Monday, August 22, 2011


Libya now needs boots on the ground

The President of the Council on Foreign Relations, Richard Haass, tells us what is going to happen next in Libya:

"Some sort of international assistance, and most likely an international force, is likely to be needed for some time to restore and maintain order...

"It is up to Nato, the European Union and the UN, working with the Libyan opposition, the African Union, and the Arab League, to put together a response to the new Libyan reality ... a country capable of producing some 2bn barrels of oil a day.

"Most importantly, US president Barack Obama may need to reconsider his assertion that there would not be any American boots on the ground..."


Planned Libya Invasion


1300 civilians killed in one day. (Link from C.)



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Penny said...

Then they can shift them over to Syria?

I wonder?

Reading about Tripoli, I saw one article that said the "rebels" are waiting outside of the city, while NATO bombed from overhead.
God, it must be ugly there...

Anonymous said...

What is going on in Libya now brings tears to my eyes. I know its a useless question, but really noone can stop those scums?


nina said...

These are the Energy Wars, no one will stop them because all roads lead to Iran where there is lots of energy. Power is not interested in life, they are only desirous of stealing energy for themselves. Whatever it takes to achieve the goal is on the table. You know very well media is in on it as a weapon of Power and pushes everything along with headlines such as Bizarre Quadaffi, End of Despicable Al-Quadaffi Regime and Brent Crude Falls as Rebels Seize Most of Tripoli. Got that? Brent Crude Falls? That is westernization: air conditioning, heat, Big Ag, cars, trucks, airlines, freighters, plastics, technologies, convenience ...

Anonymous said...


Possibly an informative angle to investigate is the Globalist meme of "resource shortages".

The Globalists have been pushing the idea of "resource shortages" since the 1970's.

But time and again this idea has turned out false.

Globalists want artificial scarcity. Monopolistic control and anti-competitive practices in many ways depend on the idea of artificial scarcity.

Globalistic top-down control depends, in many ways, on The People believing in this idea of "resource scarcity".

Obviously, if the perception is that resources are scarce, then the Globalists can justify having only a limited number of international corporations controlling the resources.

And the little people in the West having their consumptive power reduced.

And if only a limited number of international corporations control the resources, then the political economy has to be run & controlled from the top out of a "government" only answerable to the globalist corporations" to insure the little people get a "little".

This is global fascism.

freethinker said...

Nina, the agenda of TPTB is not to steal the oil for their own use but even worse its to deprive others of its use. USA has plenty of oil of its own that it could use if needed without bombing other countries. The agenda is to control access to all of life's necessities: energy, food, then water.

Steve said...

This makes me so sad and angry and leaves me with a feeling of powerlessness.

These power hungry scum/slime must be stopped and I pray for the day they wither up and die, cast into there ugly dark future that awaits them.

I curse you, you pathetic pieces of shit, you will never know piece within yourself and may you be born over and over again into a pile of radioactive shit form the ass of cockroach.

Power to the people, the power within ourselves.

Anonymous said...

freethinker, Anon@7:59,

Yes, this is precisely correct.

The scarcities are manufactured in order to control people, nations and continents.

As cleverly summarized by Henry Kissinger, errand boy of David Rockefeller:

"Who controls the food supply controls the people; who controls the energy can control whole continents; who controls money can control the world."

When reversed, this is a precise plan of attack for deconcentrating global power.

First target the global financial controllers and any living thing that dare protect them.

Second target the oil and gas cartels.

Third target the grain cartels.

The most effective means of attack are legislative not violent, but people have no legislative power and are anyway easily beguiled by propaganda.

So it's going to get ugly.

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