Monday, August 29, 2011


Video from: Sherrie Questioning All

Sherrie Questioning All


Anonymous said...

More lies about Libya and Gaddafi discussed herey Rayelan Allan , including Gaddafi getting rid of King Idris because latter was running a paedophile ring:


Anonymous said...

By the way, upon the end of Ramadan, it's worth pointing out that the TNC "rebels":
- not only attacked fellow muslims
- but did essentially unprovoked.
- and did it during the month of Ramadan.

The first is strictly haram (religiously forbidden).
But do it during the holy month of Ramadan is monstrously haram.

The TNC in conjunction with NATO also:
- attacked non-combattants.
- attacked non-military targets and infrastructure.

This is also forbidden.

The TNC and their Al-Qaeda friends have zero legitimacy as muslims.

The people of Libya and muslims around the world will remember this.

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