Monday, August 01, 2011


Deadly Rioting In Western China

Violence Welcomes China Ramadan

Blue-eyed Breivik/ Brown-eyed Breivik Richard Kurdt

Norway atrocities: They might as well have used a Predator drone and a couple of Hellfire missiles

Globalist Imperial Network

NATO, Facing Defeat in Libya, Lashes out in Barbaric Bombing of Television Studios as Attack Coalition Crumbles

voiceforchildren: "Deep" questions remain.

US avoids debt default with last-minute deal

"Issues with Pakistan" prompt CIA chief's exit

CIA station chief clashed with Munter - Insider Exposes Famous Satanists


just a wee bit a fun


Cathy Palmer said...

John Todd's Testimonial of his Experience in Witchcraft and of the Illuminati

More on John Todd

CS said...

Re: Loony Henry Makow:

"This website opposes Fozdyke's ideology and agenda, but appreciates his revelations."

Come on.... Makow is totally insane. Fozdyke offers no revelations. Just completely unverified assertions of the most implausible and libelous kind.

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