 08, 2011


On 8th August 2011 we learn that in the London Tottenham riot: the Bullet fired at a police officer 'belonged to the police'.

The riots in London started after the shooting of Mark Duggan by the police.

The police claimed that Duggan had fired a shot and had hit a police officer's radio.

But, it has now been reported that the bullet which lodged in the police officer's radio was police issue ammunition.

The news has undermined the police suggestion that there was an exchange of fire between Duggan and the police before Duggan died.

There have been reports that Duggan was 'assassinated' by the police.

An 'insider' talks about drugs and police in London


"Police don’t get paid a great wage to do their job, depending on what level they’re at, so it’s only realistic. People like to say it’s a bit of a myth that the “Stokey-Cokey” police here are bent: no, they’re bent, I’m sorry.

"They are the reason that some of this **** is on the streets. It’s their way of taxing it – they take it off this person, they turn that much back out and put the rest behind the desk and call it a seizure.

"That’s the way it works. I will tell you right now, that that ‘myth’ about feds being bent is not a myth.

"There are so many kids out there who get arrested for one thing and they get years, and then there’s people that you know keep getting arrested and they don’t do enough time for what they’ve done. Don’t ever get it twisted, the feds take certain kids, or certain men, put them back out on the streets so they can do their work for them. And there are people with feds on the pay roll."

The Insider - UK authorities drug-trafficking and money-laundering

The London police force, "has been criticised by a Judge for running a multi-million pound illegal drugs cartel and money laundering operation..."


Anonymous said...

Added to antecedent civil unrest...Islam wants to impose Sharia law in UK...and other countries around the world...

aferrismoon said...

Also remember as story , also in Stoke N. , when a copper got info off his drug-dealing girlfriend, promptlu nicked the competition and then shared out the 'proceeds' left over.

No-one makes untaxed money without paying off officialdom [ wonder if they get their orders from higher-ups in the Lodge]


Anonymous said...

As far as I know French Resistance didnt even exist, but tell that to the sheeple....


gallier2 said...

There were a lot of resistant in France in WWII. They were resisting their urge to fight ;-)

Seriously, there were, granted, much more in '46 than in '41, but there were.

freethinker said...


That sharia nonsense is coming from MI5/6's Muslims Against Crusades. The spooks are up to their dirty-tricks again.

A dead give-away is the term 'Londonistan' on their website. That's a term used by the rabid Zionists like Melanie Philips and the EDL, not Muslims.

Anonymous said...

People should know Anjum Chowdhury is an MI5 asset,he's paid to do what he does.

Anonymous said...

Quickie re Nancy Wake: there were indeed many brave resistance people in France in WW2, I met several, including Nancy Wake in Oz, where she was sussed by a young French couple from a farm outside Dijon who had just emigrated to Oz. Wake ran her resistance-empire from said farm in Dijon. Wake, was, for a while, the district nurse at the Bonegilla immigrant camp in Albury, Vic (border to NSW) and they wondered why she was so attentive to them (as did all the other people working there, her sudden fawning was something that raised eyebrows, Wake was the brusk sergeant-major type, "So it hurt's, it proves your alive, pathetic whinger!") She knew them, that's why, as kids during the war. They checked, and she was indeed 'Auntie Madeleine'. Her relatives then told them to shut-up about it.

Wake spoke atrocious French, to the degree me and an Irish lad waded-in and helped translate, but, of course, she was fluent and pretending not to be any good so as to not give herself away! But they noticed she got better for every glass of whisky she drank when she invited them home for dinner, to end up swearing like a farm-hand as she slid onto the floor! Why they wrote home and asked.

Actor Bill Travers (Born Free, married Virginia McKenna) who was someone I knew and held dear, was an SOE agent in France training the resistance-army that caused havoc during the D-Day landings, pinning down the German reinforcements. He spoke fluent French ("A natural gift, I don't know why") but with an accent, so was never a secret agent as such. Travers lost half his men and was nearly killed several times himself. "Don't believe the French were cowards," he grunted, "the ones I knew weren't - the one shitting himself was ME!"

But, of course, most French avoided trouble. But those who had bottle were VERY brave.

Right, excuse me, the war's about to start again on the tele.

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