Friday, August 05, 2011

LIKE THE 1930'S?

In June 2010, George Soros said (full transcript/summary Seeking Alpha):

1. The current economic situation is like the 1930s.

Governments are under pressure to cut spending.

At the same time the economic recovery is weak.

2. Keynes taught that governments should spend more and create jobs when the economy is weak.

With governments now reducing budget deficits, the global economy may be pushed into a double-dip.

3. Europe's nations have a lot of debt.

Europe's debt-ridden nations have to raise almost 2 trillion euros ($2.4 trillion) within the next three years to refinance their debt, according to Bank of America Corp.

"When the financial markets started losing confidence in the credibility of sovereign debt, Greece and the euro have taken centre stage, but the effects are liable to be felt worldwide."

"Hedge funds profited by selling short the collapsing market in 2008, and chief among them was George Soros' hedge fund.

"Soros may have personally had the motivation, method, and opportunity to trigger the crash." (Cached)

"Soros made hundreds of millions betting against the Greek economy and helped it crash."

(Did Soros Cause the 2008 Crash?)







Anonymous said...

yes, like the 1930's-Kondratieff cycles-important to also be aware of the bigger pond, Celente and Soros swim in the same waters like the rest of us; Soros exploits the Kondratieffs but does not control them.

Anonymous said...

Mossad's murder machine? Wow, isnt that a serious offence against the "holy" Israel/Jews? Will DAILY FAIL be punished, lol?


Anonymous said...

Great picture of JP Morgan. The man who caused 3 American defaults. Every thing is always Soros? 2008 was caused by the Fed selling out AIG's extensive stock portfolio. The Central Bank dumped the whole portfolio at any price. today's Stock Market "panic" was about the buck. With the BOJ buying dollars to weaken the yen and the swiss cutting rates money was being forced into the dollar. As long as the dixie (dollar index) stays below 76.72 as is well.

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Anonymous said...

Is that so? Hmmmm....


Anonymous said...

CIA's puppet "arrested"


CS said...

There are similarities and a huge difference between today and the thirties. Both then and now, excess lending resulted in a speculative boom. Once the bubble burst, everyone wanted to cash out and pay off their debts: hence a crash in asset prices and a collapse in consumer demand.

In the 30's the collapse in demand was counteracted in some measure by deficit spending. However, deficit spending is much less effective now because of globalization. Cash injected into the US economy increases consumer spending (70% of the US economy), which results in increased employment in Asia where most manufactured goods sold in America are now made.

Thus, as long as the globalized economic regime is maintained, the only way to end the depression in the West is to drive down wages until they converge with those in Asia.

Then we will be in a position to rebuild our industrial economy, although that will be an extraordinary challenge since by then we will have created an enormously powerful Asian competitor.

Anonymous said...

@aangirfan have a look:

worth reading, an opposing view.

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james said...

"Europe's debt-ridden nations have to raise almost 2 trillion euros ($2.4 trillion) within the next three years to refinance their debt, according to Bank of America Corp."

Why don't they ever say who the money is owed to? So lets try that again.

"Europe's debt-ridden nations have to raise almost 2 trillion euros ($2.4 trillion) within the next three years to refinance their debt to the Bank of America and their fellow banks, according to Bank of America Corp."

There is nothing wrong with Keynsian economics except that the money is borrowed at interest from private banks instead of from the government itself at no interest and thus creating no long term problem from ever accumulating interest to a small group that use the subsequent wealth to further distort and pervert the economy to everyone else's detriment.

Keynes himself was aware of this and just shrugged his knighted shoulders in response and said "we are all dead in the end". Yes but our children live on and their children also and so on.

Anonymous said...

RT report-Keiser report that financial oligarchies are playing financial terrorism with USA economy, banks are actually making profit, US debt game is virutal impeachment of Obama (fyi, Soros is an oligarch) -recommend watch this video

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