Tuesday, August 23, 2011


According to unreliable sources:

Inter tribal fighting in Libya is expected to lead to the US-led coalition sending in troops and setting up a temporary government.

Libya's Coalition Provisional Authority may be headed by L. Paul Bremer.

It is possible that the U.S. Central Command will be the main military apparatus supporting the CPA.

It is probable that the CPA will allow unlimited and unrestricted foreign investment.

Foreign contractors may be granted immunity from any kind of suit, civil or criminal.

Libya's state-owned central banking system is expected to be sold to privately held banking interests.

Supporters of Gaddafi are expected to be placed in concentration camps.

At some future point the CPA is expected to hand over power to an elected prime minister, possibly Mr Hamza bin Laden.

The UK Prime Monster.

Raphael Luzon, the leader of the Libyan-Jewish community in the UK has said that he has been invited to run for political office in the post-Gaddafi era.

Raphael Luzon told the Jerusalem Post that rebel leader Mustafa Abdul Jalil has invited him to return to Libya and run in elections.

Luzon said he was invited to take part in the elections “because they would like it to be open to all people including women and Jews.”

Luzon told the Jerusalem Post that the reconstruction of Libya and the restitution of Jewish assets confiscated by the Libyan regime would top his political agenda.

Read more: http://www.forward.com/articles/141783/#ixzz1VreJhuIw


Libya will need a lot of reconstruction.

Journalist Lizzie Phelan said of the NATO bombing (NATO's Planned Bloodbath in Tripoli):

"In the past two days alone, it surpassed Israel's three-week Cast Lead slaughter."

Reportedly, some of the recent TV news of Libya was actually filmed at "a set of Tripoli’s Green Square, Bab al-Azizya and several streets ... constructed in Doha, Qatar."

Reportedly the rebels in Libya include French troops, Tunisians, Egyptians, Algerians and various NATO mercenaries.

Qatari Hollywood And The Mercenary Invasion of Tripoli.

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Hey Captain Acronym - As a Buddhist I salute you. There is only the now. The future hasn't happened and the past is gone. Even as recently as six days ago!

Like I said, weird.

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I am much more interested in the Geo-politic. Since beginnings of nation genocides are the first things revised, France jumped the gun. I believe that Libya isnt "banged up" enough for the peoples (tribes is such a 19th century claptrap word) to not learn of the hoax. This conflict will become fluid to the point of theater escalation. Tribes have been extinct since gunpowder replaced arrows from bows!

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