Friday, August 26, 2011


The BBC claimed this was Tripoli, but, it is actually India.

On 27 Agust 2011, The Economist has a partly honest article on Libya

According to The Economist:

1. "The Tripolitans are not cheering all that much...

"For the most part... Tripolitans marked the exodus of their leader... by staying indoors.

"There were no mass prayers of thanks in Green Square.

"The Qatari TV station, Al Jazeera, which has acted for much of the uprising as the rebels' propaganda arm... made do with close-ups of single flag-wavers..."

2. "Loyalist forces dug in around the city’s southern outskirts.

"Tripolitans by the hundred plundered the arms depots...

"Dentists jostled with high-school children to haul Kalashnikovs off the shelves...

3. "Armed Berbers (were) apparently equipped by Qatar with sophisticated tank-piercing bullets and backed by special forces from Western powers as well as from Jordan...

"Mysterious English-accented men who strongly resemble special forces have been spotted in the western mountains as well as in Misrata helping to co-ordinate NATO’s bombardment with the rebel advance...

Tripoli 2008, by anthonyasael

4. "Each neighbourhood and sometimes each alleyway erected and manned its own barricade...

5. "Guns, not civilian politics, are currently determining Libya’s future, and could yet precipitate a squabble for the country’s tantalisingly rich resources."

6. "Tripolitans are snakes," says a Berber rebel fighter heading home with a cache of stolen weapons... They carry a Qaddafi flag in one pocket and a rebel one in the other.

Libya is now to be looted.

7. "The police ... have melted away.

"The doors of the prisons, as well as the armouries, have been flung open...

"The continued closure of shops, schools and workplaces is unsettling for many.

"Without a resumption of economic activity, not to say generous and rapid pay rises, people could become restless.

8. "The rebels have ... acted wrongfully against some civilians.

"Pro-regime fighters... have been abused and possibly executed after capture.

"Similar treatment is said to have been received by some unfortunate dark-skinned immigrants.

"In June and July, according to the New York-based Human Rights Watch, rebels in the western mountains reportedly burnt buildings and beat civilians...

By pete riches

9. "Much of the rebel manpower is grouped into 40-plus privately organised, privately funded militias..."

Each militia "is usually drawn from one town, commanded by a respected local military veteran or, in some cases, by the businessman who financed it.

"They drive privately owned pickups or jeeps with mounted anti-tank or anti-aircraft guns, captured from government arsenals or supplied by foreign benefactors."

10. "A group of protesters holding a sit-in outside NTC headquarters last week said that they suspected senior council leaders of having cut a deal with a handful of Libyan political groups, such as the Muslim Brothers...

"The interim constitution declares sharia to be 'the major source of legislation'.

The militias "are presumed to contain ...militant Islamists and possible former al-Qaeda associates..."


26 Aug 2011 (Reuters) - The African Union will not recognise Libya's National Transitional Council (NTC).

The rebels and their NATO backers act like Nazi scum.

"A grisly scene was discovered in Tripoli today, when reporters came across a former Gadhafi camp in central Tripoli where pro-regime fighters were found massacred, including a number that were bound before their execution.

"In a discovery the UN termed 'alarming,' a number of the victims were also found in the field hospital, having been executed there while receiving treatment for wounds."

UN Warns Rebels Amid Signs of Tripoli Executions.



Noor al Haqiqa said...

OMG that is SO OBVIOUSLY a crowd of Indian people!

However, perhaps the BBC thinks we are all of the "all brown people look the same" type as are so many of the Elite think. "Oh all you people look the same".

This entire operation is just one media lie to the next as was the case in Iraq and soon to be in other nations NATO has its greedy eyes on. Already the truths about Syria and Iran are as transparent as those from Palestine.

There is almost no truth in reporting today....

We need to do our best to fill in the gap.

Anonymous said...

This is hilarious!

Of course, everyone with half a brain is waxing indignant about it.

But stop for a little second and think about it...

There's an army of people who could create a slew similar books giving the true truth as opposed to the "official truth".

- "Hank's Naughty Friends" colouring book
- "Bad Boy Zbig and the Naughty Money Men" pop-up book
- "Larry, Lewis and Frank's Bumper Book of Zionist Geostrategy"

These could be even bigger than Dr Suess.

Seriously, you could have a bunch of open source projects to produce the best factual children's books on 911.

This could be explosively entertaining and enlightening. And, ok, strictly speaking it would be "911 101" for adults. But could be useful to protect your children from their poison.

For every dirty trick they have up their sleeve, we can have ten.

This is a good model:

The idea could go absolutely viral and turn into a veritable global cottage industry.

Viral, I says.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Horror in Abu Salim-hospital is filled with 75 dead bodies

Anonymous said...

Iceland Declines to Play the Economic Hitman Game

Anonymous said...

USA and Nato allies target Gaddafi for Libya oil and gold-Libya billions in natural resources are spoils of war split between UK and USA/Nato 'victors'-video gives succinct thumbnail overview!

The Realist Report said...

This entire Libyan operation seems to be a departure of the standard invade, occupy, destroy and loot type operations we've seen in Afghanistan and Iraq. It appears they are instead relying on black ops groups in Operation Glaudio style tactics to take down Libya, with the media playing a leading role in the deception.

Just my take on the situation.

Here's a good podcast discussing the situation in Libya with Mark Glenn, Mark Dankof and Franklin Lamb:

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